Private Jet Statistics – Private Aviation Market Grows

Private jet statistics paint a clear picture of growth and, therefore, increasing business potential. Never before has the world seen so many opt to fly by private jet. The main reasons include the rapid rise of wealth in some regions of the globe, the broad market offer or a refinement of the overall public. As a result, private jet companies are growing and redefining air travel.

In this article, we bring you a series of data on private jets, including flights and destinations. They may spark your interest for a future trip, but most importantly, they reflect an industry that keeps growing against a shy economic climate.

Private jets: How many are there?

Private Jet Statistics - Fleet of Gulfstream Jets on the Ground

If you want to know how many private jets there are in the world, the quick answer is circa 23,000. From any perspective, this is a rather impressive number. The vast majority are registered in the United States, which has no less than approximately 65% of these planes. That’s more than all the other regions combined!

Europe has approximately 15% of the total fleet and is second. Australia and Oceania follow in the third position. Considering the United States of America is a vast, wealthy nation, the large percentage shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Perhaps more compelling is realizing Australia has a rather large share of private jets. The specifics of its territory reflect an increased need to connect with the rest of the world – and within. After all, how many times have you considered visiting Australia but found it too remote?

With so many private jets, how large is the market?

EBACE 2021
EBACE 2021

The private jet market is huge. In 2021, it was worth nearly $30 billion. As it stands, and even while the world faces economic uncertainty, predictions point to steady growth. Estimates indicate that by 2028 the market will be above $40 billion.

There are several reasons for market expansion, the main ones being:

  • Investment in technological improvement;
  • Requirements created by economic growth;
  • Exclusive flights scheduled on demand;
  • Ability to use a private jet flight for business;

We should also mention that the covid-19 pandemic proved a crucial factor contributing to the rising demand for private jets. Most of which come from people concerned about their safety. Naturally, comfort and convenience account for many of the decision factors, but health concerns come first.

Some companies have even preferred renting a private jet to move their employees rather than running the risk of doing so on commercial flights. The exclusive nature of private jets seems to keep finding renewed advantages for customers worldwide.

Statistics: Private jet departures

Private Jet Statistics - Private Jet Departure, Taking Off

Now let’s talk about specific private jet statistics while focusing on how many flights occur annually. There were 3.3 million flights registered in 2021. That number jumped to almost 5 million in 2022.

The United States takes the lead in the number of departures – with 3.3 million in 2022. A simple comparison shows that private jets flew from the USA alone in 2022 in a similar amount to the whole world in 2021.

The list of the ten countries with the most private jet flights is as follows:

  • 1st United States – 3,300,000
  • 2nd Canada – 269,567
  • 3rd France – 122,275
  • 4th Australia – 114,584
  • 5th United Kingdom – 100,960
  • 6th Germany – 86,499
  • 7th Mexico – 76,319
  • 8th Italy – 72,069
  • 9th Brazil – 61,402
  • 10th Spain – 55,789

These numbers are quite clear. They reflect the asymmetry of private jet usage per country. The next section will probably not surprise you, as we list the cities with the highest number of departures. Naturally, the cities in the United States lead the rank.

For your convenience, we will also split this list into cities inside and outside the US.

Top 10 American cities with the most departures

New York
  • 1st New York
  • 2nd Los Angeles
  • 3rd Dallas
  • 4th Chicago
  • 5th Houston
  • 6th San Francisco
  • 7th Phoenix
  • 8th Atlanta
  • 9th Miami
  • 10th Las Vegas

We notice that luxury travel to New York and Los Angeles is rocketing the list, with triple and double the departure of other cities. Such private jet statistics paint a very clear picture of today and hint at growing market shares.

Top 10 cities with the most departures outside the USA

  • 1st London
  • 2nd Paris
  • 3th Toronto
  • 4th Montreal
  • 5th Nice
  • 6th Vancouver
  • 7th Geneva
  • 8th São Paulo
  • 9th Nassau
  • 10th Milan

In this list, we can notice a series of factors related to specific private jet statistics. Firstly, there are no cities in Asian, African or Oceania countries in this list. The only South American country to appear on the list is Brazil, where the city of Sao Paulo has a significant presence.

In Europe, the five cities present in the list have similarities: all are strong tourist destinations with large urban areas and high population density. Their worldwide appeal helps channel much of the private jet traffic towards its airfields and airports.

Canada performs extremely well, adding three cities to this exclusive list. Even though few aircraft are registered in the country, these numbers show how jet leasing companies can be used to meet the demand in places without many traditions in building or buying jets.

Take-offs in Asia


In recent years there has been a growing demand for private flights in Asia. The continent, where we couldn’t find many traditions in this specific area, has finally discovered some of its great advantages. As a result, we now witness many flights departing from India, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, the Philippines and Singapore.

By 2022, Asia will have more than 80,000 departures, representing only a little over 1% of all flights worldwide. Still, it’s a positive performance reflecting the growing economic climate in some of Asia’s most relevant regions.

You can now find the list of the top 5 Asian countries with more flights in 2022.

  • 1st India – 14,223
  • 2nd United Arab Emirates – 11,646
  • 3rd Saudi Arabia – 9,302
  • 4th Japan – 6,531
  • 5th Indonesia – 6,284

These numbers increase considerably if we also consider countries with shared territories, such as Russia and Turkey. Turkey alone registered more than 23,000 departures this year, a record. Russia sees half of this figure, at just over 12,000. But even accounting for these locations, the whole of Asia would not reach 3% of all recorded flights in the year 2022.

Take-offs in Africa

Africa still figures as one of the places with the lowest number of departures on the entire planet, with an even smaller representation than Asia. In 2022, the continent will reach a mark of close to 40,000 flights. South Africa, a country boasting a strong tourism industry, ranks first on the list of the five countries with the most departures on the continent.

You may find the statistics for private jet flights in Africa as follows:

  • 1st South Africa – 8,350
  • 2th Nigeria – 7,873
  • 3rd Morrocco – 5,994
  • 4th Tanzania – 4,084
  • 5th Kenya – 3,773

Number of take-offs in city pairs (from city X to city Y)

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK

The list below shows the city pairs with the most significant number of flights in 2022. This list has a very peculiar characteristic: the USA, which in all data shown so far has had a big advantage, does not appear in the first positions.

Again, we’ll let the numbers reflect the reality of private jet flight city pairs:

  • London to Paris / Paris to London
  • Nassau to Fort Lauderdale / Fort Lauderdale to Nassau
  • Gustavia to Saint Martin / Saint Martin to Gustavia
  • New York to Toronto / Toronto to New York
  • Nice to London / London to Nice
  • Nassau to Miami / Miami to Nassau
  • Geneva to London / Geneva to London
  • Geneva to Paris / Paris to Geneva
  • Los Angeles to San Jose Del Cabo / San José Del Cabo to Los Angeles
  • New York to Montreal / Montreal to New York

Another surprise on this list is Los Angeles to San José Del Cabo pairs. While most of the peer cities have a similar number of outbound and return flights, these two destinations have a great deal of inconsistency. Flights from San Jose Del Cabo to Los Angeles account for only 62% of flights in the reverse direction.

We want to thank WingX for providing the accurate statistics that served as the basis for our article.

How much does a private jet cost?

Private Jet Statistics - Cost and Benefit

When we talk about modern aircraft, private jet statistics send the numbers running into the millions. The cheapest aircraft on the market has a value of around $2 million. This is the price of the Cirrus Vision Jet, a small 9.4-metre-long (30.7 ft) plane that holds up to seven people flying at a top speed of 565 km/h (or 305 knots).

However, the prices of these incredible flying machines can vary widely, with newer medium and large versions ranging from $5 million to more than $100 million. Such is the case with the Airbus ACJ319Neo. A high-end jet measuring 33.9 metres (111 ft) long can fly up to 12,500 metres (41,000 ft) and hold up to 19 passengers.

As with most things, there is an option for every need and budget. We stick to the cost-effective premise of chartering private jets instead, which collects all the benefits without any of the issues of owning a private plane.

How much does it cost to lease a private jet?

Private Jet Interior

More than ever, the market has realised the advantages of leasing a private jet. Here too, we find a wide variation in price according to the aircraft, the services that can be contracted within the flight and a host of other factors. But by default, the value of the lease is according to the flight hours that will be done by the aircraft. And trust us when we say it can be very competitive, indeed.

The cheapest services are between $2,000 and $3,500 per hour for aircraft for 4 to 6 passengers. Medium jets, which can carry 9 or 10 passengers, cost between $4,000 and $8,000 per flight hour. The largest aircraft, for 14 passengers or more, can cost between US$8,000 and US$13,000. That’s without accounting for luxurious VIP services, which can bring costs up to $15,0000 to $20,000 per billable flight hour.

Those looking for a quick estimate on private jet flight costs can use our cost simulator. All prices are merely indicative and require final confirmation. However, they should give you a very clear picture of what to expect.

Let’s look at some examples:

New York to Miami

  • Light jet: From $10,000 to $15,000.
  • Midsize jet: From $12,000 to $17,000.

New York to London

  • Heavy Jet: From $60,000 to $75,000.
  • Ultra Long Range Jet: From $85,000 to $100,000.

Large manufacturers of private aircraft

The biggest companies producing private planes are also behind commercial aircraft. See some of these companies according to region.

United States

The most prominent American aircraft company is the Boeing Company, which features its name on many well-known aircraft. It manufactures many different models of commercial, private and government aircraft. Also in the USA are Textron, a powerful company based in Wichita, Kansas and HondaJet, based in Greensboro, which builds high-performance jets.


The Canadian private jet manufacturer Bombardier is based in Montreal and has representation in more than 12 countries. Its current fleet accounts for around 5,000 aircraft worldwide, and it is a well-known name for reliability and cost-efficient aviation solutions.


You’ll surely be acquainted with Airbus and its business jets. The company is Europe’s largest aircraft manufacturer and a world leader in the industry. Its presence is also relevant in helicopters, defence, and space exploration. Other manufacturers in the Old Continent are Piaggio and their private jets, an Italian company founded in 1915, and Swiss Pilatus, known for its incredible customer service and high-quality.


Embraer is surprisingly claiming to be the 3rd largest aircraft company in the world after Boeing and Airbus. They have a team of over 18,000 employees, and more than 8,000 aircraft delivered. Their offices and distribution centres are spread across many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia and Africa.

Naturally, Embraer produces business jets and is present in all regions of the globe. Their influence is also present in the areas of commercial aviation, defence and space.

Discover the best private jet plans


Now that you’re up to date with all the private jet statistics, it’s time to find your flight. Our team of experts is ready to serve you with the best deals, and the most modern and luxurious aircraft, ensuring you arrive at the most popular destinations worldwide.

Your safety and comfort are always our priority, guaranteeing nothing less than a pleasant experience. A cost-effective solution is always at your disposal, meeting your specific requirements.

Contact us today for your free private jet flight quote, and join the growing number of happy clients that trust us with their travel arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question regarding private jet statistics? The following section was elaborated to help you find all the necessary information. For further queries, our team is available around the clock and happy to assist you in any way you require.

Are private jets only for the super-rich?

No. Although only millionaires actually buy private jets, leasing a plane can be extremely advantageous, even for those on a limited budget. We also remind you that companies benefit greatly from chartering jets for their employees and can take advantage of this travel model over commercial flights. In many ways, it is a far more cost-effective solution than flying business or first class in a traditional airline.

What places in the world have less private jet activity?

Nauru, a small island in Oceania, Falkland Island in the South Atlantic and Eritrea, in northeast Africa, are the countries with the fewest take-offs in 2022. Four flights left in the first destination, only two in the second and just one in the third. Either should provide an incredibly exclusive getaway, in our opinion.

Which is the most expensive private jet in the world?

Air Force One is considered the most expensive private jet in the world, exclusive for flying the American president. Its estimated cost is $660 million. This notorious Boeing 747 carries more than 120 people on board and is possibly the best-equipped plane in the world, even boasting a hospital and being able to refuel mid-flight.

How many crew members are required to operate a private jet?

Although there are private jet models that can be operated solo, the vast majority of jets require two pilots. Cabin staff is optional, but it is typical for jets with up to 9 passengers to have at least 1 or 2 cabin crew members. The crew members can increase according to the client’s needs, who can hire additional services such as meals, a bartender and other comforts.

Can private jets fly globally?

Not all, but some can. Private jets have a moderate flying capacity, varying according to their size. Smaller jets need to make refuelling stops to reach longer destinations. Heavy models are capable of intercontinental flights. Those long-range jets can fly some of the longest routes on the planet, such as Hong Kong to New York or Sydney to Los Angeles.

Are there jet manufacturers in Asia?

Yes. Asia has seen a big increase in demand for aircraft of all types. Although they still work primarily with Boeing and Airbus, China and Japan have their own companies that manufacture aircraft or aircraft parts. China has jumped headlong into this niche, seeking to compete with the Western champions in the future. They already have their aircraft in operation, thanks to Comac.

What is the longest distance a private jet can fly?

The private jet with the largest capacity is the Boeing Business Jet 777X, capable of flying 11,500 miles without needing to refuel. This range allows the aircraft to reach cities worldwide, even when operating at full capacity.

Russians Try to Avoid Travel Sanctions

How Russians Fly Private Jets to Avoid Travel Sanctions

Private jet flights are booming in Russia to avoid travel sanctions. Those with high economic power – and good taste – already know the advantages and facilities this nature of flying offers. Now more than ever, with international sanctions limiting commercial flights, flying by private jet presents alternatives to avoid travel sanctions.

We’ll share a little further information on how Russian citizens are flying private to maintain commercial and personal relationships ongoing with the rest of the world. Come along as we let you know which destinations are best for Russian citizens across sanctions.

Time For Take-off

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions When You're a Russian Citizen

For months now, sanctions in several countries have been limiting flights by Russian companies to some parts of the world. In some cases, not only airlines are being barred, but also aircraft owned by Russian citizens. But that does not indicate that flights from the region are totally exhausted. On the contrary, demand is growing for flights to places where flight sanctions do not apply. In terms of convenience, there is certainly exploding demand for flights on private jets.

Companies that lease private jets have reported receiving up to 5,000 requests a day. That average used to sit at a maximum of 50 daily requests only a few months ago. And with the closure of European airlines in the region, meeting such high demand has not been easy. People who have never flown on a private flight before now look to arrive in countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. These are, unsurprisingly, on the top of the list of places Russians fly to avoid travel sanctions.

Companies are relocating to these places, chartering private jets to transfer all their employees. This is the case of multinational companies like Goldman Sachs and even Google, which have moved their bases of operation from Moscow to Dubai. We have some suggestions if you are also planning a trip outside Russia. 

I’m a Russian Citizen: Where Should I Go?

The current sanctions affect most of Europe, Canada and the United States. The Russian elite is well acquainted with such places, which used to be destinations for trips and holidays. Prominent businessmen also constantly visited such locations for meetings and to close deals outside Russian lands. Now comes the time to look for new connections with countries that maintain open relations with Russia and its descendants.

We have assembled a list of the best places to fly without worrying about international sanctions. Whether for business or pleasure, to bridge to other countries or to stay for a while, surely one of these places will meet your demands. All of them can be served by private flights that guarantee a high standard of service, flexibility and cost-effective solutions.

Dubai: A Place to Invest and Live

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Dubai

Dubai is becoming a second home for Russians who intend to continue working and living away from their homeland. The largest city in the Persian Gulf is the top destination for celebrities, businessmen and VIPs. Figures show that flights by private jets from Russia to the United Arab Emirates have increased by 500% in recent months.

