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Top 7 Luxury Shopping Destinations: Timeless Favourites

Few things in life set the mood righter than walking down the avenue in any of the following top 10 luxury shopping destinations. Most of these locations also provide a safe and exciting window into what the so-called normal life is set to be over the coming months.

With restrictions to travelling still very much enforced worldwide, the ability to charter a private jet and fly over to indulge in some well-deserved luxury shopping spree may seem utopia – until now.

As it seems, we can think of at least 10 amazing locations where you can find yourself shopping for the latest tendencies and most impressive looks in a matter of hours.

Just Like Julia, at Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California (USA)

Are you picturing Julia Roberts all dressed up and carrying a dozen shopping bags in Pretty Woman? You might as well. Expect a much friendlier experience, though, as the iconic shopping area of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles is famous not only for hosting some of fashion’s greatest names but also legendary-level customer service.

Where, you find the utmost treatment and the latest suggestions, but above all, settle for nothing less than being treated like the special client you are.

Over these three blocks, names such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, and many more are always excited to welcome you. It may also be a great chance to rub shoulders with some of the greatest stars in the world, and who knows, perhaps Julia herself…

A Walk in Fashion at Champs Elysees, Paris (France)

Nothing like the City of Light to make you shine in great style. Whatever preconceptions you may have regarding Paris, it is still undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the whole world.

As you may know all too well already, it is also widely known as the capital of fashion. We’ll leave that claim for you to decide, as we bring Milan into this shortlist in a matter of lines. The Elysian Fields (Champs Elysees) are one of Paris’s most renowned and gorgeous avenues and as a result, most of the big names of luxury shopping are present.

Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Fendi, Tiffany & Coo, Givenchy, Boutique Rolex or Hublot are only a few examples of the temptations at your disposal.

Expect legendary store service, or even consider a concierge to look after your shopping experience for the day.

The Unique Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan (Italy)

Milan is ranked as #1 when it comes to luxury shopping destinations. It’s true that doesn’t even put a chip on Paris as the world’s fashion capital, it may leave you undecided. Our suggestion? Time allowing, visit both. The legendary Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is not only a sight for sore eyes. It is most importantly, a perfect playground for a day out shopping.

Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton seem to belong here more than in any other place in the world. Indeed, the whole gallery hosts an impressive array of masterfully crafted shop windows, fantastic floor mosaics, and complemented by the structure that hasn’t aged a day since the building began in 1865.

Don’t forget to spin the bull on the mosaics for good luck, so says tradition. If you’re fond of the idea of relaxing right at the heart of this incredible location, you can find two fantastic hotels at your disposal on the gallery itself. We’d say Galleria Vik Milano and Park Hyatt Milan.

Several stores will cater to your desire. Expect jewellery stores, wine bars, rare books, antiques and art, shoes and your choice of local and international cuisine.

Also, it’s only a few steps away from the Piazza del Duomo. It’s a majestic neighbour, this most reputable and beautiful Cathedral.

The Glorious Manhattan, New York (USA)

Claiming the #3 position on the world ranking of the best cities for luxury shopping, here is one of our private jet customers must-visit destination. We won’t even notice the amount of luggage on your return flight. We understand that the city that never sleeps can provide enough temptation. Ask anyone, even those that think long and hard about their decisions.

Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Soho. These three names can offer more than enough excitement for a lifetime of shopping and luxury experiences, unlike many few in the world.

Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman, Chanel, Cartier and yes, you can even have Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Blue Box Cafe on 5th Avenue.

To relax after a long day finding the finest items for your collection, why not enjoy a VIP experience on Broadway? This will set the rhythm before heading back home and surprise your loved ones with some of the latest and nicest items brought from America.

Luxury Shopping in London (UK)

Harrods Luxury Shopping in London

We have a soft spot for this capital. Especially when it comes to making a private jet charter available for our customers to indulge in a short-notice shopping adventure. It’s an ideal stop, given the accessibility of airfields in London, aided by the articulation of chauffeur services to get you around the city.

Without surprise, these reasons alone help make it one of our customer’s lifelong favourites. Regardless of being only #5 in the world’s top luxury shopping destinations, London has plenty of surprises to go around. Most would argue that Bond Street is the place to go. We believe this is where you’ll find the latest and most exciting designers at work. The sheer variety of art, jewellery, clothing and exclusive brands is always tempting and ever-evolving.

London always sustains a majestic aura to it, we can’t get away from the temptation of dropping by at Harrods. From shop window magic to the most delicious red velvet cake we’ve tried. This is still one of the synonyms for Christmas magic, shopping adventures and where luxury items never cease to impress.

A Modern Adventure in Dubai (UAE)

Dubai Mall Shopping

Dubai is set to change the pace of the world at any given opportunity. As a result, expect to be able to embark on an exciting luxury shopping adventure over the ultra-modern city. As international interest grew over the past few years, don’t expect to find anything other than the very best brands and designers.

Bvlgari, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Saint Laurent are present. Many others ensure that you don’t run out of options and styles. Unlike other cities in Europe or America, the inviting atmosphere of the Dubai Mall brings the shopping centre experience all the way up to a whole new measure.

As a result, your visit can be even more fun than anticipated. Here, you’ll find the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Dino, the Opera and even the chance to visit the top of the Burj Khalifa.

If you’re still on time, Dubai Expo 2020 is set to take place in October 2021. Expect an event unlike any other. Hopping on a private jet flight, find luxury shopping adventures and enjoy one of the most incredible cities on Earth may be just what’s been missing.

