Bombardier Challenger 300 Private Jet Charter

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The baseline Challenger 300 was launched at the 1999 Paris Air Show as the Bombardier Continental. The average hourly rental rate of the Challenger 300 is around $4,700 USD or 3,900 EUR per hour.

Aircraft Bombardier Challenger 300
Model Challenger 300
Max PAX 8
Main Features Cabin inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi
Max Range 3,100 nm / 5,926 km
Cabin Length 28.6 ft | 8,72 m
Cabin Width 7 ft | 2,19 m
Cabin Height 6 ft | 1,86 m
Baggage Capacity 106 ft³| 3 m³
Hourly Rate around $4,700 USD or 3,900 EUR per hour
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Here is a list of private Challenger 300s that you can rent through us.

Image wdt_ID Aircraft Model Tail Number Max Pax Operator Homebase Year Built Main Features Maxx Range Cabin Length Cabin Width Cabin Height Baggage Capacity

Challenger 300 Range Map

The aircraft has a range of 5,741 km, which is 3,100 nautical miles. As with all aircraft, this is the optimal range and can reduce significantly depending on flight conditions. Unfortunately, this somewhat limited range doesn’t make it suitable for global and trans-Atlantic flights.

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