Dubai is a modern and wealthy nation, capable of taking the place of countries such as France, Italy and England. These were already highly sought after as destinations for sightseeing and business by Russian citizens. Dubai’s chain of resorts is at the highest standard of luxury, and thanks to its high-paced business environment, it allows new financial alliances to be established.

The Arab nation is open to long-lasting business deals and is a perfect host for those wishing to avoid travel sanctions. Real estate agents report 100% increases in property purchases in the region by Russian citizens and their relatives. Notorious figures such as billionaire Roman Abramovich, the former owner of the football team Chelsea, have already settled in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. In case you are unfamiliar, this is the artificial archipelago off the coast of Dubai, with luxury residences, resorts and restaurants most of the world can only dream of.

Without facing similar restrictions, flights from Russia to Dubai are still full, with tickets sold out for long periods and at impressive rates. To secure a seat, the best way is to charter a private jet flight, ensuring you arrive in this paradise quickly and comfortably, with no unnecessary stopovers.

Turkey: Historically Friendly

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Turkey

Turkey remained a good partner for Russians, even in difficult times. The nation, which was already a constant destination for the Russian community, is now experiencing a surge of visitors and immigrants. Turkey is one of the few countries that does not require visas for Russian travellers.

There are also large economic interests on both sides. Russians are considered great customers by the Turkish population, who welcome them with open arms. In return, Russians have invested heavily in the region. They have acquired more than 5,000 properties between the months of February and June alone.

Many are looking for a great manoeuvre to avoid sanctions, and other places: those who invest more than $400,000 in Turkey are eligible to receive Turkish citizenship in return. These golden visa programs are not unheard of and are a quid pro quo at the highest level. The issuance of a Turkish passport and a pathway to facilitate transactions around the world becomes, therefore, quite appealing.

For those seeking luxury, exclusivity and comfort, regions such as Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris are the most sought-after – as is Istanbul. These cities already feel the presence of powerful Russians, who fill the local marina with their majestic yachts, such as Romea, Alexander Nesis’ $110 million yacht.

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for Russians seeking to avoid travel sanctions, especially those who opt to fly on private jets.

Kazakhstan: Friendly Shores to Russian Citizens

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Kazakhstan

Of the many countries that made up the Soviet Union and are now known as “The Stans”, Kazakhstan seems to have the closest relationship with the Muscovians. Much of their cultures are shared, including language. Being a visa-free place for Russians and also far from international sanctions, the demand for Russian residency has tripled since the beginning of the year.

Dozens of multinational companies have already transferred their Russian headquarters to Kazakhstan, which has plenty of space: its enormous territory has only 19 million inhabitants. As a legal solution to avoid travel sanctions, Kazakhstan may benefit from an unfortunate global scenario.

Many do not know, but Kazakhstan is emerging economically, and its metropolises prove this idea in their structure. Almaty and the capital Astana are full of good hotels and restaurants, with a lively and bustling nightlife. And it seems that the migration of Russians with high economic potential, looking not only for luxury and comfort but also as an opportunity to invest their money and do business, will make the country develop even more.

Other destinations

Cyprus and Its Majestic Beaches

There are also some other destinations perfect to avoid travel sanctions. These are less well known but also provide many advantages for those seeking to leave Russia in search of countries friendly to their conditions. This is the case with Cyprus.

Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean with an outstanding climate. It is already said to be a good holiday destination for Russians escaping the cold weather in their home country and looking to relax on beautiful beaches. Cyprus is very open to foreigners, with a rather easy-process immigration system. To top it off, the population already has a long-standing economic relationship with the Russian community, which continues to be welcome in the region.

Middle East

Israel Coastline

Another nation that welcomes Russians in Israel, especially those who are Jewish or can prove to be of Jewish descendency. Israel is known to treat the descendants of its people very well. Not less importantly, it is a vibrant, modern and economically stable country, opening the possibility for fabulous business connections. It is estimated that more than 600 thousand Russians can apply for Aliyah and get Israeli citizenship by the “law of return”. As a result, they may also gain the ability to avoid travel sanctions from other countries.


How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Serbia

Serbia is in high demand by those who want to get away from their Russian home for a while. Over 100,000 Russians have already arrived, boosting the property sector and heating the economy. Those already settled here have reported a great experience with the Serbian people as if they were old friends. This is another beautiful visa-free country for Russians to avoid travel sanctions. For those keen to enjoy the European style of the Alps, it is possible to find ski resorts to add some adventure to tackle their misfortune.

Central Asia

Travel to Central Asia's Ancient USSR Republics

Together with the already mentioned Kazakhstan, we can find other countries of the so-called “Stan” group, which were once part of the Soviet Union. These include Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Together they already account for the presence of more than 2 million Russians. All these countries guarantee the entry of Russians without the need to issue a visa.

Moreover, just like Kazakhstan, there is still a strong influence derived from Russian culture. Those wishing to avoid travel sanctions will find many cities speaking the Russian dialect and deeply connecting to these roots.

The Best Way to Minimize Sanctions for Travellers

If you intend to leave Russia while legally avoiding worldwide sanctions, we recommend leaving all the work to those who understand the subject. Ideally, consult with immigration services and ensure you always have the latest information at hand.

For all the rest, you can charter a private jet service with our team. Our jets are prepared to meet all your requirements and to take you safely, quickly and comfortably to any place in the world. Contact us now to obtain your free quote and benefit from a hassle-free travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question on how to avoid travel sanctions legally? The following section can help you find most of the information you need. For further information on this topic or any other related to private jet flights, feel free to contact our team.

The most popular nations are Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Kazakhstan. All three allow travel without sanctions and already have a relevant community of Russian visitors.

Do I need a visa to visit the countries mentioned above?

Turkey, The “Stan” Serbia and Israel do not require visas for Russian visitors. Those arriving in Cyprus and Dubai on Russian passports can get a visa as soon as they enter the country.

Is it possible to charter private jets for large groups?

Yes, it is possible. It all depends on the number of passengers and their needs. Private jets also come in a variety of sizes. The smallest can hold a maximum of 6 passengers plus crew. Those considered medium-sized jets can take from 8 to 12 passengers. The largest jets in this category can hold up to 20 passengers and crew.

Is it possible to get permanent housing in these places?

Yes, it is possible. But first, it is important to find out about the conditions of each country, its rules and legislation. Some may require proof of accommodation. Those willing to invest in the place usually get advantages in this aspect.

Is it possible to travel to European Union countries from Russia?

No. Airspace is closed for flights from Russia to EU countries. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach these destinations in alternative ways, travelling to the listed countries and re-routing to other destinations. We suggest seeking advice from local authorities depending on your travel plans to avoid any issues.

Top 10 Winter Destinations

Our top 10 winter destinations are not only for enthusiasts of cold weather. Ironically, there is something heartwarming about a trip to countries where the winter season is one of the major tourist attractions. Playing in the snow, adventures in ice sports, discovering the cuisine of these regions or relaxing in heated baths amidst the freezing winds become irresistible here. Over the next few lines, we’ll dip our feet into the snow and explain why some of these places should soon become part of your itinerary.

Winter is Coming

Top 10 Winter Destinations Outdoors

The famous catchphrase from one of the greatest TV series of all time is not spoiled here. It propels a constant thought for those who like to travel around the world while discovering the best life has to offer.

While many have never had the opportunity to fluff their bodies in the snow, there is no time like now. Others seek to escape from rainy periods to milder winters, where the drier atmosphere offers beauty and adventure opportunities even though colder. Some people just can’t help to love cold places, such as those who never miss the opportunity to spend their vacations in the Alps. Whatever your profile, there is certainly a perfect place for you.

Here you will find the best winter destinations around the globe. Whether you wish to rest, play sports in the snow, or enjoy breathtaking scenery, we are sure that you will find a strong connection to at least one of these locations. We have compiled a list of the ten best places around the world where the magic is real, just for you.

#10. Hokkaido, Japan – The Place for Hot Bath Lovers

Top 10 Winter Destinations Include the Steamy Lakes of Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is a beautiful island in northern Japan and is well known for its winter festivals. Many people don’t realize it beforehand, but the region’s cold season is surprisingly harsh. You will find plenty of snow here, along with frozen rivers and lakes. No wonder the Winter Olympics took place here in 1972, with a bid for 2030 on the horizon.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is bathing in the Onsen, the Japanese hot springs. These waters are said to have unique and revitalizing qualities. The tradition is so strong in the region that some bathing areas are entirely open to the public. You can even find shrines where the Japanese monkeys dominate the pools. We suggest considering some of the magnificent hotels in the region where you can mix that winter feeling with a luxurious and comfortable indoor experience.

If you’re after some adventure, you’re in the right place. All surrounding locations allow easy access to everything you need for your trip: the best restaurants, boutique shops, ski and snowboard areas, and much more.

#9. Big Sky Montana, United States – The Lone Mountain

Big Sky Mountain in Montana, USA, is Part of our Top 10 Winter Destinations

Are you looking for a less crowded winter destination? Here you can relax and forget about the rest of the world, as Big Sky in Montana has enough credits to top your winter wishlist soon.

Big Sky offers everything that the finest winter resorts can offer. There’s no shortage of exclusive ski spots, fantastic scenery, plenty of contact with nature, and many adventures. But we can also say it provides unique experiences linked to its culture and residents. For example, you will find a country town atmosphere in the village of Meadow.

There are fairs with handicrafts, local cuisine, and cultural events. The residents have a strong connection to animals. We found several farms where it is possible to have contact with horses and alpacas. More than one of our top 10 winter destinations, it has a unique aura.

There are many top-of-the-line service hotels to choose where to stay. The Montage hotel offers 100 rooms and suites to suit all tastes, with fantastic views of the Spanish Peaks. Its combination of refinement and modern design delights its visitors, who guarantee it is one of the best winter accommodations worldwide.

#8. Marrakech, Morroco – The Daughter of the Desert

Marrakesh, Morocco in our Top 10 Winter Destinations

Winter is not all about snow. In fact, some people, especially those who already live in cold countries, may like to spend the winter in an area with a milder climate. Morroco is a fabulous destination in this sense to take an exclusive trip with the help of a private jet. You can avoid the big crowds by being in the off-season and enjoying a pleasant climate. Surprisingly, there will also be snow waiting for you, only if on the distant mountain tops.

Marrakech is an excellent choice for our top 10 winter destinations. Ideal for those who like to experience new cultures and try different spices and flavours in the kitchen. You can visit historical sites not seen in Europe or the Americas here. Winter is the perfect time to spend hours in open-air markets or take walks in the desert. These activities tend to be exhausting in the summer due to the intense northern African heat.

And for those who do not know the region, rest assured that luxury awaits you here. Large hotel chains realize the enormous tourist potential of the country and are established in the area, ready to welcome you and guarantee kingly days. We suggest considering a VIP tour of the desert, schedule allowing.

#7. Lapland, Finland – Home to the Magic of Christmas

Lapland, Finalnd, One of Our Top 10 Winter Destinations and Perfect to Watch the Northern Lights

How about visiting Santa Claus yourself? We’re not joking: Lapland is considered the real home of Santa Claus. In the far north of Finland, the region offers unique experiences for its visitors. You have likely heard of the Aurora Borealis. This very peculiar phenomenon that tints the sky with green waves can be spectacularly enjoyed in the region.

If you are looking for refinement and sophistication in the middle of nature this winter, the Haawe Boutique Apart Hotel is a fabulous choice. The hotel is very well located, just 15 minutes by car from Rovaniemi airport, and is surrounded by the region’s best restaurants and local stores. There are 14 different rooms, with names inspired by the Sami culture, the region’s original people.

Those who enjoy deeper contact with nature, a foot in the snow and being surrounded by wildlife can opt for the L7 Luxury Lodge. The lodge is a large rustic cabin, but without leaving aside all the comforts and amenities of the most modern hotels. It is a 50-minute drive from Kittilä International Airport and only 10 minutes from Äkäslompolo village.

It’s no wonder this is one of the best top 10 winter destinations on our list. Don’t say you’ve heard it from us, but Lapland is also the right place for reindeer sleigh riding. We’d be wary of any with a red nose, just in case…

#6. Galapagos, Ecuador – Wildlife that Inspires

Galapagos, One of our Impressive Top 10 Winter Destinations

Another place for those looking for winter-sun destinations away from the cold and the rain. After all, winter may be coming, but not necessarily to freeze us whole. The Galapagos Archipelago is considered a paradise on earth, even in the winter season. The region enjoys mostly sunny weather all year round, with almost no rain. 

The region comprises a group of 18 islands on the Eastern Pacific ocean, approximately 973 km (600 miles) off the South American coast. And if you think that this distance might make your trip difficult, don’t worry. Although it is still 97% wilderness, Galapagos has two airports that are easily accessible by private jet, offering you direct access to its wonders.

The best thing about enjoying Galapagos in winter is visiting beaches and natural parks without worrying about the cold. Take guided tours to get to know the local terrestrial or marine wildlife. The exotic and peculiar animals of the region are considered responsible for helping Charles Darwin elaborate his famous On the Origin of Species or Theory of Evolution. Don’t miss out on boat trips, jet-skiing, snorkelling, and swimming along with sea turtles.

Spend your nights in splendid hotels like the Royal Palm or Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, and try culinary delights from the sea at the Finch Bay restaurant. You’ll feel a world apart; that alone is a great argument to include in our top 10 winter destinations.

#5. Bled, Slovenia – The Most Beautiful Postcard Landscape

Breathtaking Lake Views in Bled, Slovenia, on Our Top 10 Winter Destinations

Sheltered by the magnificent Julian Alps, the charming town of Bled in Slovenia has begun to feature in travel guides around the world recently. The city looks enchanting, with its beautiful lake, castles, and churches. The small island in the lake’s centre, with the charming Pilgrimage Church of Assumption of Maria, stands out.

Winter hits the region particularly hard between the months of December and January, when everything is covered in snow. It is a perfect time for those who want to practise snow sports away from the big tourist centres, which get crowded at this time. Take advantage of Christmas shopping, with many stores specializing in articles of this time of year.

The nearest airport to Bled is 36 km (22 miles) away, in Brnik. For this reason, the best way to reach this fantastic winter destination is to travel by private jet. This way, you can leave the aircraft, go straight to a private car waiting for your arrival, and travel comfortably to the city without worrying about the distance or the journey.

Upon arrival, how about staying in a former presidential residence? Vila Bled Hotel is one of the most traditional hotels in the region, right next to the lake. The hotel offers a lot of exclusivities, with a fantastic view, haute cuisine, a spa, and various other services of the highest quality.

#4. Tirol, Austria – The Land of the Alps

Top 10 Winter Destinations - Tirol, Austria

Tirol is a state graced by the majestic presence of the Hohe Munde mountain, a peak over 2500 meters high. The place is well suited for those with a more adventurous spirit who enjoy hiking, climbing, and cross-country ski trails.

There are several sights and great locations in Tirol, and we can suggest the capital Innsbruck and the city of Telfs. The former, where the airport is located, offers a larger urban centre with more attractions and vibrant nightlife. Telfs, on the other hand, is better for those who want peace and quiet, perfect for closer contact with nature. Both offer easy access for adventures over the alps, sports, walks, and contemplation of incredible landscapes.

In the Austrian alps, you can stay at the Interalpen-hotel Tirol. Situated on the high plateau of Seefeld, at more than 1,300 meters (4,265 ft.) high, the hotel offers 5-star service, luxurious rooms, sophisticated cuisine, and the utmost comfort. Your stay guarantees unforgettable days in one of the world’s top 10 winter destinations.

#3. Copenhagen, Denmark – The Happiest City in the World

Top 10 Winter Destinations - Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a winter destination for those who enjoy larger urban centres. Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and the city with the largest population density. The former Viking fishing village is now a tourist city that has much to offer its visitors in the winter season.