The Asian Lights of Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong still tops the ranks of luxury shopping destinations worldwide. Mostly, due to its incredible pace as one of Asia’s largest commercial hubs.

Queen’s Road, Stanley street and a dozen others make for the central alternatives. All of this surrounded by tall skyscrapers, the iconic lights of Hong Kong and a handful of experiences to remember. Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Cartier, Burberry can all be found at walking distance from each other.

Try not to miss the opportunity to watch the city shine from Victoria Harbor. It’s still the traditional place to indulge in a fantastic meal with a view, topped with local and exotic products.

Each of these glorious locations shares a very particular pace. Therefore, all are worthy contenders on the top of anyone’s list for luxury shopping destinations. To complement the adventure, you’ll find much more than the world’s most refined shopping experiences. Fun experiences, art, entertainment and cultural events should keep you busy for days.

It’s our mission to ensure your visit is as smooth and exciting as each of these locations promise. Contact us today for your free private jet charter quote, and embark on the shopping adventure you’ve been postponing.

Euro 2020. Crowd cheering on the stadium stands.

The Euro 2020 a Private Jet Flight Away

Witness the best matches of Euro 2020 only a private jet flight away. Do you wish you were sitting by the pitch on any of the tournament’s greatest moments? The clock is ticking, so it’s best to fasten your seat belt, sit back and relax! Travelling on a private jet ensures a smooth journey and saves you precious time between kick-offs.

It’s possible to wake up in the morning, fly over to a venue, attend the match of your choice and be back home for dinner. All this whilst enjoying utmost flexibility and privacy. 

What can be better than a tailor-made flight? Define your own schedule with throughout and after the flight as well. 

And to ensure the whole itinerary goes as smooth as possible, there are several other VIP services that can easily suit your group and journey. Be it smaller jets or larger capacity cabins.

Euro 2020 Venues & Nearby Airports

Red jet parked at airport. Euro 2020 is only a short flight away.

There is still time to see the best players on the pitch on any of the following venues:

Stadio Olimpico: Roma, Italy

Nearby airport: Rome Ciampino or Fiumicino

Stadio Olimpico

Baku Olympic Stadium: Baku, Azerbeijan

Nearby: Baku Heydar Aliyev Intl Airport

Baku Olympic Stadium

Telia Parken: Copenhagen, Denmark

Nearby airport: Copenhagen Kastrup

Telia Parken Stadium

Saint Petersburg Stadium: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nearby airport: St. Petersburg Pulkovo

Krestovksy Stadium Saint Peterburg

National Arena: Bucharest, Romania

Nearby private jet airport: Henri Coanda (Otopeni)

National Arena Bucharest

Johan Cruijff Arena: Amsterdam,  Netherlands

Nearby airport: Amsterdam Schiphol

Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam

Wembley Stadium: London, UK

Nearby airport: London City, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick

Wembley Stadium, England.


Hampden Park: Glasgow, Scotland

Nearby airport: Glasgow Prestwick

Hamden Park, Scotland

San Mames: Bilbao, Spain

Nearby airport: Bilbao Airport

San Mames Stadium

Puskás Aréna: Budapest, Hungary

Nearby airport: Budapest Franz Liszt 

Puskás Aréna Hungary

Allianz Arena: Munchen, Germany

Nearby airport: Munich Munchen

Allianz Arena Munich

The Advantages of Flying to the Euro 2020 on a Private Jet

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines are likely to face several restrictions and last-minute cancellations. Who likes to struggle with uneasy and overbooked flight schedules? Instead of rushing over, it is better to opt for a comfortable and relaxing trip. Ideally, with the help of a renowned private jet charter service. 

Let’s have a quick look over its advantages:

  • Private jets can be booked at short notice to attend Euro 2020 Venues. This enables you to reach the place much faster if the match is planned on shorter notice. 
  • Travelers can easily stipulate dates as per their convenience. This allows for a short holiday before or after the game with friends and family.
  • You can spontaneously adjust your private jet timings if there is a delay or extra time taken for the match. We don’t want you to miss the penalty shoot-out!
  • Additionally, the luxurious amenities, delicious catering, and increased support of a private jet is the ultimate delicacy to ensure a memorable tournament.

A Private Jet Flight Makes the Euro 2020 Better

Euro 2020 fans cheer for their team victory.

There is still time to consider a private jet charter company such as to organize your flights to and from Euro 2020 venues at a moment’s notice. Short lead times do not create any hindrance for customers either. This unique advantage derives mainly from private jets being ready to fly anywhere and at any time all over the world. 

An international network and excellent contacts at virtually all individual airports help smooth functioning and scheduling of flights. Our team is always ready to advise the passengers around the clock, whenever and wherever needed. To avoid hustle and bustle, the possibility to organize a helicopter charter from the airport to the vicinities of the venue is never out of the question. 

As a consideration, Russian customers have comparatively shown less demand for private jets this year. According to recent numbers, there is a 32% decrease in demand in comparison to the same period before the pandemic. 

Private Jets solve the ongoing issue of limited flights to Europe and other destinations while tackling unexpected cancellations and heavy restrictions faced by traditional airlines. 

