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Challenger 604

Bombardier introduced its Challenger 604 in 1995 as a major upgrade on the Challenger 601 design, incorporating more powerful engines, larger fuel supply, completely new undercarriage, structural improvements to wings and tail, and a new electronic flight instrumentation system. The Challenger 604 is a longer-range derivative of the 601-3R with a larger fuel capacity and upgraded CF34-3B engines. The Challenger 604 was also one of the first business jets designed with a super-critical wing. Challenger 604 hourly charter rate is around $6,000 USD or 4,900 EUR

Aircraft Bombardier Challenger 604
Model Challenger 604
Max PAX 19
Main Features Cabin inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi
Max Range 4,623 nm / 8,500 km
Cabin Length 28 ft 4 In | 8,7 m
Cabin Width 8 ft 2 In | 2,43 m
Cabin Height 6 ft 1 In | 1,85 m
Baggage Capacity 115  ft³| 3.25 m³
Hourly Rate around $6,000 USD or 4,900 EUR per hour

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Here is a list of private Challenger 605s that you can rent through us.

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