The city invites us to experience the “hygge” concept, a local motto about enjoying life, leaving all worries aside and just living the moment. And without a doubt, one of the best ways to be hygge is to enjoy the best Danish cuisine, which is seasonally adapted to suit the climate.

It is worth mentioning that Copenhagen’s gastronomy is a highlight in itself. The region is a champion of Michelin-starred restaurants, with more renowned places than any other city among the Nordic nations. You can find some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen online and easily enjoy some of the best local cuisines.

Many private jet customers opt for the Scandinavian nations all year-round thanks to its breathtaking views and cultural heritage. As a result, it’s no wonder it’s one of our top 10 winter destinations. There isn’t a perfect time of the year to visit Denmark since its beauty remains its biggest asset throughout the seasons.

#2. Banff, Canada – An Endless Outdoor Adventure

Top 10 Winter Destinations - Banff, Canada

Banff is a true jewel of nature, located 140 km (87 miles) from the international airport of Calgary, in southwestern Canada. The park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and is undoubtedly one of the best winter destinations in the world.

Banff offers a multitude of outdoor activities. Among the classic ski tours or snowboarding, there are also sleigh rides, dog sledging, hikes and numerous sightseeing spots. There are also hot springs where you can enjoy the warm water while watching the snowflakes fall.

The hotel industry is solid in the region. Five-star hotels await you with state-of-the-art accommodations that look like they were built for kings and queens. There are those shaped like luxurious lodges, with a more rustic air but no less sophisticated.

However, the real attraction is the immense outdoors, unspoiled locations and majestic views. With so much to take in, the best way to truly enjoy it is to book an extended stay and hire a local guide to show you the unique fauna and flora that bring Banff to life.

#1. Gstaad, Switzerland – Unparallel Luxury

Top 10 Winter Destinations, Gstaad, Switzerland

One of the most exclusive and luxurious places in the world to take a winter trip by private jet is Gstaad, Switzerland. Within the Swiss Alps, in the Bernese Oberland region, the city attracts artists and millionaires in search of the world’s most excellent service and amenities.

Outside, the city seems to maintain a rustic, almost medieval tone. Some buildings are actually castles! But indoors we have a modern structure, with rich and elegant design. There is no lack of options for renowned restaurants, famous stores and first-class hotels. If you’re looking for the best hotel in Switzerland, the Alpina Gstaad may be the answer.

Here you’re as likely to rub shoulders with a celebrity billionaire as you are to find a whole slope of snow for yourself. Its uniqueness is surely reason enough to make it feature on the main position of our top 10 winter destinations.

Time to Book Your Winter Holiday

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; There is no time like now. Our team is already taking several enquiries for some of these exclusive winter destinations. It’s no wonder that this year’s winter provides a unique chance to go back into the world and enjoy the best life has to offer.

We suggest hiring the best private jet service to make it happen today while preparing for the winter of your dreams. Contact us for your free private jet charter travel quote, and let us take you on this season’s adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question regarding our top 10 winter destinations? We compiled some of the most common queries regarding our topic. Consult them in further detail in the following few lines, and if you have any further questions, our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Is it easy to travel in the winter?

Yes. The winter season usually finds several challenges, but we’d say commercial flying sees more of those. Flying a private jet during the winter is yet another proof of how convenience and flexibility can make a great case against the colder weather.

Can cold weather delay my flight?

Yes, it can. Extreme cold weather conditions, such as blizzards and strong winds, can cause a shift in the flight schedule. One of the significant advantages of flying on a private jet is having a specialized team to take care of these cases on the spot. Flying to and from smaller airfields also helps ensure your comfort if you need to delay your departure.

How cold are these top 10 winter destinations?

Our guide has several suggestions for the winter season, even with some sunny places. But always be aware of your destination, planning the coats well according to the location. High regions like the Alps or the Northern region of Finland (Lapland) see extremely negative temperatures, where only specialized clothing should be worn.

Is it ridiculous to pack my swimwear and flip-flops?

Not necessarily, as even some of these cold destinations have a good use for those. Many offer hot baths where these items can be used indoors and outdoors, such as Hokkaido in Japan. But don’t worry if you leave them behind, as there is always the possibility of purchasing these items at local stores.

Can I drive the car myself, even in the snow?

Yes, but only if necessary. Every car provided will be appropriately adapted to the local terrain conditions, but you don’t have to worry about driving it. We suggest hiring a local private driver who can ensure your trip’s comfort and all the privacy you need. So you don’t have to worry about the road, and you can enjoy the scenery.

Tennis Championships by Private Jet

Tennis Championships by Private Jet

Attending tennis championships by private jet is likely to be on your bucket list. This is one of the most popular sports in the world, only second to football. Estimates point to an average of 1 billion spectators worldwide following the major tournaments and stars.

However, no immersive television experience can deliver the thrill of watching the greatest tennis players of all time such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer from the stands. Today our premise is rather simple: a luxurious trip to the best tennis tournaments after chartering a private jet.

This article will give you key information about these tournaments, whether on clay or grass. We’ll include some of the best places to stay and share some tips, ensuring you don’t miss a match on the way. As always, you can expect the utmost comfort, exclusivity, and the guarantee of excellent service.

Racket, Ball, and Aircraft

Tennis Player, Faded, Holding a Tennis Ball

The best tennis tournaments attract thousands of tourists yearly and mobilise entire cities. Several hotels, restaurants, and other services are strategically positioned near the sports centres, ready to welcome them. But if you want a personalized service that guarantees the best seats and advantages, visiting the Grand Slams via private jet is now easier than ever.

This is due to access to the best airports and local airfields, and a straightforward private jet booking system. That way, you don’t have to spend hours in traffic to get to the venue. A flight crew will be prepared to take care of all your needs, including meals and drinks. These flights offer a first-class service surrounded by total safety and well-being for you and your family.

Visit Roland Garro in Paris, the US Open in New York, the Australian Open in Melbourne, or the prestigious Wimbledon in London, England. The latter being the cradle of the fabulous sport, and therefore possessing an appeal of its own. We invite you to join us on this trip as we present the best tennis championships by private jet.

Australian Open, Melbourne

Tennis Championships by Private Jet Include the Australian Open, in Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Open in Melbourne is played at the beginning of the year, in January, and is the first Grand Slam of the season. Melbourne Park, a grand sports venue, hosts this venue. The complex has several courts equipped with some of the most modern equipment in the world of tennis. Here you’ll find a retractable roof, ensuring comfortable matches for all, regardless of weather conditions.

For those seeking top-class service, it is possible to book on-court seating. You’ll be face-to-face with your idols and even bump into some celebrities at the event. Those spots are undoubtedly the best seats in the house when attending the best tennis championships.

You’ll be able to feel each stroke’s impact, hear everything on the court, and contemplate the wonders of the sport like no one else. Equally unmissable with these VIP seats is a 5-star menu with the food of your choice. As it turns out, spoiling yourself on a tennis match is a lot of fun.

When the match ends, Melbourne has endless appeal. There have been great developments in its haute cuisine in recent years, so make sure you try it. Complement it with cultural events such as theatrical plays, exhibitions and music spectacles.

To finish with a flourish, spend the night at the Crown Towers hotel, located only 10 minutes away from the sports complex. The luxurious 5-star hotel is a world apart, with all the refinement and sophistication adapted to the finest tastes. Enjoy its inviting swimming pools, spas, fitness centres, casinos, and the best restaurants in the area without ever leaving the building.

Roland Garros, Paris

Tennis Championships by Private Jet, Service

You don’t need any excuses to visit Paris. And if you do need one, why not attend tennis championships by private jet? The city is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places in the world, and that alone would be worthy of a trip on a private jet. But since we love tennis, we must mention the unmissable Roland Garro tournament.

The legendary Roland Garros tennis tournament is the second Grand Slam of the year and takes place in May/June. It is a differentiated tournament, marked by its clay courts. This particular kind of floor offers unique characteristics which affect the ball’s deceleration. In the sports complex, we find three tennis courts where all the tournament matches are disputed. It is possible to take guided tours and get to know all the sports backstage, including a tennis museum visit.

We recommend trying snack bars and restaurants around the complex when you are hungry. Don’t forget this is Paris, the proud home of the best gastronomy in the world. The Roland Garros offers a fabulous opportunity to visit several renowned restaurants, such as the following:

Your fun visit to Paris doesn’t stop here. The French capital has much more to offer than just glorious meal experiences. The region oozes culture, art, and architecture. Visit historical sites such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and the recently restored Notre-dame Cathedral. We also recommend a VIP cruise and dinner in the Seine River, either on a sunny afternoon with the family or on a romantic evening with your loved one. Courtside, we’d say there’s much to look forward to once you’re done watching these tennis matches.

Wimbledon, London

Tennis Championships by Prvate Jet - Wimbledon, London, England

We keep travelling to attend the best tennis championships by private jet. It’s time to attend the most traditional tennis championship in the world. The Wimbledon tournament belongs in London, England, in June/July. It has the longest history, and rightfully so, considering England is the birthplace of tennis. During WWII, a bomb hit the centre court of the complex. However, we have to go way back to 1877, when the tournament first took place with 22 participants.

For tennis lovers and beyond, flying a private jet to London is definitely worth the time and investment. The nature and atmosphere of this tournament are unique, and its exclusive audience is nothing short of astonishing.

Today’s tournament has 128 athletes and prize pools that reach nearly 2 million pounds. Wimbledon courts are made of grass cut precisely 8mm high. This ensures the ball bounces faster and closer to the ground. Swiss tennis player Roger Federer is regarded as the master of this type of court. The tennis legend remained almost unbeatable in Wimbledon throughout his career.

The best seats at Wimbledon are extremely disputed. These include the general public but also celebrities and athletes, including retired tennis legends who still enjoy the sound of rackets cutting through the air. It’s traditional for the royal family to attend a few matches. As you might expect, an exclusive section is reserved in the stands for its members.

Curiosity: Wimbledon has its own eagle called Rufus. He prevents pigeons from circulating over the site.

The Best Hotels in London

After the matches are over for the day, you can find some of the most magnificent hotels anywhere if you wish to relax. We compiled a selection of the bests hotels in London for your consideration.

It’s time to take a stroll and get to know the vibrant city of London, which offers an endless series of historical sites to visit. Buckingham Palace, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the Tower of London, and the London Eye are among these. A wide range of museums, such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum, and a unique offer of musicals and variety shows enchant the city.

The US Open, New York

Tennis Championships by Private Jet - The US Open in New York

Closing out the Grand Slam circuit, we travel to the US Open tournament in the United States. As far as tennis championships by private jet go, this one is hard to beat. The event is usually scheduled in late August and early September. The matches occur at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, more precisely, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Its courts are of the “hard floor” type, with balls that bounce high and hit at high speed.

Flying in on a private jet ensures the best access to the US Open matches. On arrival, you’re met by staff at LaGuardia Airport, a mere 10-minute drive from the sports centre. This means you can arrive on the same day as the match you wish to attend and not miss a minute of the big event.

And while we are at the park, why not enjoy its other attractions? If you’re also into baseball, the park is also home to the New York Mets. There is a zoo and a museum you can’t miss. You can capture great pictures next to the monumental Unisphere, a wonder in true American style. There are lakes in the park that ensure a relaxed afternoon with the family, for which we suggest a picturesque picnic.

As you might expect, New York has much more to offer. After all, we are talking about the concrete jungle, the city that never sleeps, and what is still the world’s capital for many. We can’t help to remind you about a shopping spree at Fifth Avenue’s most famous and renowned luxury goods brands. Don’t know where to start? Our team and customers have some timeless favourites.

Where to Shop in New York

  • Bvlgari: Jewellery, watches, accessories and fragrances.
  • Cartier: Jewelry and watches.
  • Dolce & Gabbana: Fashion.
  • Gucci: Fashion.
  • Louis Vuitton: Leather fashion goods, accessories, textiles, shoes and sunglasses.
  • Rolex: Watches.
  • Saks: Clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, cafe and bar.

Now that your bags are filled with gifts, it’s time to find a place to rest. You might as well enjoy the best level of service, and the most luxury New York has to offer. After all, here you can find some of the most outstanding hotels in the world. They have a unique flair to them: the ability to make you forget about all the hustle and bustle of the streets and regain your strength for another day of tennis matches or sightseeing.

We can’t help but mention the great attractions of the city. You certainly know them by heart, even if only from a movie or a magazine cover. Don’t miss the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center or the New York Public Library. Have a wonderful evening at Broadway, and don’t miss the atmosphere at Times Square. For a selected night house, we suggest the Metropolitan Opera House, with the Chrysler Building lighting up the city sky. Overall, it is breathtaking and unforgettable.

Other Tennis Championships

Tennis Courts Seen From Above

The world of professional tennis does not live off Grand Slams alone. Looking beyond the major tournaments, there are several smaller but significant tennis championships by private jet waiting for you. Fortunately, it’s easy to find an ongoing challenge in different locations around the globe. The main ones are the ATP/WTP (men’s/women’s), with their 1000, 500, and 250 series.

For example, the player who wins the WTP 1000 will add this amount in points to determine her ranking in the world rankings. So let’s look at where these tournaments take place and all the wonders you can find in these locations.

ATP/WTA Masters 1000

This event is a series of championships held in various locations worldwide. If you love to travel, this is another reason to take that unforgettable trip. Most of these championships featured men’s and women’s matches. See below for the locations of these championships.

  • BNP Paribas Open. Held in Indian Wells, California, in March. An excellent place for those who enjoy blue skies and sunny weather and can even ensure you get some beach time.
  • Miami Open. This championship has recently (2018) moved to the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The city is well known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and lively nightlife.
  • Madrid Open. The championship is held in the capital of Spain in the month of May. Spain is an excellent place to take a luxury tour experiencing the famous Spanish cuisine and its rich, joyful and colourful culture.
  • Internazionali BNL d’Italia. It is the ATP 1000 championship played in Rome. The tournament has a refined atmosphere, with celebrities always attending musical performances. Rome is the ideal place for historical tours, shopping, and trying the famous Italian pasta.
  • National Bank Open. It is a tournament played in Canada in mid-August. The host city alternates annually between Montreal and Toronto. Visiting Canada brings the opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and unique wildlife.
  • Qatar Total Open. The Women’s Championship is held in Doha, the country’s capital. The last few years have been generous for this region of the globe, boosting strong economic growth and becoming a popular destination for the wealthy. It is a great place to shop for jewellery, clothes, and accessories not found in other parts of the world.

500/250 championships

New tennis players often use these series to climb up the rankings. Although they have less importance in the overall picture, they can also yield great trips and excellent matches. Highlights include the Rio Open in Brazil, the Halle Open in Germany, and the Japan Open in Tokyo, all in the 500 series.

In the 250 series, we have the Auckland Open held in beautiful New Zealand, Estoril Open held in Portugal, Stockholm Open held in Sweden, and the Adelaide Open held in wild Australia. Without a doubt, a perfect union of good matches with tourist places.

When is the Next Big Tennis Tournament?

Indoors Tennis Event

Glad you ask. We work around our customers’ busy schedules to ensure they can enjoy the ultimate travel experiences. As a result, we know that time is their most valued asset. Knowing when and where to find the next big tennis event is therefore crucial.

We’ve already mentioned some of the biggest tennis championships by private jet in the world, but when do they take place? We’ll dive right into the 2022/2023 schedule to ensure you can book your courstide seat today.