As summer approaches, there is a 50% increase in the overall demand for private jets, mostly in Western Europe. “No lines, no hassle” is what private jet companies are known for. This is a concept that lives by for its customers. This is one of the very few services that is bound to recover quickly post the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Football Players Who Own Private Jets

As if our customers need any further advantages, it’s great to reflect that their favorite players also rely on jet services. Especially to get away on holidays after the Euro 2020 is finished – or to sign for that rival club!

A few celebrity football players prefer enjoying their luxurious life by owning fancy cars, expensive jewelry, stylish clothes, and much more. 

A few, however, prefer to travel from one place to another in their own private jets. To name a few, expect to rub shoulders with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paul Pogba, Lewis Hamilton, and many more at your nearest airfield.

We can’t break confidentiality and tell you if any of them has been our customer in the past. Therefore, let’s only say we’re great fans of all these names as well, and know their exquisite taste in flying is similar to all of our other customers.

VIP Passengers Tend to Know Best

Since athletes are not immune to jet lag and other dominant factors, services such as ours exist to allow them to waste as little time and hassle as possible connecting from A to B.

All the teams arrive at Euro 2020 on a private jet flight. Even top clubs opt for these to ensure a comfortable flight experience to retain athlete’s peak performance levels. 

Our team works hard behind the scenes ensuring the best care is in place from the very first step, all the way to the other end.

How Much Does Flying to Euro 2020 on a Private Jet Costs?

Jet leaving condensation tracks in the blue sky. Flying on a private jet is the most convenient way to reach the Euro 2020 venues.

This is a question with many answers. Costs depend on demand and route, aircraft dimension, number of passengers and any special requests.

Hiring a private jet charter is extremely flexible. It can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a one-hour journey in a small propeller, to several thousand euros per hour. Yet, those that opt for these services once realize they are much more competitive than any misconceptions led to believe.

Consider that if you are planning to share your charter service with a larger party, costs get divided amongst the passengers. This option makes your private travel quite affordable.

Shared charters can cut costs to a much smaller percentage, making it a great alternative to business travel on an airline, with added perks. 

Another option is to “Book by the seat” in a smaller private jet. It is almost similar to flying in business class flights, and their cost goes anywhere from a few hundred dollars to only a few thousand for short and medium-haul routes. 

Approximate Prices to fly on a Private Jet to EURO 2020

Private JetFlight RouteApproximate Price
Bombardier Challenger 605Dubai – Londonfrom $48,000* USD
Bombardier Challenger 605Dubai – Saints Peterburgfrom $34,000* USD
Bombardier Challenger 350Moscow – Londonfrom $25,000* USD
Bombardier Challenger 350Moscow – Saints Peterburgfrom $13,000* USD
Falcon 7XNew-York – Londonfrom $58,000* USD
Private Jet Magazines

Best Private Jet Magazines

Whether you’re a private jet owner or just a fan of private jets, it’s great to keep in the loop.

Unfortunately, most pieces of content online are regurgitated and boring.

With this in mind, we’ve selected the top 5 private jet magazines that will keep you up to date and entertained. Of course, these all have a website and a newsletter so you can remain entertained even if you’re on the go.

Jetset Magazine

Jetset Magazine

Jetset Magazine is the prominent lifestyle magazine for luxury travelers. Unlike many of its competitors, it has plenty of exclusives and though-provoking articles. Alongside this, they also have a TV show for easier consumption.

Alongside classic articles, they also have up to date news, life experience tips, and much more. Jetset Magazine is a must for all those that live and breathe luxury.

Business Jet Traveler

Business Jet Traveller

Business Jet Traveler releases a physical magazine once every quarter and keeps their website regularly updated. Their business aviation content is entertaining, factual, interesting to read, and packed with visuals.

Understandably, their core content revolves around private jets, aircraft, and their operation. If you own or looking to own a private jet, then this is a perfect magazine for you. Additionally, they have content about people and lifestyle too, just in case you get bored of ogling at beautiful planes and destinations.

Elite Traveler

elite traveler

As the name suggests Elite Traveler is all about traveling the globe in luxury and style. They have great articles on food, travel, and everything else that’s luxury. From superyachts to superjets it’s all included and if you’re looking for some elite travel inspiration then you’ll find plenty here.

On the whole, a fantastic magazine, with a beautiful design and great content.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

As the name suggests LLM isn’t dedicated to private jets exclusively but instead a luxury lifestyle as a whole. They have a whole variety of content to entertain anyone with a certain degree of wealth. They cover everything from destinations, watch investment tips, foods, and fashion to even the most expensive honey in the world.

Overall it’s an extremely well put together magazine and should keep you informed and entertained for a good proportion of time.

Soar Magazine


Soar brands itself as the premier private jet magazine. Being run by Jetlinx, a premium US aviation company, this is a pretty valid statement. While it’s definitely an entertaining read, it’s more of an in-flight magazine rather than something that you would read for entertainment purposes.

Unfortunately, it’s also primarily a print magazine. Though it’s accessible online it’s not exactly user-friendly or easy to read. Despite these factors, it’s still a great magazine and packed full of interesting articles for any private jet traveler.


What are the best aviation magazines?

If you’re looking for more general aviation magazines we’d recommend looking at: Flying, Air & Space, and Plane & Pilot.

What are the best luxury magazines?

If you’re looking for more general luxury magazines we’d recommend looking at: Robb Report, Buro, and How to Spend It.


There you have it, the top private jet magazines. If you think there’s a magazine or two missing from this list then contact us to let us know.


Vaccine Holiday – Flying Privately to Safety

The concept may seem right out of a science-fiction script. In a year where adaptation was vital, the search for innovative solutions brought new notions. Please welcome the opportunity to fly privately on a vaccine holiday.

With nations worldwide and economies overrun by an invisible enemy, science provided an incredible achievement through a solution that is now amongst us.

Today, there’s no better excuse to get on board and benefit from the best of two worlds. An exclusive flight with paramount safety, heading to a lovely destination to get your vaccine.

The stress amid a pandemic

It’s been nearly two years since the pandemic hit the world, unwarned. Since then, the overall situation has been nothing short of traumatic. Many have suffered from mental and physical health issues, rising unemployment, and an even worse economic situation than before. As a result, we’re now more delayed than ever, attending to other urgent global issues.

Many have been hopeful for a solution since the start of the pandemic. The best scientists, virologists, and many more professionals have come together to create not one but several effective vaccines. Since then, through trials and a year of hard work, we now benefit from the result of science and investment. As a result, there is a global feeling that everyday life is only around the corner.


The truth about your vaccine holiday

Reality eventually hits. With a population of over 7.67 billion, when would the majority of people obtain a vaccine? At which scale would production be enough to ensure timely vaccination for everyone?

At the moment, there’s only a handful of countries developing successful vaccines. For such reason, it’s only expectable these are first in line.

With several restrictions like priority vaccination on Covid to front line workers such as medical staff and police officers, many other rules derive according to geographic location.

Stages of vaccination widely come down from the eldest to the young. As a result, most people realize this is still a rather long and painful process.

The thoughtful solution

After successfully vaccinating 76% of UAE’s elderly residents and patients with chronic diseases, the vaccination program started inviting citizens above 14 years of age.

To boost the economy and ensure tourism gets back on track, countries like Dubai have come up with intelligent solutions. Why not offer vaccination services to tourists?

Here enters The Maldives, Thailand, and Israel. Some of which top tourist hubs globally have similar solutions in what is yet a restricted list.

The perfect complement

Suppose you are in a country where you cannot take a vaccine because of the constraints posed by the local government. It’s now possible to book a private plane for a Covid vaccine – simple and easy!

We have all faced scenarios where travelling resulted in people testing positive for the virus. In similar situations, flying in full commercial flights – even if in business class – posed some degree of risk.

Hence, for those that can, why not go for a Covid-19 vaccine, flying on a charter plane and avoid the vast majority of risks altogether?

A holiday to remember

After being in a traumatic situation for two years, you are allowed to take a well-deserved break. Hence, enjoy the additional benefits that such tourist destinations have to offer.

For instance, by booking a vaccine holiday in Dubai, it’s easy to quickly go out and about to see for yourself what one of the most beautiful countries – the UAE – has to offer.

Don’t feel like taking on the dry heat? There are more options other than Dubai. Travel to the ocean land of the Maldives and enjoy paradisiacal beaches and idyllic rest by crystal clear waters. In the same list, as we mentioned before, Thailand and Israel will welcome you to far more than the opportunity to get a vaccine.

Whatever your choice, a few of these countries on the list already show signs of regular everyday life. That is if any other excuse should be necessary to make up your mind.

Vaccination in paradise?

These tourist spots and all other beautiful locations they have to offer are providing paying visitors with the armour to protect themselves from the ongoing pandemic. Tourist services, along with other developments in their packages, are now offering these appealing vaccination services.

All the hassle-free arrangements will be in place to take visitors to a safe vaccination centre and administer the vaccine(s) whilst ensuring no issues arise. You can’t say you had a holiday much like this one before, we’ll assume.

Book a private flight and depart with the utmost safety to anticipate immunization. In a matter of hours and after a few simple steps, visitors have gained an edge in embracing their old lives back.

The best option: book a private charter jet!

Most might be wondering how booking a private charter jet can be a better option in such a crisis.

Countries like Dubai offer special quarantine programs to vaccinate visitors. This includes taking a fun trip around the country.

To brief our readers on it, booking a private jet comes with its perks. Think of paramount safety without the need to share a crowded cabin with strangers.

A vaccine holiday in Dubai, in turn, lowers the chance of getting in contact with people and prevents the spread of Covid-19. It also paves the way for efficient and secure time to get vaccinated and stay in private quarantine where you can get total assistance and support.

It’s also worth considering that once in the country, wouldn’t it be a great chance to surf the sands of Dubai and take a round trip around the country to witness its heritage and culture?

Also, countries like Dubai, the Maldives, Thailand, Israel, and a few others offer special travel packages encompassing Covid vaccines.

This means getting a vaccine, stay in a private bubble, and still enjoy a splendid trip around the country. If there was ever a great reason to check out these destinations, look no further.

What are the upsides to a vaccine holiday?

For a fact, there are many ways you can benefit from taking a private plane for a Covid vaccine. Firstly, it is a safer trip away from the general public. Therefore, an effective way to minimize the chances of getting infected on your way.

Secondly, it provides the chance for a private and luxurious trip to the country of choice. Enjoying your time while on a charter plane and its amenities does make it worth your while. Think a favourite meal, a couple of glasses of champagne, followed by the first step to immunization – brilliant.

Thirdly, there’s no need to wait too long to get vaccinated, as everything is in place for you on arrival at your destination. A Covid-19 vaccine as a flying benefit is something almost unheard of and one for the ages. There’s something relaxing about ensuring safer and faster access to this opportunity, keeping passengers free from stress on the so-called ‘vaccine pressure.’