Tennis EventWhereWhen
Rolex Paris MastersParis, France31 October – 06 November 2022
WTA FinalsFort Worth, Texas, USA31 October – 07 November 2022
Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals
Milan, Italy08 November – 12 November 2022
Billie Jean King Cup FinalsGlasgow, Scotland08 November – 13 November 2022
Nitto ATP FinalsTurin, Italy13 November – 20 November 2022
Davis Cup FinalsMalaga, Spain22 November – 27 November 2022
Australia OpenMelbourne, Australia16 January – 29 January 2023
French Open (Roland Garros)Paris, France28 May – 11 June 2023
The Championship WimbledonLondon, England03 July – 16 July 2023
US OpenNew York, USA28 August – 10 September 2023

This is merely a sample including some of the best tennis events in the world. There are several other tennis championships by private jet waiting for your visit. Here you may spot rising stars, current and past legends and enjoy some of the most exciting moments in the sport right before your eyes.

The Best Flights to Attend the Best Tennis Matches

No matter which tennis championship comes next on the calendar, the best way to attend the matches is certainly by flying in a private jet. You’ll find a service that truly meets your needs while ensuring you travel promptly and safely. Your comfort is guaranteed across various modern aircraft designed to deliver the ultimate travelling experience. We invite you to contact us today and let us ensure you sit courtside at the next big tennis event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With so much interest in the topic of tennis, it’s only natural that questions abound. Yours might be contemplated in the next section. If not, contact us today, and our team will do their best to find the answer.

What are the biggest tennis tournaments in the world?

The Grand Slam. This achievement reports to the four most important tennis tournaments in the world. It includes the Australia Open, the French Open (Roland Garros), Wimbledon and the US Open. In 2022, both Rafael Nadal (Singles, men) and Iga Swiatek (Singles, women) won two out of four.

Can I arrive right on time to attend a tennis match?

Yes, as some major tournaments are hosted near airports. With the level of organization and convenience of private flights, you can land and head straight to the sports centre. These services can also include a chauffeur in a luxury car to drive you to the venue.

Where can I attend a major tennis tournament?

Those wishing to attend a major tennis tournament are spoiled for choice. The majority of these events take place across all continents. We would suggest focusing on European ground, where tournaments such as Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and several others take place.

Which tennis players own private jets?

Some of the biggest names in tennis own a private jet. Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Ion Tiriac, Naomi Osaka, and legend Pete Sampras are among the famous tennis players who own private jets. With new stars on the rise, this list will certainly expand in the coming years.

How much do VIP tennis tickets cost?

With so many tennis events around the world, VIP tennis options, including box seats vary in price. A VIP ticket in Hamburg is a great deal for only 300€-350€ a day, while top VIP experiences for the US Open can cost anywhere between $13,000 and $110,000. As a result, there is something out for everyone out there.

How much is the highest prize money in tennis?

The US Open winner will take home $2.6 million, in a total prize pool estimated in over $50 million. Both men’s singles and women’s have the same prize structure. That means the best player in the tournament will walk out a millionaire – even though most already arrive with such a status.

Private Jet for Golf – Best Golfing Destinations

Play a Round Undisturbed After Chartering a Private Jet for Golf

Chartering a private jet for golf shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apart from all the famous golf players that own a private jet, it’s common for companies such as ours to ensure customers can access the best courses all year round.

Several considerations matter when picking the best golf destinations in the world. Weather conditions during a particular season tend to be the main concern. Course-specifics and logistics come as a close second, while travel arrangements follow very closely.

We’re experts in the latter, meaning our extended private jet charter network can accommodate requests on short notice with utmost flexibility. Perfect for a quick golfing break anywhere in the world, we are thrilled to take you to the best golfing destinations over the next few lines.

It’s time to fasten your seatbelt and rest assured your golf gear is securely placed in the hold. Discover our suggestions for this year’s best golf destinations. But first, let’s take a quick look at the main golf tournaments in 2023 and what’s left of 2022.

Golf Tournaments 2022/2023

Looking for majors schedules? Where should you stand to watch golf’s greatest names in the remainder of 2022 and the year ahead of 2023? We break it down to you to help you pick your next private jet destination. There is plenty of excitement and action only a flight away. Pick your favourite from any of the following golf tournaments in 2023, or make the most of what’s left of 2022.

Golf TournamentLocationDates
WGC-HSBC ChampionsShangai, China27-30 October 2022
Bermuda ChampionshipPort Royal, Bermuda27-30 October 2022
Women’s Asia-Pacific ChampionshipPattaya, Thailand03-06 November 2022
World Wide Technology ChampionshipMayakoba, Mexico03-06 November 2022
Hero World ChallengeAlbany, Bahamas01-04 December 2022
Sony OpenWaialae, Hawaii12-15 January 2023
MastersAugusta, Georgia, USA06-09 April 2023
PGA ChampionshipRochester, New York, USA18-21 May 2023
U.S. OpenLos Angeles, USA15-18 June 2023
The OpenHoylake, England20-23 July
The Solheim CupCasares, Spain18-24 September 2023
The Ryder CupRome, Italy29 September – 01 October 2023

Now that we have some places to go and golf drama to witness let’s get back on track with some of the best golf destinations in the world. Not just for this year or the next, but some that will surely fit your schedule whenever you’re ready.

And because this sport is all about enjoying the outdoors in peace and quiet, let’s start our round with one of Europe’s finest travel destinations: the Algarve.

Algarve, Portugal

Golf in the Algarve, south of Portugal

A mild Autumn and dry Winter mean the Algarve is an inviting golf destination all year-round. There’s much to be excited about in the south of Portugal, and golfing is one of the reasons. Considered one of the World’s Best Travel Destinations, the region offers some of the best golf courses accordingly.

Complemented your experience with its gastronomy, fabulous wine culture, and pristine beaches. English is widely spoken here, making most golfers feel at home. Add the welcoming nature of the locals, and you start running out of reasons to leave. More importantly, there is a laid-back atmosphere surrounding each course and its many award-winning world-class resorts. The Algarve is all about pampering you in every right way.

But let’s stick with golfing for the moment. Over 25 golf courses and clubs are spread across the whole South of Portugal. That means challenges for all levels, new adventures awaiting, and many reasons to keep returning. In the next few lines, we’ll introduce you to some of the most legendary golf courses in the Algarve.

Penina Golf Course

Golf at Penina, Algarve, Portugal

The Penina was the Algarve’s first golf course, built back in 1966. Under the name of legendary Sir Henry Cotton, it was the first 18-hole course in the region. It’s held the Portuguese Open on at least ten occasions.

The Par 73 course is surrounded by water streams, ditches and subtle slopes. Its nature defies even the most experienced golfers. Any hazards will surely be made up by its immeasurable beauty. The Penina Hotel & Golf Resort is also the perfect place to set camp, offering some of the finest hospitality throughout the Algarve.

There’s much to be excited about amongst tournaments and a fabulous Golf Academy. After all, this is a stay at one of Europe’s most relevant golf courses. It’s also the perfect place to travel with family. The resort welcomes children of all ages with numerous activities and surprises.

Quinta do Lago

Golf at Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal

Located in the heart of a natural reserve, the Quinta do Lago Golf Courses are truly a majestic wonder. These are amongst some of the finest golfing experiences worldwide, surrounded by luxury in a quiet atmosphere of contemplation.

Many refer to The North Course as one of the greatest golf courses they’ve ever played. However, setting it apart from the European Tour’s favourite, South Course is hard. If you can’t decide between both either, the Laranjal Course offers a unique event. It’s especially laid down for those that look forward to a challenge.

A complete driving range, performance centre and The Paul McGinley Academy make the Quinta do Lago one of Europe’s most complete golf experiences. The surrounding areas are not to be missed either. Here you find sumptuous villas owned by the world’s greatest celebrities and resorts that will cater to all your needs.

Chartering a private jet for golf means you can land at Faro airport and at the golf course in a matter of minutes. If all of these principles resonate with you, contact our team and hire a private jet to and from the Algarve.

Other Golf Courses in the Algarve

Golf Ball by the Pocket

With dozens of golf courses in the Algarve, there’s something for everyone all year-round. The only similarity between them is a compromise with quality and a focus on customer satisfaction. From the famous Pine Cliffs Golf Course to the fascinating Castro Marim Golf Course, there are many reasons why golfers keep returning to the region.

We’ve already mentioned a few in the previous lines. However, we’ll let you discover why the Algarve has so much to offer from so many angles. Here, we can find some of the finest golf experiences anywhere. All masterfully crafted by the hand of some of the sport’s greatest.


Hiring a Private Jet for Golf Includes Destinations Such as Scotland

Our private jet for golf article will invite you to consider extremes. From the dry and warm nature of the South of Portugal to the Highlands, chasing the best golf destinations in the world. Subjective as the topic may be, we rely on our customers’ opinions and endless hours of conversations regarding this particular topic.

Scotland is the home of golf since it is originally from its Eastern coast. The modern game of golf was invented in the 15th Century, while the 18-hole round was born in the Old Course at St. Andrews in 1764. Since then, much has changed, but the atmosphere remains the same.

Our choice is a hard one. Scotland has over 587 golf courses, which may pose a challenge when chartering a private jet for golf. However, a few of these resonate with the world’s finest, and we’ll focus on them in search of the best golf experience overall.

St. Andrews Old Course

Private Jet for Golf in St. Andrews, Scotland

Also known as the home of golf, St. Andrews Old Course is a dream come true, and not only for golf fans. Established circa 1400, it has to be seen to be believed. Its endless soft green slopes and water hazards sit side-by-side with St. Andrew’s Bay.

A scenario of unique beauty, mesmerizing architecture and unbelievable tradition. It’s easy to become lost for words, which means the best course of action is to pick from any of its 8 golf courses. Playing here is an event in its own right, with much golf etiquette to be observed and rightfully so.

After all, St. Andrews is no ordinary golf course but rather a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience – which you may feel very tempted to repeat in the future.

Trump Turnberry

Trump Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland

The legendary Ailsa golf course in Trump Turnberry, Scotland, is one of the sports’ most scenic locations worldwide. Truly dreamlike and filled with historical relevance, it is by many considered one of the top 10 World’s Greatest Golf Courses.

The Par 71 course sits by the seaside, with its iconic lighthouse in the background. In 2014, Donald Trump purchased the hotel and golf course for $60 million, the reason for such a homonymous relationship. With a war memorial in the vicinities and the charms of the Scottish coast, there are far too many reasons to travel to Turnberry soon.


Aerial View of Dubai

We did mention our article on chartering a private jet for golf would take you to unique locations worldwide. Reminding you that weather does play an important part in the practice of golf, you may find it curious that Dubai made our list.

Following the very same lines that made it a top travel destination worldwide, expect to find luxury and refined experiences all down the line.

Dubai Creek Golf Club

Playing Golf in Dubai

The Dubai Creek Golf Club lives up even the most demanding expectations. Its Championship Course, Par 71, is a modern and breathtaking adventure by the seaside. It all comes alive under the bright light that blesses the UAE, with its metropolis landscape complementing this unique scenario.

Several all-year-round tournaments and the excellent competencies of the Peter Cowen Academy invite you to discover why Dubai is making a strong case as one of the best golf destinations in the world.

Emirates Golf Club

When it opened in 1988, the Emirates Golf Club was the Middle East’s first all-grass championship golf course. In the meantime, it’s hosted the European Tour, Omega Dubai Desert Classics and the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters.

Its strong pedigree reflects the masterfully crafted 36 holes along two of the finest golf courses in the region. Here, you can also enjoy a night round when temperatures are more appealing. A great example is its Moonlight Classic tournaments across three evenings.

Majilis and Faldo courses are ranked amongst the best golf destinations in the world, making the joys of those after a fun break amongst the high-paced Dubai business demand.

Argentina, the South American Golf Paradise

San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina

Perhaps you’re yet to visit Argentina, and even a more remote thought to consider taking your golf gear along for the ride. One of the beautiful things about chartering a private jet for golf is discovering a renewed approach to the beautiful game.

This time around, one that is filled with salero, amongst the irresistible charms of Argentina. There are over 300 golf courses in Argentina, with more than 30 competitions. The numbers alone mean you might find yourself spoiled for choice, and that’s always great news.

Olivos (Blanca & Colorada)

Olivos Golf Course, Argentina

Among the 300 greens, we can only go as far as picking a couple for reference. Due to its domestic and international popularity, the Olivos Golf Course had to be one of them. The 27-hole is not for the faint-hearted. Fast greens will get your ability under check at this course just outside Buenos Aires.

There is much resemblance to the British nature of golfing here in the raw. For those that are all about golf, those are excellent news.

Chapelco Golf Resort

Chapelco Golf Resort, Argentina

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus designed the Chapelco Golf Resort along with his son. The breathtaking surroundings add to the mystique and make this a unique location for golf. The Andes sit in the distance while you aim your next shot, and for all other matters, a world-renowned resort makes for the treats.

Part of several reputable associations and listed as one of the Great Golf Resorts of the World, it sits only 15 km (9 miles) from San Martin de Los Andes. As part of the Patagonia region, there is an abundance of natural life in this part of the world which should not be missed.

South Africa & Morocco

There is so much beauty to discover in South Africa that hiring a private jet is the best way to see it all and still make it on time for golf. Majestic landscapes and unforgettable slices of sand are merely the starting point.

It’s no wonder that Africa casts a spell on its visitors, and once you have the opportunity to discover some of its greens, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back over and over again. We added Morocco to the list, ensuring you can find a great tee on opposite sides of the beautiful Continent. It’s time to discover them.

Durban, South Africa

Golf at Durban Country Club, South Africa

The Durban Country Club is one of South Africa’s golf references. Considered by many the best golf course in the whole of Africa, it’s been ranked in the Top 100 golf courses worldwide for several reasons. It’s no wonder it hosted seventeen South African Opens.

With the Indian Ocean’s dunes on one side and the picturesque, quiet city of Durban on the other, this place, once known as Port Natal, is the largest port in sub-Saharan Africa. Those here for business can take a well-deserved break in the iconic Durban Country Club.

Golf du Palais Royal d’Agadir, Morocco

Golf at Agadir in the Golf du Palais Royal d'Agadir

Agadir is known for its extensive, romantic coastline. Here, all dreams are at reach, from surfing some of the Atlantic’s finest waves to discovering the rich multitudes of Moroccan culture. The Golf du Palais Royal d’Agadir will answer your heart’s desires for everything that is golf-related.

Roughly translated, the name recalls the Agadir Royal Palace’s golf course. It has a fabulous story behind it, but not least important, it’s a venue with unique features. Perfect for those after a private incursion into the green, it’s made of two returning nines, each par 36.

Sitting by the Atlantic, there’s much to consider. The wind is a key factor here, where even the most experienced golf players might see an almost perfect run turn sideways. Definitely, one to consider only a short flight away from most European capitals.

Charter a Private Jet for Golf Today

Easier than you’d expect, less expensive than you imagine and filled with perks beyond comparison. It’s no wonder even pro golfers own private jets. There’s a reason why so many join two passions: fly on a private jet and play golf at unique locations. We just happen to be on the sideline, ensuring it all comes together.

With so many fantastic golf destinations worldwide, our selection falls shy of the dozens of options you can find in each nation. Contact us today for a free quote and embark on a private jet flight to go golfing in these unique locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope you enjoyed our take on some of golf’s finest destinations. Hiring a private jet to get there is only part of the fun and exclusive experience that awaits. While you decide which of these fabulous destinations is best, we invite you to discover some of the most common questions on today’s topic.

What is the best golf destination in the world?

The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland is one of the best golf courses in the world. However, with so many fantastic locations where you can play golf, it’s all a matter of personal preference and opportunity.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet for golf?