Last but not least, vaccines are just the complementary part. The bigger picture is a fantastic trip that you get to experience in a country you probably have dreamt of for a while. Take a break from the restrictions of 2020 with the peace and joy that your destination of choice has to offer

What are the downsides?

Getting a Covid-19 vaccine after flying abroad comes with a few perks, as mentioned. Therefore, expect to find some downsides along the way.

Those who can benefit from using private planes can be perceived as taking advantage of a scarce resource. Some see it as “queue hopping” under a questionable moral perspective.

It is also natural to feel a little insecure about getting vaccinated abroad. However, considering that some of these have some of the best medical support and assistance in the world, it’s a detail to easily overlook.

If such an idea seems appealing, many others will likely find it too. The availability of such packages is still limited. This means there will be some arrangements before ensuring you can depart on a vaccine holiday.

The silver lining on ta vaccine holiday

Amidst the rush for Covid vaccines in various countries and the delay in reaching all age groups, there’s now true hope and solutions, unlike before.

More importantly, a safe ticket to the vaccine is a valid option over a private bubble. It includes a lovely stay and a fabulous trip to enjoy the destinations truly. It’s also a compelling double offer. It provides a safe journey in a private jet and the vaccine the world needs. Finally, the added benefit of the tranquil holiday postponed for far too long.

If there was ever a great motive to start packing bags and visiting a few of the destinations suggested on this page, this might be a unique opportunity. Regaining control of everyday life is surely amongst the main priorities. Indulging in a private jet flight towards an exciting holiday is the kind of proposal that is simply too good to refuse.

corporate jet cabin crew

A Day in the Life of a Corporate Jet Cabin Crew

Most women dream of a job as a corporate jet cabin crew, and most men wonder about their daily life. Even though we live in a world of increasing tolerance, acceptance and diversity, most private cabin crew or VIP flight attendants are still positions occupied by women.

Whilst commercial airlines have a broader percentage of male cabin crew that has grown considerably since the early 1980s, ladies still tend to dominate in the private jet front. It’s, therefore, without surprise that their iconic lifestyle still poses a mystery for many – including frequent private jet passengers.

Today we have the chance to look behind the curtain as we go over a few intimate details on what takes these brave women – and men! – to embrace a career and a peculiar choice of life that is as glamorous as it is challenging.

Corporate Jet Cabin Crew in The Early Hours of the Day

Aviation is a demanding area whatever way you look at it. There is an established cult of the clock. This is by far no place for people that can’t make it on time to an appointment. Cabin crew in any line of business know there is no such thing as arriving late, with days planned by the second rather than hours.

An alarm can go off at 8 am for most people worldwide. It can easily go off at 11 pm or 3 am for those that make a career out of flying. Cabin crew VIP jobs have extremely demanding requisites in several areas, but few more important than outstanding time management.

Whatever time of the day – or night – this is not a role for the faint of heart or those that like to snooze that bit longer. Just like in the army, once the wake-up call is out, the clock is rapidly ticking.

There’s plenty of work before a private jet cabin crew even steps out the door. With impeccable image standards, there is a need to allocate enough time for hair and make-up. Personal hygiene has to be impeccable, along with the preparation to ensure a wrinkle-free, spotless uniform.

Glamorous as these angels of the sky may seem, there is much work behind the scenes that very few get to notice.

VIP Flight Attendants – Living off a Bag

You may associate the term with a door-to-door salesperson from the last century. The Truth is that private jet crew know best how to pack a bag. While a small trolley can only take a few items for most, they know how to take most of their homes if necessary. All of it in a carefully planned and strategical arrangement.

There are tricks to keep casual clothes wrinkle-free, with enough strategy to ensure the right outfit for the right venue is present. A little entertainment, documentation and much more. Gym clothes? – you got it!

The odds are that you would be surprised by the tactical approach to bag packing. The amount of content these often-small pieces of luggage can carry in the hands of an experienced corporate flight attendant is nothing short of impressive.

Adaptation is key. For more extended duties – or those expected to become longer than usual – there is a whole new level of bag packing that will rub shoulders against anyone’s month-long holiday. As long as it fits in the aircraft hold, it’s gold.

Due to their job nature, particularly in private jet companies, VIP flight attendants know best not to make plans too far ahead. What seems like a simple trip there-and-back may become a week-long stay or an island-hop across the Caribbean. To meet the demand for exceptional clients, you truly need to be an outstanding professional.

Therefore, it’s ever more relevant that you have a suitable luggage kit to play along with these rules.

Air hostess with suitcase going between seat rows in airport. Stewardess with baggage, flight attendant with hand luggage, aviatransportations job

Pre-Flight Brief and Checks

Much work goes into this field, and it’s one that most people tend to miss entirely. Not to mention that even getting considered for cabin crew VIP jobs requires a multiple set of skills and experience. It’s also necessary to endure highly demanding training and follow strict company rules.

Airline safety is relatively standard in the sense that it follows the highest international patterns. Deep knowledge of safety procedures, first aid, VIP service standards, and discrete behaviour are among these professionals’ main traits.

Since private jet customers get treated to a whole different level, their demands are accommodated by the company. They ultimately need to be considered by the operating crew. If there is a particular request for food, beverage, or any special item passengers would like to see on board, there is no room for mistake.