A private jet charter for golf is a cost-effective option, appropriate to several customer profiles. The final rate varies according to season, availability, route and any specific services required. Rest assured, our team always offers the most competitive rate of the moment.

Can I transport golf gear in a private jet?

Yes. Our customers fly all around the world with their golf gear hassle-free. While commercial airlines have a history of poor handling, our private jet handling partners look after all your luggage with particular care. That way, you can expect to find your gear immaculate and ready for a round right after you land.

What’s the best golf winter destination?

We have a soft spot for the Algarve as a golf destination, alongside the modern and irresistible Dubai. Even though Dubai remains hot all year round, Winters in South Europe are rather mild and should remain particularly dry.

Can I charter a private jet to attend a golf tournament?

Absolutely. The level of flexibility surrounding our service is ideal for those wanting to attend a golf tournament without wasting time. We can design a schedule around your availability. Ideally, meeting your expectations while ensuring you’re in the front row for that final tackle.

Private Jet Snow Destinations

Top 5 Private Jet Snow Destinations

Our top 5 private jet snow destinations arrive just in time this year to tempt our adventure seekers. There’s much more to white slopes and fast drops on our list. With our suggestions of luxurious and exclusive services, you’ll have a lovely time even in sub-zero temperatures.

We take you out to some of the finest snow destination hotels, local cuisine, and activities awaiting across these pristine white landscapes. It’s time to grab your coat and skis – or snowboard – because this time around, we’ll be flying you to chilling spots.

Luxury snow destinations

Private Jet Snow Destinations Include Switzerland and its Romantic Chalets

When planning a holiday or a quick international business trip, we often imagine the place we’re headed to beforehand. We invite you to imagine the following: from afar, the tall mountains and hills take over the horizon. Covered in white, they are as unreal as something out of a painting. As you get closer, the thermal sensation drops, and you begin understanding the magic within.

Snow is particularly special. It’s not just about the scenery or even the actual temperature, which can be both relaxing and therapeutic. It’s mostly about a set of ingredients only these locations can offer. But where should you stay? Is it always possible to find a 5-star service in places that face such particular challenges? Our short answer is yes, and we’ll let you in on a few wonders you shouldn’t miss.

One of our favourites includes a private chalet with a cosy fireplace. It is the ultimate romantic/relaxing getaway and one sure to please all of those travelling. How about a grand weather-defying hotel rising above the ice? Not just any hotel, but one that delivers the utmost excellence as you’d expect in the most luxurious snow destinations worldwide.

Over these cold hills, you get to taste unique dishes, play snow sports, and relax in a heated pool. There’s much to be excited about as we take you across some timeless classics and a novelty or two. If you’re wondering whether planes can fly in the snow, we have a fantastic article on that topic. In the meantime, fasten your seatbelt, as these private jet snow destinations will be as fun as unforgettable.

The French Alps – A Classic Snow Destination

This place undoubtedly inhabits the dreams of every traveller. Well known for its modern ski resorts in contrast with old villages and rustic buildings. It’s no wonder this particular area is a destination for thousands of tourists annually.

You have probably heard of Courchevel, a ski resort that is part of Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys). It is said to be the largest interconnected ski area in the world. Courchevel is divided into four resorts, each at a different height. All have excellent facilities and 5-star services, with Chourchevel 1850 sitting at the highest point. As you’d expect, it’s also the most luxurious, exclusive of all four, and frequently visited by royalty and celebrities.

The architecture of the place is simply enchanting. All these hotels look magical, as if they were out of one of Harry Potter’s stories. The gastronomy is nothing short of spectacular, guaranteed by the Michelin stars that praise its restaurants.

Don’t assume that the remote nature of this location will leave you without any shopping options. On the contrary. Several shopping malls and stores accompany the resorts. Amongst these are renowned brands such as Chanel, Prada, Moncler, Louis Vuitton, and Dior.

A Family Snow Trip to France

Are you dreaming of travelling with your family without worrying about your children all the time? You should know that the place also has an area totally dedicated to them – children and teenagers. There are rooms with video games, board games, movie theatres, and swimming pools. All prepared to attend to even the most demanding child under constant supervision of highly-trained staff.

Exclusivity and luxury are the name of the game. A new hotel concept was created here, appropriately named “The Palace”. Translated, it would be the closest thing to a 6-star hotel we’ve ever seen outside Dubai. However, if we think we are exaggerating, nothing like taking the Forbes Travel Guide‘s word on it.

Switzerland – Irresistible White Coatings

There’s much ease and convenience associated with flying by private jet. You may leave France and arrive in neighbouring Switzerland in only an hour or less. The country is undoubtedly one of the best options for a luxurious snow tour of Europe, with charming and exquisite cities to discover.

Our destination is now in the Swiss Alps, part of a mountain range that stretches from Southern Europe to Central Europe. Its peaks reach up to 4,000 meters in height, and these are naturally great news for those wishing to travel to the snow this year. It is also here that we can find some of the best snow destinations, such as St. Moritz and Zermatt.

The Exclusive Charm of St. Moritz

Private Jet Snow Destinations Include St. Moritz in Switzerland

It’s no surprise St. Mortiz is one of Switzerland’s main tourist attractions. It is well known for hosting snow competitions and already served as centre stage for two Winter Olympics. It is by many considered one of the most receptive places in the world, with a unique sense of hospitality.

Here, you’ll find many high-quality hotels and VIP services. After all, it is also a destination for celebrities, millionaires and tycoons. Besides fine dining restaurants, there are always inviting SPA services, private instructors for ski classes, private butlers and concierges at your disposal.

The adventurous will find the appeal of trips amongst mountains and lakes. The lake itself, which shares its name with the town, looks like something out of a movie set. It freezes completely during the Winter, turning it into a battleground for games, including horseback snow polo. In the summer, the white landscape gives way to vivid green, with the lake completely thawed out, allowing for diving, sailing and utterly relaxing times.

Zermatt: A Place of Magical Villages Buried in the Snow

Zermatt, Snow Destination in Switzerland

Not far from there is Zermatt, which we would highly recommend a visit. This village lies at the foot of Matterhorn, considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The local structure is carefully planned to make the on-site experience unique. As an example, you’ll find no cars in Zermatt. Most of the walks are done on foot, depending on the snow’s depth. If you want a differentiated tour, renting carriages that work as a kind of taxi is possible. Peculiar, fantastic, and unforgettable, in our opinion.

And, of course, if you are looking for luxury snow destinations, Zermatt is right down your alley. Here, we find Michelin-star restaurants, such as the beautiful Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni or The Omnia, where gastronomical dreams come true.

In the former, the rustic wooden ambience is enhanced by chandelier lighting. It allows the customer to pick between two types of dishes: “Heimat” home-made dishes, and “Fernweh”, dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. The second, however, is a modern classic with a clean and elegant look. Its focus is on preparing classic dishes with strong use of fresh produce.

A Quick Luxury Shopping Spree in the Snow

And since we are in Switzerland, how about getting to know one of the country’s trademarks? In Zermatt, you can find the best luxury watch stores. After all, the charm of a Swiss watch seems to make even more sense in loco. We suggest paying a visit to Hublot and Bucherer and materializing these fine memories in the form of a wristwatch masterpiece.

Aspen, Colorado – American Wonderland

Let us change continents and visit the city of Aspen in the United States. Popular amongst Americans, it has enough arguments to conquer anyone, anywhere, as you set camp for the winter. To begin with, there’s a great advantage for those after a private jet to snow destinations: an airport only 15 minutes away. There’s no time to waste, the reason why many of our private jet customers enjoy the convenience of being able to ski in less than half an hour after landing.

Aspen is a small and cosy town, yet extremely popular when it comes to snow sports. Four distinct areas are reserved for skiing and snowboarding, with chairlifts to get to the top of the mountain. Instructors provide private training for all levels, including children. It is said that even the snow in the region is some of the best in the world, soft and fluffy, thanks to its unique climate conditions.

Aspen Luxury Hotels for Snow Lovers

Aspen, Colorado, a Perfect Snow Destination in the United States of America

The region offers several hotels with top-of-the-line services. It’s important to enjoy a holiday in the snow in great style, including great views but also excellent commodities. Aspen is the preferred snow destination for wealthy Americans, so there’s plenty to pick from. We share three suggestions with certified excellence and quality for your consideration.

Little Nell Hotel

The Little Nell is a 5-star hotel in Aspen with a very peculiar format, with each room having a unique shape. With 92 rooms, all with fireplaces, its charm lies in offering an intimate service yet benefiting from maximum hospitality.

The staff members refer to customers by their names from the very first moment, adding to the familiar feeling. But let us mention its restaurant. It is undoubtedly the best cuisine in Aspen, where you can’t miss the crab ravioli. With a wide selection of wines that go beyond the 20,000 bottles, it might be the perfect stay for a long snow holiday.

St. Regis Aspen Resort

The St. Regis Aspen Resort in Aspen is also a famous luxury snow destination worldwide in its own right. It is located at the foot of the mountain, with large windows that allow you to absorb all the energy of the pristine surrounding nature.

All the care taken to equip the rooms with top-of-the-line furniture designed by Ralph Lauren is worth mentioning. The hotel gets it right in its luxurious structure, very sober and without exaggeration. There is a 24-hour butler service, a SPA, guided tours, heated pools, and a restaurant eager for an evening visit. Here, you can enjoy live music and many cocktails.

Hotel Jerome

The Hotel Jerome, Auberge Resorts Collection, is more than just a hotel: it is living history. Its construction dates back to 1889, and it is considered a region’s pioneer. You can find fragments of this history throughout the hotel through old bricks, paintings, tapestries, and light fixtures.

In the mid-1950s, the hotel became so popular that it constantly attracted big celebrities, such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Naturally, a lot has changed since then. The hotel has undergone several modernizations and now offers all the VIP services expected of a 5-star hotel: multilingual staff, day-care or babysitting service, hydro massage, SPA, and more.

Since Aspen offers so many great choices for those seeking the best snow destinations in the world, any of the previous three options will cater to even the most demanding visitors.

Canada – Adventure and Vastness of Choice

One of the best private jet snow destinations, Canada, is gigantic in dimension and diversity. Much of its territory is under constant sub-zero temperatures, an effect called permafrost, with temperatures reaching -40º. As you might expect, such a climate provides the perfect environment for a snow vacation.

Don’t miss Whistler, which has the largest ski area in North America. The village that is home to hotels, bars and stores is situated right at the foot of the mountain. It is a breathtaking landscape of the likes only Canada can offer.

Gondolas allow you to go directly from the village to the top of the mountain for skiing or sightseeing. This unique transport system even allows you to reach the top of the next mountain, Blackcomb. It is also considered the longest gondola ride in the world, peak-to-peak. With more than 4 km (2 miles), it offers the opportunity to contemplate the exuberance of local nature with unparalleled views.

Adrenaline Winter Holidays at Reach

Heli Skiing is an Adrenaline-fueled Snow Sport

For adrenaline lovers, Whistler provides much more than just skiing and snowboarding. For those experienced in the sport, it is possible to do heli-skiing in Canada, a modality where a helicopter takes the skier straight to the top of the mountain. Here, you’re dropped at points the chairlift cannot reach and which would not be easy to access otherwise. Another high-speed, thrilling sport is bobsledding. Whistler has the fastest bobsled track in the world. It is possible to race up to 4 people at a time, reaching over 120 km/h (75/mph).

After such excitement, it’s time to rest and indulge in a treatment worthy of a king. We suggest staying at the Fairmont Chateau. This impeccable hotel allows you to momentarily escape the harsh climate while transporting yourself to an atmosphere of refinement and luxury.

The grand hotel, with its 519 rooms, offers its own guide service, with daily tours every day of the week. Should you require babysitting, SPA, saunas, and even yoga classes to relax your body after such adventures. For romantic travellers, it’s a perfect date scenario. The hotel celebrates weddings, anniversaries, and other gatherings in great style, in a location unlike any other.

New Zealand – Beyond the White Horizon

This island country to the southeast of Australia is a popular destination for those looking for something completely out of the box. Due to its geographical isolation, thousands of kilometres away from other countries, the country offers unique fauna and flora. Add to it a lively and colourful culture and great places to take a luxury tour in snowy areas. All these ingredients result in the perfect snow destination.

Such areas are concentrated in the country’s south island, where we find the alps and massive glaciers. In fact, New Zealand has a dozen memorable destinations, and only through the ease and convenience of flying a private jet is it possible to visit them all in a few days.

Our first stop is the Whare Kea Lodge, a very exclusive lodge beside Lake Wanaka that accommodates up to 12 guests. Here you find the place to relax and prepare for the fun days ahead. Highlights include the hot tub outside, with a direct view of the picturesque frozen New Zealand mountains.

Skiing Together Downhill

An airstrip next door allows direct take-offs to important points, including the hotel’s derivative chalet, which is high up on the mountain with only two rooms, standing over 1,700 meters high.

Another great option is to go straight from Queenstown airport and take a helicopter to the phenomenal Blanket Bay, a 5-star hotel popular among celebrities worldwide. Its amenities are unparalleled, whether in suites or chalets, able to house the whole family. The guide service guarantees to experience the best of the region, whether it is skiing on the top of the mountain, horseback riding, glacier tours and climbing, and much more.

Hiring a top-class service to luxury snow destinations

Plan your trip with someone who understands best our customers’ snow destination requirements. Over the years, we developed the necessary experience to bring you the ultimate private jet snow destinations. Contact our team today and obtain your free quote to any of these exclusive destinations – or one of your own picking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We prepared a few answers to commonly asked questions related to private jets, specifically those wishing to fly a private jet to a snow destination. If you still have any questions regarding this or any other matter, don’t hesitate to contact our team, available 24/7.

Why take a private jet to snow destinations?

Convenience and flexibility. Travelling by private jet is the best way to visit snow locations worldwide which work around your schedule. Add personalized service and superior comfort with the support of a specialized team, and travelling takes a whole new dimension.

Do I need a passport to fly in private jets?

Yes. There is no difference between private and commercial flights when it comes to this point. Even when flying on a private jet, you should have your passport and present it to the immigration service. If you’re travelling to a destination that requires a specific visa, ensure you have all relevant documents.

Are private jet flights safe for snow destinations?

Yes, they are. Top companies have a very high standard of qualification and training. Their aircraft are certified and are under constant maintenance to ensure flawless flights. All pilots are qualified to operate in the specific airfields you wish to include in your itinerary, and a zero-risk policy is always in place.

What is the passenger capacity of private jets?

You will find jets that cater to all needs. Most popular private jet options carry 6 to 8 passengers, with some models reaching up to 14 seats. Again, flexibility is the name of the game, and we can help you pick the right aircraft for your specific needs.

Do I need snow equipment?

It is most welcome if you have your own equipment and wish to bring it along. If not, this equipment can be easily provided and rented at your destination. You can rest assured that private jet operators are used to looking after skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports equipment.

Are snow sports dangerous, and can my children participate?

Snow sports do involve some risk. We suggest being accompanied at all times by a specialized team that guarantees your safety. Children and teenagers can take part in most of these sports as long as all age-appropriate locations and safety equipment are in place.

Best Airports in the World

Best Airports in the World

What are the best airports in the world? When planning a trip, our focus is mainly on the destination, the travel itinerary and the airline to use. However, our journey begins at the airport. Flying from the best airports in the world adds an extra level of convenience in terms of efficiency and architectural beauty.

More than just entry and exit doors to new destinations and to explore the world, airports are true masterpieces when we think of engineering, logistics and technology. With truly complex works of unparalleled magnitude, the efficiency of airports worldwide considers requirements such as punctuality, quality of service, shops, support services, and transportation, among others.

The Best Airports in the World: More than flying

Best Airports in the World - The Best Experience Counts

Planning a holiday or business trip can be challenging. More than ever, we prioritise comfort and quality. Rather than just going from one place to another, we aim to make our journey a positive experience from start to finish.

By choosing a private flight, you cannot only plan your itinerary at your convenience but also have access to the best and most exclusive airports in the world. More than just flying, turn your trip into a true adventure of luxury and comfort, making the most of all that private aviation offers.

Doha/Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Best Airports in the World - Doha in Qatar

The international airport of Doha/Hamad in Qatar is considered the best airport in the world. Inaugurated in 2014, this impressive airport has a capacity of around 50 million passengers and will be one of the country’s main gateways for the 2022 World Cup.

Not only has it won several awards in different aviation categories, but the airport has also been described as the world’s most architecturally meaningful terminal complex. Its magnitude, sophistication and modernisation are hard to match.

Most won’t be surprised to find some of the best experiences here. The VIP lounges at Doha airport catapult you to a new level of luxury and comfort, with several amenities at your disposal. Travelling in style also means having the chance to enjoy your time in-between flights truly.

Alongside its luxury and outstanding services, Doha/Hamad impresses with its operational capacity, receiving the largest aircraft in the world, such as the A380 and Antonov, due to its two runways of almost 5 kilometres – an imposing masterpiece.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

Best Airports in the World - Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Tokyo Haneda International Airport is one of the most popular airports in the world and the busiest in Japan.

Located less than 30 minutes south of central Tokyo, the airport primarily operates domestic and international flights within Asia. With three terminals and an impressive operating capacity of 72 million people per year, it holds a prominent place on the world’s busiest routes.

With four operational runways, Tokyo Haneda is considered one of the most modern airports worldwide and offers a wide range of services, shops, travel agencies, private services and much more.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Best Airports in the World - Changi Airport, Singapore

One of the largest airports in the world in terms of capacity is Changi International Airport in Singapore. This is one of the leading airports in Southeast Asia and is a reference in logistics and technology. Known for its unparalleled passenger experiences, it welcomes over 50 million people annually.

With several awards won, the airport has four terminals, themed gardens, a butterfly garden, and an impressive area of shops and services. It is a delightful space, regardless of its size. It lives up to the same standards as the small Asian state, where everything is efficient and clean.

Besides its luxurious and modern atmosphere, Singapore Changi is famous for its unique terminals and is home to The Jewel, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. This true masterpiece is surrounded by a natural forest with an impressive terrace. More than an airport, it is truly a fantastic work of art!

Incheon Airport, South Korea

Best Airports in the World - Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and one of the busiest in the world. It is a former “Airport of the Year” winner at the World Airport Awards. As you might expect, the same high standards are still present.

Its impressive structure and unique design host several leisure areas and South Korean art and culture exhibitions. Incheon International is considered one of the best airports in the world for several special reasons. It may be one of the most relaxing hubs in the world, home to a luxurious SPA and offering various gardens to relax.

Have enough time on your hands? Then why not spend it at the cinema or take a spin in its ice-skating ring? This massive airport is the leading aviation gateway to Seoul, the modern capital of South Korea, and serves over 4.8 million passengers.

Athens International Airport, Greece

Best Airports in the World - Athens, View of the Parthenon

Opened in 2001 as part of the preparations for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Athens International Airport is the largest airport in Greece and one of the most modern in Europe. You may not see it coming, but its dimensions surpass rivals from more prosperous European nations.

The airport is 20 kilometres from Athens city centre and offers two underground terminals. With a capacity for almost 20 million passengers a year, it can receive the largest aircraft thanks to its two runways, of 4km and 3.8km each.

Athens International is also one of the main hubs of the country’s endless paradises. There’s much to discover, with more than 6,000 islands under its flag. You’ve undoubtedly heard of idyllic locations such as Mykonos, San Torini and Crete. However, apart from its beautiful mainland, there are still 227 inhabitant islands to fill your adventure book.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

Best Airports in the World - Paris

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest international airport in France and one of the busiest in Europe and the world. Awarded several times as the Best Airport in Europe, it opened in 1992 with dozens of restaurants and shops, several services and a magnificent structure.

With two terminals, the airport offers a touch of Parisian culture and world-class art. You’ll find rotating exhibitions from major museums, including the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles, through both terminals. Relax in the chic Paris Instant lounge for free, or head to the spa for a massage or beauty treatment. The ideal place to wait for your flight.

Our customers find Paris Charles de Gaulle a perfect gateway into Parisian flair. A quick trip from the airport to Paris city centre and you’re shopping at the best luxury shops in Paris, enjoying the skyline from the Eiffel Tower, or simply walking across its romantic streets.

Paris is never out of fashion at any time of the year – we still think of it as the capital of fashion, for a good reason. Its airport is an extension of that aura, with several VIP lounges for you to enjoy, gastronomical adventures and unique indulgences.

Munich Airport, Germany

Best Airports in the World - Munich, Germany

Opened in 1992, Munich Airport is one of the busiest airports in Germany and reminds visitors of a city centre, offering travellers and visitors plenty to see and do. 

As well as receiving several awards this year, it offers dozens of shops, irresistible restaurants, and leisure areas. Reduce your anxiety and stress by visiting one of the free relaxation lounges, where you can recline on beds surrounded by plants.

Its VIP lounge offers a private shuttle for your flight and a luxury dinner with traditional Bavarian food, among many other premium services. Overall, a very comfortable and welcoming experience awaits you through one of Germany’s most impressive airports.

Istanbul Airport, Turkey

Best Airports in the World - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Airport began operations in 2019 and is the leading international airport serving Istanbul, with one vast terminal in service for domestic and international flights.

Its recent build grants it incredible passenger capacity at over 90 million a year, making it a relevant gateway to the middle-east. As a modern terminal, its design ensures a smooth and comfortable experience at all levels. The airport gates follow a triad-like structure, providing high capacity and a smooth flow of passengers and flights.

It received many commendations in the Skytrax awards in 2022, including the most family-friendly airport and best shopping. There are several leisure areas, a dedicated children’s area and family transport. A nearly 8-billion euro investment of a total of 10.25 billion aims to ensure this mega infrastructure will serve the Turkish economy for decades.

Even if operating at considerable capacity, Istanbul Airport is not yet completed, with its second phase planned for conclusion in 2026.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Best Airports in the World - Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Airport is the busiest airport in Switzerland and one of the largest and most technological airports in Europe. Located 12 km from Zurich city centre, it is the central hub for Swiss International Airlines.

It is also an airfield that attracts many private jets to Switzerland, where passengers find a smooth experience, representing the best Swiss efficiency. Sitting just 10km from the city centre, it is an ideal option for those wishing to enjoy the finest cultural and gastronomical events.

With Zurich Airport considered one of the most efficient worldwide, expect some of the finest shops and services. There are several luxury restaurants, VIP lounges, nurseries, a complete gym, recreation spaces and many comfortable, relaxing options. It also has a range of experiences for passengers to spend their time, such as airport-guided tours.

Kansai International Airport, Japan

Best Airports in the World - Kansai Airport, Japan

Kansai International Airport opened in 1994 and has become a major international centre, serving the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. It provides one of the largest networks for domestic and international routes, with 24-hour operations.

With access to some of the country’s most exciting locations, the airport has distinctive little twists that make a difference. Here, you’ll find sweet details such as an umbrella reuse stand, where passengers can leave behind old umbrellas for others to use.

Kansai International has two terminals, and passengers can enjoy restaurants, shops and numerous designer outlets. There is also a children’s entertainment area, medical clinic, pet hotel, prayer rooms, spas and more. Also noteworthy is the Sky View observation platform on the roof, which offers unparalleled views of the two runways.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Finland

Best Airports in the World - Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the largest airport in Finland and one of the busiest in the Nordic countries. Opened in 1952 for the Olympic Games, it won the title of the best airport in northern Europe.

Located 21 km north of Helsinki, the airport has 130 destinations connecting Europe with the rest of the world. Due to its prime location, Helsinki-Vantaa is the fastest and most direct connection between Europe and Asia. Thus, it makes the most long-haul flights in Scandinavia, where 90% of Finland’s international flights are via this hub.

It is also a fabulous destination in its own right since the Scandinavian nations have much on offer. Idyllic natural treasures, the northern lights, and even an experience that will make most children’s dreams come true: visiting Santa Claus at Lapland.

London Heathrow Airport, England

London Heathrow Airport is located in west London and is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. In addition, it is considered the busiest airport in Europe by passenger numbers and the third world’s busiest airport by total traffic.

With four terminals and two parallel runways, this airport features a wide range of services and several shops and businesses. Operating 24 hours a day, it has a capacity of over 70 million passengers. Considering its immense dimension, it still offers passengers travelling to the UK a high-quality experience. Its many lounges and VIP services are a trademark of the airfield, and the proximity to the city centre cannot be understated.

For those who wish to make the most of their time, the tube – subway, for those not local – connects Heathrow to London city centre conveniently.

Other notable airports

Even though we’ve mentioned a few of the finest airport experiences worldwide, a few airfields still earned a soft spot in our hearts. You may have been to a few yourself, and we’re almost sure its experience, architecture or service span made the experience worthwhile.

Tenerife North Airport, Spain

Best Airports in the World - Tenerife, View to El Teide Mountain

With a capacity of over 5 million passengers annually, Tenerife North Airport is located in the Canary Islands in Spain. This airport is infamously marked by the most significant plane accident in aviation history.

Despite this unfortunate event, Tenerife Norte is considered an excellent airport. Tenerife is a stunning destination but also a connecting point between nearby locations. Its on-time record is excellent, thanks to an infrastructure equipped with two runways of over 3km each.

Narita Airport, Japan

The Tokyo Narita Airport is the busiest in Japan and serves the Greater Tokyo area, with circa 50% of international passenger traffic.

The airport is modern and perfect for those wishing to eat local cuisine and shop for unique treasures. It also organises free events throughout the year, such as tea ceremony demonstrations, calligraphy and musical performances.

Terminal 1 has an exhibition of traditional Kabuki theatre, and Terminal 2 features its Japanese art gallery and a capsule hotel, ideal for stopovers or early morning flights. For those passionate about Japanese culture, Narita Airport is more than a hub but also a cultural experience.

Afonso Pena Airport, Brazil

The Afonso Pena airport serves the metropolitan region of Curitiba and processes nearly 15 million passengers annually.

Elected the best airport in Brazil, it’s a destination for international flights only from nearby countries, such as Argentina, Chile and Colombia. It has two runways of 2.2 km and 1.7 km each, where commercial aircrafts such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 can operate. With a wide range of shops and services, the Afonso Pena Airport is known for its high-quality service and punctuality.

Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of four airports serving Moscow. It is the largest and busiest in the Russian capital, processing 40 million passengers yearly.

The airport was initially opened as a military base but converted into a civilian airport in 1959. Today it counts an impressive six terminals, and another one is planned to be built in the next few years. It has two runways – 3.5 km and 3.7 km long.

Unfortunately, Sheremetyevo airport’s traffic dropped dramatically due to the current air embargo on Russia. However, this remains one of our favourite terminals worldwide, and we expect to see it operate in full soon.

Gdańsk-Lech Wałęsa Airport, Poland

Gdańsk-Lech Wałęsa Airport opened in 1974 and is the third busiest airport in Poland. It operates domestic destinations and international flights within Europe and the Middle East and serves the metropolitan region of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.

The airport runs 24 hours daily with two connected terminals and has annual traffic of around 5 million passengers. Unlike other big airports, Gdańsk-Lech Wałęsa airport has only one short runway of approximately 2,800 metres.

The Concept Behind the Best Airports in the World

Best Airports in the World - Passengers Profile

More than just a place to catch a flight, airports have become social and cultural hubs. Much effort has been in place to make them efficient while creating extraordinary architectural masterpieces. Along with their impressive magnitude, some airports are true cultural centres. They offer several shows and exhibitions, entertainment lounges and perfect relaxation spots.

We, as passengers, expect to find a surprising variety of shops and commercial outlets, children’s playgrounds, gyms, cinemas and even places to rest in the middle of nature. Visiting the world’s best airports is sure to bring you an enriching experience on your holiday.

If travelling by air is still stressful and time-consuming, including any of these locations in our route will deliver a better experience overall. We can’t get enough of an efficient, comfortable and fun experience travelling abroad. It may be time for you to consider doing the very same.

Contact us today for the ultimate private jet charter deals, and who knows? Your private jet itinerary might take you across one of the best airports in the world listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still have questions about our topic and what makes them distinctive, please look at our frequently asked questions section. We aim to bring you our experience and that of our customers. Should you have further questions regarding this or any other topic, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the best airport in the world?

Doha/Hamad International Airport in Qatar Considered is considered the best airport in the world, according to several sources and for a few years in a row. Besides its incredible magnitude, it is one of the most modern and functional airports. Its unique architecture and impressive capacity will be one of the main gateways to the 2022 World Cup.

How are the world’s airports classified?

Every year airports are classified by different entities for worldwide information on the best airports in operation. Each airport is rated on several points, including punctuality, quality of service, food offer and shop services. The overall results are assigned and ranked to each airport through statistics and surveys of thousands of passengers.

Do all these airports receive private planes?

Travelling private brings many benefits, one of which includes landing at nearly every airport. Unlike commercial aircraft, which may need more extensive runway requirements, private planes land on shorter runways, including some of the most remote places and destinations.

How many airports are there in the world?

Aviation is a means of transport increasingly used around the world. With constant development, airports are constantly growing, even in the most remote locations. Currently, there are estimated to be more than 49,000 airports worldwide.

Wine Tours by Private Jet

Wine Tours by Private Jet

Wine Tours by Private Jet

Wine tours by private jet are increasing in popularity. After all, you can benefit from an exclusive service allowing you and your family to enjoy all the luxury and comfort you deserve.

Without a doubt, the best way to taste the finest wines directly from their producers is through a trip to where the magic happens. Our experts have prepared a charter with the most exciting destinations to visit with privacy and exclusivity. Take your seat, fill a glass, enjoy the exquisite tastes, aromas and join us for this flight!

Wine and Tourism

Wine Tours Allow You to Savor Some of the World's Best Wines

The increased demand for wine tourism has caused wine areas of outstanding excellence to transform over the past two decades. The opening of hotels and tours guided by sommeliers has become one of the great attractions of wine country, appealing to even the most demanding palates.

Even in rural areas, it is possible to find all the infrastructure to take part in tours with utmost privacy and quality. As a plus, you may also benefit from the experience of nearby 5-star hotels that already recognize the tremendous touristic power of wine.

On such excursions, it is possible to taste various types of grapes and wines and participate in harvests. Not least, you get to learn about the manufacturing process and the characteristics that make up the flavour of this liquid, which is the most appreciated drink in the world.

You cannot miss some of the following locations, particularly if you are a wine lover. Whether on vacation or sightseeing, we list the best sites to take a wine tour by private jet without forgetting the potential for new business.


Portugal's Porto is One of the Most Recognizable Wine Brands in the World

Did you know that Portugal is the largest wine consumer in the world? Not surprisingly, the country has several regions where wine tourism is possible. The most famous is the Douro Valley, where wine production dates back more than 2,000 years. This is where the famous Port wine is made, accompanied by some of the greatest wine-making houses in the world.

The beautiful region offers several 5-star hotels, rural tourism and even wine estates where you can enjoy the best of two worlds. These adorn the winding river that gives the area its name, Douro. Besides the fantastic cuisine, the north of Portugal offers some of the best experiences tailored for wine lovers, in and outdoors.