In the last instance, it’s all in the details. What makes the best VIP flight attendant is the ability to meet the customer’s demands without even seem to try. Simultaneously, an ability to make themselves invisible throughout the flight and yet available at a moment’s notice is pure class.

If you sit in a pristine cabin and everything seems to fall into place magically, you have much to thank for the dedication of these outstanding professionals. The same applies to ensuring that all attention to the minor details regarding safety are observed at all times.

Around the World

This is where things get fun, but not without its challenges. As duty starts, someone rings you with a schedule change. Your day has now turned into a flight to Dubai. Once there, you’ll be on hold for the following days until the client decides to fly elsewhere. It may be back home or head out to Singapore. Usually, there’s no way of telling, and embracing that lifestyle means giving up on what most people take for granted – life, in a sense!

There’s jetlag to consider, short resting periods and incredibly dull times. There is also enough time to rest wherever you’re heading at some point. At some point, the absence of a routine takes its toll, without a doubt.

Then again, it’s here that corporate jet crew shine. They get to walk the streets of Manhattan, shoot a selfie by the Kremlin or take a dip at the Great Barrier Reef. With an eye out for sharks, that is.

Being paid to travel is the ultimate dream. With so many exciting destinations at their disposal, it’s hard not to feel jealous. Especially when you can be in close quarters with the rich and famous and get to look behind the curtain over a lifestyle that very few can enjoy.

Breakfast in Dubai, dinner in Hong Kong. We can easily think of worse alternatives to life out there.

HONG KONG -August 8: Scene of the Victoria Harbour on August 8, 2014 in Hong Kong. Victoria Harbour is the famous attraction place for tourist to visit.

The Daily Challenges of Corporate Jet Crew

It’s not all glory, perfect hair and lipstick with a smile on their face. Corporate jet cabin crew know best that the weight on their shoulders is immense. As a result, their behaviour has to be on top of their game at all times.

They have to deal with the same challenges as everyone else in the aviation business. Delays, technical issues, jetlag, and bureaucracy are there at some point in time and space. Customers come in all forms, varying from the most demanding to the most adorable. Whilst we’d always love to fly with the second type, it’s the first that make the already small quarters of a private jet feel claustrophobic.

Armed with unbreakable resilience, VIP flight attendants know how to keep an iceberg of cool between them and the most unsatisfied passengers. At the same time, they know best when to hold someone’s hand with compassion—all of this without ever breaking character.

Above the many traits we’ve covered, compassion is often the most sought-after quality. The ability to understand each person’s different needs and to go above and beyond to meet them is not the type of sacrifice many are willing to make, regardless of pay.

Then, there’s social life. Or the absence of it. There’s never a guarantee that next Christmas will be spent at the dining table with the family. It’s very often the case that they get to fly across the world so that others can be with theirs. With friends and family living in different schedules, weeks and months can fly past without a chance to spend some time together.

The Perks of Corporate Jet Crew

Now that you’ve shed a tear for our corporate jet cabin crew, know there’s more to it than just flying to glamorous locations and rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

It’s common for these professionals to experience the gratitude of their exceptional passengers. Generous tips, invitations for exclusive events or even an irresistible job offer are not unusual. There are indeed few in this line of work that haven’t experienced such situations.

While many private jet companies have strict rules about accepting gifts or money, these are often the kind of customers that won’t take no for an answer – what a shame, another expensive bag for the collection!

As much as sacrificing your time and routine is expected, it is common to have generous resting periods associated with cabin crew VIP jobs. Not only in the form of several days off, but also extended periods of holiday across the year.

As you’d expect, an exceptional job comes with exceptional pay. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that a VIP flight attendant will, on average, see a better compensation package than those working for commercial airlines.

A few companies offer extra perks such as gym memberships, extensive healthcare insurance, expense money for layovers and uniform allowances. The list is as vast as the number of companies operating, and it will vary considerably.

Since they are decently paid and well-treated to see the world over several adventures, the corporate jet crew lifestyle may not seem too shabby after all!

Next Time You’re Flying on a Private Jet

A life filled with glamour, incredible adventures, exciting people and unforgettable places. Always looking their best and never caught off guard. Corporate jet cabin crew are amongst the world’s most admired careers.

Filled with multiple challenges, it’s an outstanding job for outstanding personalities. The list of skills and personal traits required is as vast as demanding. All of this tied around a schedule that is as unpredictable as a spin of the roulette in Monte Carlo. Again, never out of the question.

Sharing a few words with them reveals an inclination for outstanding customer service. This goes beyond professional requirements in what is often a genuine reflection of compassion for others.

With a smile that can take everything you throw at it and the type of discretion that never overhears the customer’s secrets, it’s a job unlike few. The next time you walk past one, take a good look at that VIP flight attendant. Beyond that classy look and glooming presence, you may realize that these are highly skilled professionals that make daily sacrifices for a lifestyle that very few can handle.

private jet pilots

What do Private Jet Pilots Chat About?

You have been a passenger on that flight before. The odds are that the persons’ professional tone of voice in charge of that private jet’s safety is humorous and reassuring. For the vast majority of passengers worldwide, though, a pilot’s life remains a real mystery. What are your private jet pilots laughing about?

Fly commercially, and most likely, you won’t even cross paths with these men and women proudly wearing stripes on their shoulders. It’s not the case that they prefer a hermit’s approach to life. More often than not, the nature of what private pilots do takes much of their time and focus.