It is possible to take guided tours to farms, taste wine directly from the producers, or even enjoy a hotel’s wine library. It’s not by accident that Forbes claims Portugal’s Douro Valley should be your next wine trip. We can’t help but agree!

By chartering a private jet, you may also get to know the wine routes near the capital, Lisbon. From here, discover the Setubal peninsula and the inland Alentejo, one of Portugal’s largest wine producers. The contrasts couldn’t be more obvious in the landscape and the wine’s body.

The country offers many historical landmarks dating back to the Roman Empire, which blend into the splendid landscape of perfect vineyards that cover the horizon. A paradise for wine lovers, indeed.


Spain has stood out from north to south for its continuous red and white wine production growth. Tempranillo grape is a peculiarity of the country and can be found in famous wineries such as those in the Rioja region.

There are many distinct flavours to discover in the country. Like Portugal, Spain also has vineyards that go back over 1,000 years. The complexity of wine manufacturing here reflects generations of knowledge and history, all condensed in a sip.

We invite you to imagine an afternoon visiting a region of exuberant nature, with green fields extending to snow-white mountains. All while savouring the region’s grapes straight from the vines. If it seems too good to be true, you are in for a treat.

At night it is possible to try the delights of Spanish cuisine, such as Paella, which goes very well with white and light wines. We would claim that this is a perfect place to take a wine tour by private jet. For accommodation, the Terra Dominicata hotel offers an exclusive wine service surrounded by idyllic wine country.


Italy is a country of many colours, art and culture. Its gastronomy is appreciated worldwide and is undoubtedly one of the best places to take a luxury tour. Italy also leads the ranks for wine lovers with some of the finest products available. Its wines are consistently awarded among the best wines on the planet, and for a good reason.

We suggest hopping straight into the wine route in Sicily. This charming island, located in the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Italy, has dozens of wine roads Here, you can learn about the production of its best wines, such as Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, and Etna Rosso. The region has many traditional festivals celebrating the drink, such as Sicily en Primeur and Calice di Stelle.

Sicilian Wine Country Produces Some of the Finest Italian Wines

Boarding a private jet and you’ll soon be up into northern Italy. Here lies Tuscany, a perfect region for a Tailored Wine Tasting Tour. It is possible to taste Super-Tuscan Wine by taking an exclusive tour through the Tuscany countryside.

This particular wine comes from a unique selection of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is produced in small quantities. Tasting it by candlelight, next to ancient buildings with medieval architecture, is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


France is a must-stop for those seeking the highest standard in wine tourism. Its wine tradition is millenary. Vineyard tours allow you to meet families who have been making wine for generations. There are even festivals to celebrate the grape harvest.

In Vignes Vins Randos, you find numerous exclusive wine tasting tours. Here you can visit producers and discover the magic behind the process, from planting to bottling. It is worth mentioning the stunning surrounding region, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One suggestion for unique moments is a visit to the Provence region, where you can stay at the luxurious Coquillade Resort & Spa, voted the best hotel in France in 2022. It offers an unforgettable experience, where you’re also invited to participate in tasting workshops and visit more than 36 hectares of wineries in Luberon.


Chile is One of South America's Top Wine Producers

We left for South America to arrive in Chile. This country is full of remarkable characteristics, with the very peculiar territory that allows it to have frozen mountains, deserts and forests, and of course, one of the best wines in the world. All these contrasts in a single nation.

The excellence of Chilean wines has been increasing in recent years, followed by VIP guests looking for personalized experiences. Locations such as Casablanca, Santa Cruz and Colchagua provide first-class services that guarantee visitors the high quality of European standards.

The great variety of wines produced in Chilean territory is also worth mentioning. Its different climatic points allow the cultivation of various types of grapes, providing a wide range of options for producers. And, of course, for you too!

We invite you to start the day tasting Cabernet Sauvignon or Carmenere in the south of Chile. From here, you may complete your wine tour by taking a private jet to the north of the country, where a special dinner flavoured with wines from Sauvignon Blanc or Syrah grapes turns into the perfect end-of-day experience.

California, United States of America

We go all the way up through the American Continent until we reach the United States. Specifically, California, which has a vast wine market with over 3,000 wineries. The Golden State should definitely be on your route to travel in a private jet and take an on-site wine tour.

We suggest a visit to Sonoma and Napa. Besides the incredible views, some routes can be taken with a private guide who is also a sommelier. The guarantee reflects the best tastings and pairings with cheeses and other local products.

Another region that has been excelling in the quality of wines produced in California is the Paso Robles region. Its small, family-owned wineries are rapidly evolving in quality and technique, drawing the attention of the international wine community. The place even has a network specialized in tourism, such as the vineyard resort Allegretto, with its own vintage.

South Africa

When we think of tourism in Africa, safari rides and walking among lions and giraffes come to mind. But the continent as a whole is becoming more and more awake to its tourism capacity, investing in creating a structure that pleases the most refined tastes. That is the case in South Africa.

South Africa already has a specialized network of 5-star hotels and services and qualified professionals to guide you to the best vineyards in the region. It even has one of the world’s most notable wine routes, called Route 62.

Highlights include Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek, where you can take small group tours to sample these local delicacies and get to know the Pinotage grape, which is the trademark of South African wines.

Secret Wine Countries to Discover

You may not know it, but countries such as China, Argentina, Greece, and Brazil are also taking off on wine tourism.


Many people have no idea, but China also produces wine. And we are talking about good quality wine!

The tradition of wine production was imported by the Chinese in ancient times and fused with their culture. Attuned to the growing international market, the production has become more and more refined, approaching the quality of traditional premium wines, such as those produced in Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

Production areas such as Jade Valley Winery and Chateau Junding already offer luxurious experiences that surprise their visitors. With an exclusive jet for your use, it will still be possible to visit other famous places in China, such as the Great Walls and the Terracotta Warriors.

How about experiencing Chinese cuisine while enjoying VIP service just 90 minutes from the capital? We are talking about the Hollick Hotel Wen’na, an accommodation specially calibrated for wine lovers in an association between the Hilton hotel line and the Hollick winery. Twenty hectares of Shiraz vineyards produce a full-bodied red wine with a deep colour. To learn more about it, nothing like taking a break and see how far along Chinese wine has come.


Argentina's Wines Have Conquered Our Private Jet Customers Through its Quality

Our friends from South America are already renowned for producing quality wines and great experiences for those who visit the country. Argentina is indeed a country that produces passion. Be it with its music, dance, cuisine, and venues. Everything seems to attract us, and for abundant reasons.

One place that will never leave your heart is Mendoza, as we invite you to discover some of the fantastic sights and experiences that await you. The area is the largest producer of wine in all of Argentina, also being at the top of quality and excellence. Take tours of the Malbec vineyards welcomed by the calmness of the Andes. Be sure to check out the phenomenal Casa de Uco, a 1300-meter-high hotel with breathtaking views. Complement it with the 5-star service of the Cavas Wine Lodge, with its vast wine cellar and 18 rustic-style rooms.


Greece is already one of the most visited countries by tourists in all of Europe. It is world-famous for its culture and privileged location, with its coasts and islands bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. But it is also possible to visit the country to drink like a Greek god, thanks to regions like Attica, Nemea, Ilia and Mantineia.

The exclusive island of Santorini is another fabulous place with excellent grape vintages that are gaining notoriety in the market. Its producers bet not only on Retsina, the most famous type of wine in Greece but also on new options such as Xinomavro and Moschofilero.

And since we are talking about Santorini, nothing like taking a peek at the famous OMMA hotel, which is a reference in the whole region. The Vassaltis Vineyards brand, which despite being young, has already guaranteed its renown with a charming and welcoming environment.


Our last stop is Brazil. This giant country can also offer great destinations for your wine tour by private jet. We will fly to Serra Gaucha and visit the wine route at Vale dos Vinhedos. The route has more than 20 wineries, including award-winning names such as Vinícola Calza and Casa Fantin, producing sparkling wines that will redefine your preconceptions.

Gramado is the region’s postcard city and southern Brazil’s most significant tourist centre. It is undoubtedly the ideal place to stroll after a morning tasting regional wines. The location is well known for its festivals throughout the year. The Saint Andrews Hotel, a real castle, calls our attention. This hotel is part of the Relais & Châteaux seal and is the only mountain hotel in Brazil.

Chartering a private jet for wine tours

Now that you’ve been tempted by some of the world’s best regions for a wine tour aboard a private jet, you can contact us to schedule this unique experience. We certainly enjoyed travelling worldwide while discovering new locations and revisiting some unforgettable experiences.

Even though many of the wines mentioned here are abundantly available, there’s nothing like tasting them at their origin. That’s the invitation we extend to you, all year-round.

Wine Tours by Private Jet Worldwide Are Only a Call Away

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question? Perhaps this section can help you find the information you need regarding wine tours by private jet. If not, we remind you that our team is available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Why take a wine tour by private jet?

We defend the case that travelling by private jet is the best way to visit wineries worldwide. You benefit from flexible schedules and totally personalized service. On the plus side, superior comfort and a specialized team looking after every detail make it an unforgettable experience.

Do I need a passport to fly in private jets?

There is no difference between private and commercial flights on this particular point. Even when flying on a private jet, you must have your passport and present it to the immigration service.

Are private jet flights safe?

Yes. When hiring the right service and crew, you won’t have to worry about security. Top companies have a very high standard of qualification and training. Each aircraft is certified and under constant maintenance to ensure flawless flights.

What is the passenger capacity of private jets?

Most private jets carry 6 to 8 passengers, with some models reaching up to 14 seats. For specific needs where you wish to travel with a larger party, larger jets can be chartered to ensure you arrive at your destination in great style.

Can I take my pets on a private flight to wine country?

Of course! Your pet will be welcome at most of our wine country getaways. However, keep your destination in mind. Different countries have their own laws about transporting animals. Always check with the destination country’s authorities about the pet transport regulations, or ask us.

Can I have a wine tasting on the plane itself?

Yes. Private flights also offer personalized services to be enjoyed along the trip. Every plane is equipped with a kitchen and a catering team service. All you need to do is contact the contracted company and request the type of meal you want on board, with a nice wine to go along with it.

European Museums Without Travelling

European Museums Without Travelling

European Museums Without Travelling Include the Vatican Museum

Travelling the world offers an unmatched sense of freedom, adventure and cultural enrichment. Few things are better than visiting historical monuments, cultural centres or outstanding European museums. However, we don’t always find the availability to get to set foot in every location we dream of.

Fortunately, the internet has changed how we can discover the world. It now allows virtual visits to many cultural centres, including exclusive museums. These remote visits offer the opportunity to enjoy true works of art, avoiding long queues and considerable entrance fees. There are hundreds of cultural centres and museums in Europe to discover.

We’ll take you along on a virtual expedition through the best European Museums without travelling. A warning before we start, though. You may feel enticed to visit these locations yourself, and for that matter, our private jet charter service may be a welcoming addition to your adventure.

Selecting your destination

Although virtual tours allow you to experience many cultural events and museums, physically visiting these places is far more exciting. With the growth of the aviation industry, travelling worldwide, specifically around Europe, is far more accessible and increasingly versatile.

These virtual visits also allow you to know several European Museums better. As a plus, you get to pick the ones you can’t help visiting in person. You can afterwards book your holiday destination with more awareness, knowing that you will enjoy somewhere you want to go. With so many good possibilities, the tricky part will be where to begin.

All this without even mentioning the sense of déjà vu once you step into these European museums yourself.

The Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, Holland)


Located in the city with the highest density of museums in the world, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the best virtual European Museums. Here you can find several masterpieces by famous artists. Amongst them are Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer. You may also admire the famous Rembrandt painting “The Night Watch” during the virtual tour.

The National Museum receives over 2.5 million visitors annually and is one of the most popular virtual museums. Here, you can imagine yourself walking around the different floors, viewing unique masterpieces, Baroque painting, Asian collections and much more. Without a doubt, one of the best visits to a European Museum without travelling.

Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece)

European Museums Without Travelling Athens Acropolis Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Athens is a must-see for those travelling to the capital of Greece. The online visit is also very worthy of your time. The space preserves most of the remaining ornaments from the Acropolis in Athens. Here you may also see other essential constructions and works of art to the country and the entire western civilization.

The modern museum has several beautiful galleries, including one exhibiting five Caryatids and mummies and marvellous Egyptian funerary masks. The virtual tour also provides access to photos and descriptions of the collections and exhibits. You’ll find it available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and German, among other languages.

The British Museum (London, England)

European Museums Wihtout Travelling Include the British Museum in London

One of the oldest museums in the world, the British Museum in London, opened in 1753. Currently, it has over eight million items stored, housing one of the largest collections in the world. Thanks to the museum’s partnership with Google Arts and Culture, most of them are accessible online. There’s something for everyone, from the ancient Islamic world to Egyptian mummies.

On the virtual tour, you can appreciate unique pieces in detail. Don’t miss the famous Rosetta Stone, a part of granite found in 1799 in Egypt and essential for understanding hieroglyphics. You can also access antiquity collections from the Middle East, Greece and Rome.

Wander through the different rooms and explore individual exhibitions, travel across specific eras and discover pieces depending on the continent and the theme. Texts, pictures and audios explain the exhibits in more detail. If you find the large number of expositions a little overwhelming, check out one of the stories curated by the museum team. Highlights include a whistle-stop tour of Iron Age Celtic art and an insightful look at the Rosetta Stone.

Vatican Museums (Rome, Italy)

European Museums Without Travelling Include the Vatican Museum and the Incredible Sistine Chapel Paintings by Michelangelo.

The Vatican Museums are a conglomerate of European museums established in 1503, one of the world’s major complexes. With long queues and exhausting hallways, the Vatican Museum houses an immense art collection. It is truly unique and amassed by popes from the 17th century onwards.

The Vatican Museum virtual visit is much more relaxed, as you’d expect. Here you can thoroughly enjoy the magnificent halls and calmly appreciate every detail of the famous Sistine Chapel. This is one of the mandatory stops for those wishing to admire Michelangelo’s masterpiece. Among the works of art, you can admire the genius of Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and others.

Several works, chapels and buildings can be visited in 360º videos and photos. The available languages in the virtual museum are English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The Louvre (Paris, France)

Le Louvre in Paris

It may be of no surprise that The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world and the largest in France. With over 35,000 works of art permanently exhibited, it houses countless treasures and collections. The famous “Mona Lisa” painting by Leonardo da Vinci is surely one you won’t want to miss.

You can appreciate the high-resolution artworks in rich detail through the virtual tour. These include Egyptian, Oriental, and Roman Greek antiquities, paintings, sculptures and many others. Available themes include the connection between art and political power and even a curious link to Darth Vader. The virtual museum is available in French, English, and Spanish, among others.

Anne Frank House Museum (Amsterdam, Holland)

Fabulous European Museums Include the Moving Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House Museum recounts the story of the little Jewish girl that took refuge with her family in the house of neighbours. They selflessly protected them during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands in 1942.

On the virtual tour, you can watch several videos about Anne Frank’s life and diary. You can also see the room where Anne and her family stayed in hiding for more than two years, during the Second World War. You may also visit the house where they lived before the great war.

The online museum is available in English, Spanish, Dutch and German. Virtual reality glasses can be used in a special session. There is a dedicated gallery in 19 languages, and the museum can also be accessed via Google Arts & Culture. 

Uffizi Gallery (Florence, Italy)

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

Florence is a city surrounded by art, and the Uffizi Gallery is an absolute highlight for discovering works by great Italian geniuses. The museum contains numerous sculptures from the 12th and 17th centuries and works by artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafaello.

Initially, the gallery intended to serve as an office for ministries and authorities in Florence. Still, since its conclusion around 1580, the exquisite Galleria Degli Uffizi has been home to renowned works of painting and sculpture.