Think of weather reports, fuel checks, air traffic control, performance stats. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Their job is often underappreciated by those that judge a pilot solely for the quality of the landing. On the other hand, it’s also deeply admired by those that define courage as a defining trait. Ask anyone that has landed on any given stormy evening, and you’ll get enough head nods in agreement.

Nevertheless, behind the cool sunglasses and the impeccable uniform, a question poses. What do these men and women chat about when the door locks behind their back? Is it a mundane world between the yoke and the cabin, or is there more to it than meets the imagination?

Private Jet Pilots tend to chat about peculiar things.

What does a Private Jet Pilot Do?

As you may have already guessed, there is much to a pilot’s job. Private jet pilots go through intense training and frequent simulator checks. Their knowledge regarding several complex technical areas must be constantly up-to-date, with the latest procedures always in mind.

It’s their job to keep the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew as absolute priorities. With a workload that can go from incredibly dull to insane in seconds, it’s still a career that is deeply shrouded in mystery.

While you sat comfortably in the cabin, how many times has the question gone through your mind while you looked at that bulletproof door?

“What do these pilots chat about?”

Today, we will take you for a peek beyond closed doors as we share what a private jet pilot talk about throughout their day. Will the mystery remain after you’ve finished reading the next few lines?

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Whether you are a pilot or a private flight attendant, your schedule is everything and means nothing. It dictates your life for the foreseeable future. Nothing surprising there, you could while lifting an eyebrow. But the truth is universal to all of those that make a career out of flying:

A schedule means nothing.

It’s a mere indication that tells your alarm to go off on the first day of duty. From there onwards, the wheel of fortune is spinning. Commercial pilots and flights attendants know they can’t trust a published schedule. Extensive delays happen, weather changes. Technical issues arise. Crew issues can turn everything upside down – relax, not everything! The number of reasons is endless and can easily compete with your child’s ideal Christmas presents list.

Private jet companies and crew are subject to an even higher degree of flexibility than commercial ones to meet their client’s schedules. It means that most conversations occur around last-minute changes. Frequently about that cancelled commitment, the postponed family lunch or how a holiday can’t arrive fast enough.

Did Anyone Mention Holiday Time?

Ask what a private jet pilot’s biggest desire on any given day is, and most likely, it will involve a long-due holiday of some sort. Holidays are also a frequent topic of conversation amongst the crew. Don’t be too surprised if you overhear someone sharing detailed information about a secret restaurant in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Passengers usually claim they travel frequently, but rest assured, such a concept is pointless when speaking to crew members. Private jet companies can place their crew across several locations of the world in any given week. They can easily be having early breakfast in London, lunch in Moscow and land in time for an afternoon swim in any Helsinki’s hotel heated pool. The next week? A roll of the dice! And by that, we may mean Vegas, surely.

The mere mention of the word holiday usually results in a conversation focused on an endless catalogue of exotic locations. Expect fabulous hotels, great deals for the money and the type of recommendations you can’t ignore. Want to eat off a street vendor’s cart in Cambodia? Do so at your own risk!

Private Jet Pilots know their holiday destinations and can distinguish the best from the rest.

The Private Jet Pilot and the Company

Like any employee in any line of work, pilots love to chat about their employers. You’ll have a hard time finding a private jet pilot that dislikes their job. These professionals are amongst some of the most privileged and proud of all. Not necessarily because their career comes with exceptional perks, but mostly because they get to see the world from above through a big(ger) window than the vast majority of us.

Changes to procedures, holiday policy, pay rises, hiring and acquisitions are reason enough for big debates. Most pilots take a personal interest in their beloved companies’ destiny. With some being shareholders, it’s only expectable. Therefore, speaking about the company comes naturally.

Nevertheless, you’ll rarely overhear a crew member speak poorly about their employer. Unless you’re sitting at a table and sharing a few drinks, that is. And they’re off, with no unfamiliar hears around them. Even then, it’s not guaranteed.

What happens in the aircraft stays in the aircraft!

Other Crew

What does a private jet pilot do when bored and has exhausted some of the most relevant topics throughout the duty day? You’ve guessed it – chat about other crew.

This much you’ve always known. Secretly, but inherent knowledge. Whether it’s the private flight attendant with an obvious – secret, so don’t tell anyone – crush on the young first officer or a colleague who is always moody in the early hours of the day, the small fuselage is where many echoes about private life find a place to travel.

We are not by suggesting that private jet crew are any more into gossip than people from any other line of work. The specifics of the job make personal relationships tighter than most jobs out there. You get to know the people you fly with, what moves them, what triggers them, and what they excel in: the good and the bad.

Flying is not only about getting an aircraft in the air. It is much about the personal connection between the people that have chosen this demanding line of work. We can witness this attitude through their dedication to each other and towards the people they welcome on board. Or through an endless pit of silence, given the occasion.

Private Jet Pilots and Flight Attendants have a language of their own.

Technical Aspects

You’ve guessed it. Most of the words exchanged inside a flight deck are related to the technical aspects of the flight. With so many areas to cover in what often seems like a smooth, hassle-free flight, passengers may be oblivious to all the work that goes beyond the door.

A good hour or more has already taken place before the first passenger steps on board. Until that point, a detailed pre-flight brief and a series of safety checks have taken place. Along with all the documentation carried – praise tablets for that one – a visual verification of the aircraft’s surfaces occurs before every flight.