From antiquity to the late Baroque, the main attractions are in the Botticelli Room, where the paintings The Spring and The Birth of Venus can be seen. In the room dedicated to the emblematic Leonardo da Vinci are the works Annunciation and Adoration of the Magi. As for the Caravaggio room, we find the well-known Medusa.

In the virtual tour, you can walk through the museum halls and check online exhibitions and some of the most important works in high-resolution photos, where you can view every detail.

The virtual museum is available in English and Italian and can be visited through Google Arts & Culture.

Pergamon Museum (Berlin, Germany)

Pergamon Museum Ancient Tiles, Berlin

Pergamon Museum was severely damaged during World War II. Some exhibits even had to be placed in security or surrounded by walls. After the war, some objects were handed over to the Russian Red Army, and it was not until the 1950s that the building was gradually rebuilt.

The Museum is located in Berlin’s historic centre and houses, among many other exhibits, the Berlin Antiquities Collection. Its most notable feature is the Pergamos Altarpiece, a magnificent construction commissioned by the ancient Greek king Eumenes II in the 2nd century BC. This excellent online gallery exhibition tells the story of the altar in all its glory.

Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna, Austria)

Kunsthistorisches Museum Ancient Egyptian Writing

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the most important museums in the world, with rich collections comprising works of art from seven millennia, from Ancient Egypt to the end of the 18th century. Together with the opposite building of the Natural History Museum, these two European museums create a unique surrounding space.

The Renaissance and Baroque art collections are particularly important. From the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities to the Picture Gallery and the Art Chamber, there are numerous highlights on this virtual tour.

An additional elegant feature is the circular opening in the ceiling of the entrance hall that offers visitors their first glimpse of the dome hall. A wealth of neo-Baroque decorations throughout the museum creates one of the most solemn and splendid interiors in late 19th century Vienna, probably unmatched by any other European Museum.

Musée d’Orsay (Paris, France)

Orsaay Museum in France

Its location is already idyllic since The Musée d’Orsay was established in a magnificent former railway station in Orsay, built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition. The museum presents art in France, Europe and the United States from 1848 to 1914, with digital paintings by Van Gogh, impressionist works by Manet and modern art by Bach, among many more high cultures on view.

Virtually, it is possible to learn more about the collection and history of art in several educational videos and also tour the hallways seeing in detail the main works of art through Google Arts & Culture. The virtual museum is available in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

Virtual Curiosities

Sintra Palaces, in Portugal

Not all museums are dedicated to the masters of Renaissance or modern art. Some take an equally creative approach to the knowledge on offer. There’s much to discover within the next section, and perhaps a mandatory stop if you find yourself in any of the following cities anytime soon.

The Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia)

This quirky museum documents heartbreak and breakups through the hundreds of donated items that survive love affairs. That’s the premise behind The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia.

From a dominatrix’s stylets and an old sailor’s cap to a piece of navel lint and a set of handcuffs, the objects in this museum offer a powerful reflection on love and loss. Much of the collection is available to visit online.

The Dalí Theatre-Museum (Girona, Spain)

Dedicated to the life and work of surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, the Dalí Theatre Museum is a work of art itself. The building is not a typical museum, adorned with buns and topped with giant eggs and massive versions of the Oscar statuette. In fact, this masterpiece is also a tomb, where the artist is buried in the museum’s central hall. All parts of the Dalí Theatre-Museum are accessible on this virtual tour.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)

The Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is an integral component of the Santiago de Compostela World Heritage Site in Galicia and the reputed burial place of Santiago the Great, the apostle of Jesus Christ. It is also one of only three remaining churches in the world built over the tomb of an apostle of Jesus, along with St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and the Basilica of St Thomas Cathedral in Chennai, India.

The arch cathedral basilica is famous for being the end point of pilgrimage on the Way of St James since the High Middle Ages. In this virtual exhibition, visitors can explore the cathedral gardens from different viewpoints, see inside the sacred walls and read information about the many features.

NewsMuseum (Sintra, Portugal)

The NewsMuseum in Sintra, Portugal, travels through the history of the media and the significant events that marked humanity in the last 100 years. Entirely directed towards technology, it offers a surprising virtual tour which takes us back in time. The visit is guided by Luís Paixão Martins, founder of the museum, who provides hints for a better virtual experience while explaining what gadgets like the Gestetner Copiograph represent.

Along with the European museums mentioned, many others can be visited virtually. When you cannot travel regularly, this is an excellent alternative to discovering the cultural world surrounding us. One of the best ways to do so is through the fantastic platform provided by Google Arts & Culture.

Besides museums, it presents several spaces devoted to art and culture that can be virtually toured, with rich details of different pieces in the exhibition. This way, you avoid the long queues and the usual hassle of these spaces and gain a cultural enrichment, challenging to achieve in any other way. Take advantage and explore the best European Museums, which can be included in your list of next places to visit.

Contact us today for the best travel offers and make your holiday more exciting and culturally enriching.

Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual European Museums (FAQ)

If you have any questions about the places you can visit virtually, please take a look at our frequently asked questions section.

What is the most visited museum virtually?

The Louvre Museum in Paris is considered the most visited museum in the world, both in person and virtually. Although best known for the famous Mona Lisa painting, the Louvre offers one of the world’s most extensive collections of Egyptian antiquities. With several virtual tours available, this is definitely a must-see museum.

Are the museums’ virtual visits paid?

Although most virtual tours to museums are free, there may be some specific sections or exhibitions where you can be charged to enter. Especially after the pandemic, many museums used this approach to get some income. However, the majority of access to museums is available at no charge.

What are the advantages of virtual museums?

One of the most significant benefits of virtual museums is that there are no geographical limits. In an almost instantaneous way, you can visit museums all over the world with just a single click. Furthermore, it avoids the long queues and congestion typically found at these cultural places, and it is possible to visit them in your own time and on your own schedule.

How is virtual reality being used in museums?

With an increasing number of visitors in a virtual way, museums are constantly developing their touring technology. Virtual reality makes exhibitions more interactive and brings images to life. It also assists curators in placing objects in context, showing their accurate scale. Virtual museum visits get more real and immersive as technology progresses, almost as if you were there in person.

Super Bowl Private Jet

Super Bowl Private Jet Flights

We are all for breaking travel limitations worldwide, and a private jet flight to the Super Bowl is no exception. This year, we’re inviting you to consider travelling in our particular style to one of the most exciting sports events in the world.

Over the following lines, we’ll dive into this event further and take you through the essentials. It’s no surprise that most of the world is yet to succumb to the marvels and adrenaline-filled action of the NFL. There are several opportunities to change that, from attending next year’s event to an upcoming European surprise.

We aim to ensure you arrive at the world’s best events safely and in grand fashion. You can’t go wrong when chartering a private jet that fits your schedule. And who knows? Perhaps you can sit through the Super Bowl and go back to work in what seemed like a blink of an eye – or a second-split touchdown!

What is the Super Bowl?

NFL Stadium Attendance With a Huge American Flag on the Pitch

It’s no secret that many people worldwide do not know how American Football is played – we are guilty as charged! That’s not to say that sitting through an event of this stature shouldn’t be part of your bucket list. This is a day spent in a dimension unlike any other, in pure American style.

The NFL Super Bowl is the playoff match which determines each year’s NFL champion. It’s no wonder the expectations are high, and it’s game on until the very last breath. The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most brutal yet exciting sports worldwide. The hype surrounding this particular match is hard to top.

There’s much to be excited about, from its halftime show featuring some of the biggest names in music history to iconic, viral moments. Above all, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in an all-American festivity made up of rough testosterone, insane speed, loudness and emotional moments.

There are also huge business opportunities waiting for investors worldwide, with NFL teams worth billions of dollars and always up to bring new blood on board. The numbers are as astonishing as the sport’s pace, leading many to think twice about where to allocate their investment portfolio in years to come.

When to attend the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl takes place on the second Sunday of February. Regardless of how far along that seems, tickets sell out pretty fast. We suggest acting promptly and securing your opportunity to watch this unique sports event.

You’ll find several Super Bowl VIP options available, which can include a concierge and private chauffeur, to the best seats in the house. Walk the red carpet and rub shoulders with some of the NFL’s legends on your way. Naturally, we recommend booking in advance to guarantee your spot. All Super Bowl ticket options are in high demand.

While it’s a tad too late to watch the Super Bowl 2022 live that took place on February 13th, there’s nothing like setting our eyes to Arizona and beyond. We’ll let you know where to watch the following Super Bowl matches while suggesting a few memorable events and places you can’t miss.

Where can you attend the Super Bowl?

View of NFL Team Entrance

As we’ve mentioned, we’re a little too late to take you to Super Bowl LVI, but the next is right around the corner. For those who like to plan ahead, we even bring you details on future events and remain at your disposal should a private jet to Super Bowl be part of your plans.

The following locations are expected to host the upcoming matches. One of the main advantages of chartering a private jet is something we mention frequently: unmatched versatility. Fly around your schedule to any point of the globe, and arrive just in time to attend a memorable event between meetings or family appointments.

Super Bowl 2023 at Phoenix, Arizona

Super Bowl Private Jets to Phoenix Arizona - Aerial View of the State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium will host the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. The festivities start a week in advance, and the Margaret T. Hance Park is where most of the build-up for the match will take place. Expect concerts, great food and a taste of the very best north-American welcoming spirit.

Phoenix is a great city to visit. Unsurprisingly, an event of this stature provides an opportunity to showcase its cultural diversity and offer a fresh perspective to visitors. We suggest checking out Heritage Square, Melrose District, and its unique Desert Botanical Garden.

Those into architecture and history are in for a treat with Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd’s impressive winter home, and the Heard Museum and the Phoenix Art Museum. All these options make for a welcoming and relaxing vibe before you head out to the adrenaline-fueled NFL match of matches.

Super Bowl 2024 at Las Vegas

Super Bowl Private Jets to Las Vegas - Aerial View of the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

We know what you’re thinking. Flying to the Super Bowl on private jets and Las Vegas seem like a heaven-made match. In some ways, it is. Particularly if you’re looking to indulge in a luxurious experience and mix it up with some traditional Las Vegas entertainment.

But let’s start with the NFL and its venue on February 11th, 2024. The modern Allegiant Stadium will be your destination, and some very exciting Super Bowl VIP experiences await you. It’s no surprise that the city knows how to entertain like no other, and you’ve guessed it: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

It’s not too early to book ahead, and flying on a private jet to Super Bowl is only part of the fun. With some of the best hotels on offer and their glamorous casinos, America’s playground will level up for the NFL match. We’re thinking of Caesars Palace and beyond and perhaps extending your stay to take advantage of Vegas’s unique opportunities.

2025 at New Orleans, Louisiana

External View of the Caesars Phoenix Superdome Stadium in New Orelans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of America’s best-kept secrets – which everyone knows about. A multicultural caldron with a rich history and a bittersweet story. Its inhabitants have had their share of pain and glory, and it all seems to head to renewed heights, much thanks to the 2025 Super Bowl in New Orleans.

After a fair share of controversy, the city was scrapped from hosting the 2024 final. However, here we find it ready for the following year. The previously known Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home to the New Orleans Saints, is now the Caesars Phoenix Superdome. You’ve guessed it; the famous casino signature brand is in American Football’s heart.

The stadium’s capacity is currently at 75,000+, ensuring the Super Bowl LIX will be an event for the ages. Even if you believe 2025 is a stretch, we recommend you consider tickets tend to sell out in advance pretty quick.

Super Bowl 2026: Florida or London?

Aerial View of London

We were going for Miami, Florida, but given our inability to look clearly into the future, there’s still a fair share of uncertainty about the Super Bowl 2026 location. While the next three venues are known, the next one may be quite surprising.

Currently, Tottenham Hotspur – that one – wanted to strengthen its relationship with the NFL and bring the Super Bowl to London. And before you start wondering whether we’re talking about some deep-American-state-London, let us be clearer: London, England.

The British football club already has a £40 million agreement with the NFL for two yearly matches, and 2025 may bring something remarkable. There’s never been a better excuse for those looking to charter a private jet to London.

Enjoying NFL’s greatest contest in close courter with Europe will surely attract many visitors worldwide. Our advice? Keep your notifications on and fingers crossed, and you may tell your grandchildren you witnessed a truly memorable first.

Super Bowl 2027 and Beyond

Special NFL Venue in England

If American Football’s greatest event makes an impact – as it should – on European soil, it may deliver a complete restructuring of the NFL season calendar. We’re not suggesting the Super Bowl will move to Europe; instead, we may expect that to occur in 2029.

Whether that will be the case, it’s hard to say. Such events attract many millions of fans, multi-million dollar brands, and sponsorships and rely mostly on achieving the best possible deals. Whether the way to expand the sport is to conquer Europe and beyond, it is something we’re yet to witness.

We’re among the very first to admit that having any NFL matches on other Continents would be fabulous. Whether most of the crowd will deeply understand the game’s rules by kick-off time is a whole different ball game.

One thing we’re certain of is that the Super Bowl and private jet flights go great together. Having the ability to attend this match conveniently, regardless of your location worldwide, is tempting.

How to get to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl NFL American Football Ball

We’d say our customers know best. Flying on a private jet to the Super Bowl is the best option. Not only do you benefit from the utmost luxury and convenience, but you also add that extra flair to what is already a memorable event.

Those based in the US can easily charter a private jet to enjoy the next big Super Bowl event. With extensive coverage, the only limitation we anticipate is finding tickets to watch the match if you book late. Considering the size of the event, planning starts years in advance. These are great news, meaning you can plan to attend the next four or five Super Bowl matches.

Booking Super Bowl Private Jet Flights

Regardless of your location, an extensive network of private flights accommodating your schedule is always available. Our customers benefit from our strong value proposition. A cost-effective service to charter a private jet to/from anywhere worldwide.

Our service can cater for all needs, from individual use to large parties – including NFL teams. Considering the versatility of our offer, you’ll be surprised to learn how competitive our rates are. All left is to look up your VIP Super Bowl packages and contact us to book the private jet flight that meets your needs.

Contact us today for your Super Bowl private jet quote, and we’ll make sure to have you by the touchdown line in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to fly a private jet to the Super Bowl?

The price of chartering a private jet flight to Super Bowl depends on several factors. Your location, the number of passengers, and the type of aircraft chartered. Those already in the US or its vicinity benefit from lower fares due to shorter flight times. However, expect one-way prices to start at $15,000. Contact our team for your free quote, and we’ll inform you of any promotional opportunities.

When can I attend the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl used to take place on the first Sunday of February every year. Due to schedule constraints, it was moved a week forward, and the reason why the 2023 Super Bowl will take place on Sunday, the 12th of February. From now on, we suggest you aim for the second Sunday of February.

How much time off should I take to enjoy the Super Bowl?

If you want to dive deep into the Super Bowl spirit, we suggest taking a week off. Each location kickstarts the event at least one week ahead of the match. We recommend you stick around for memorable cultural and entertainment events. If your schedule is time-sensitive, a private jet allows you to arrive just in time for the match and leave once it’s finished.

Who will perform in the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

That is one of the best well-kept secrets of the year. The rumours are already on for 2023, with Britney Spears, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and many more as top candidates. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know who will perform in the Super Bowl halftime show, but we do know this much: it will be a fantastic moment to witness.

When can I buy tickets for Super Bowl 2023?

Right now. There are several authorized online platforms to grab your regular tickets and VIP experiences. The basic packages start at $4,000 and can go up to tens of thousands for the exclusive packages. It’s all worth your while, though, as this is one of the greatest shows on Earth.

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