The same is valid for all the aircraft systems, including both the areas of responsibility by a private jet pilot and the flight attendants alike. These cover anything from the simplest of areas: seatbelt buckles working to engine fire extinguishers.

Each take-off and landing is preceded by a quick brief and checklist, and a careful overview of the airfield’s specifics. And yet, these are only a minor sample of the technical aspects discussed amongst pilots to ensure you safely get from A to B.

In many ways, you’ve guessed it. Most of the chat that takes place inside the flight deck is of technical nature, with the occasional break to focus on any other topics in this list.

Endless Hobbies of a Private Jet Pilot

What does a private jet pilot do for fun, you may ask? Hobbies are a massive topic of conversation in the flight deck. If we have to generalize – and for good humour’s sake only, please – let’s divide pilots into two separate categories according to their age range.

More senior pilots tend to love golf. If a poll took place in most private jet companies, it would only split those that still play golf from those that tried it but won’t make much of it – yet! The stressful nature of the job is often compensated by physical activities that invite relaxation. If they’re any good at golfing, that is.

Younger pilots tend to focus on sports that are higher in octanes. Think paddle, surfing, jogging. Again, the nature of the job forces these professionals to spend countless hours sitting down, adding very little to their excellent health.

A discussion focused on several sports and hobbies takes place as you read these lines, somewhere out there above the clouds, that we can assure.

Their Overview of the World

Although moved by a passion for flight and shaped by their jobs’ challenges and nature, private jet pilots are the same as everyone else, with the occasional positive twist. Sit down with any of them, and you’ll be carried across the sky to visit several locations through their eyes.

Most of the time, you’ll find humorous and open people that realize the deep value of personal relationships. The nature of their jobs often reflects sacrifices made on behalf of their families and themselves. When asked, they’ll happily talk about them in further detail.

They tend to attract sheer admiration – as they should. These are the people who make a daily pledge on behalf of everyone’s safety and moved by what is frequently a childhood dream. Their conversations are nothing ever short of interesting, amusing, and inspiring.

Perhaps the next time you step onboard a private jet, you’ll be awarded the privilege of getting to know a little more about these dedicated professionals that help us navigate the sky every day. If it’s your first time, we have a few suggestions regarding Jetiquette – Private Jet Etiquette in order to make you feel even more comfortable.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the word holidays!

G7 Covid Passports Flags

Vaccine passport talks in G7 countries

Were you planning to renew your passport any time soon? Well, you may now be forced to make additional space in your wallet for a vaccine passport too. COVID has changed many fundamental aspects of our lives and it seems IDs are next.

In the near future, we may be required to possess additional documentation to prove that we do not represent a risk to the country we want to travel to, the so-called vaccine passport. This new term has entered the vocabulary of many politicians in recent times and has even found its way to some of the top airlines in the world.

Just to be clear, a vaccination ‘pass’ or passport is a document proving that you have received a vaccine against COVID-19. It may even include your recent test results, showing that you tested negative for the virus, making it even easier to travel. The details are still unclear, as it is currently being worked on by governments and airline companies alike, but the general consensus is that it will have a digital format.

And that is about all the consensus we can talk about, as we will soon see. Countries have struggled with both the pandemic response and vaccination efforts. This includes the G7 nations. Let’s take a look at how they plan on tackling the new vaccination passport idea.


Canada’s minister of health Patty Hajdu acknowledged the need for the country to be involved with the talks of a vaccine passport, and even prime minister Justin Trudeau confirmed this. However, no specifics have been given by either in terms of what Canada is actually doing or plans to do in this regard.

5.11% has received at least one dose, 1.51% have received two doses
Total population: ~37.6 million (2019)


Transport minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari announced on the 11th of March that Air France passengers will be required to use a smartphone app to prove that they have either received a COVID-19 vaccine or tested negative for the disease. This is part of a 1-month trial for the system and it only applied to passengers traveling to the French Caribbean territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The minister added that the ‘goal is to see if it works well in real-time’ and whether it can ‘ensure against fraud and shorten waiting lines’ or not.  He also mentioned that there are no plans for such a passport to be used in other sectors such as restaurants or the cinema, at least for now.

7.2% received at least one dose, 3.3% received two doses
Total population: ~67 million, with overseas territories


German chancellor Angela Marker is in favor of such passports, though only after most of the population has been vaccinated. While the German public is majoritarily in favor of the concept, many believe the country should wait a bit until more people get vaccinated. The passport would allow entry to gyms, theaters, sporting events, and travel, but concerns have been raised on how the situation would evolve for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

~8% received at least one dose
Total population: ~83 million


Can’t wait for your next gondola ride through the Grand Canal of Venice? Well, you are not alone. Many tourists are waiting to get their tickets and have already started making vacation plans. The Italian government has, however, not stated any intent or plans regarding the certificate, but it has been called upon by Italy’s National Federation of Travel and Tourism Industry to step up its vaccination efforts.

~10.3% received at least one dose, ~3.3% received two doses
Total population: ~60 million


The Japanese government acknowledges the need for digital vaccine passports, as the minister in charge of administrative reform, Taro Kono indicated “There is a global effort to systematize vaccination records for international travel”. The health minister, Norihisa Tamura has expressed his concerns, shared by many in the country, that Japan could ‘see a problem with discrimination and prejudice’ against those without the vaccine passport.

Therefore, the aim, for now, is to develop and use such certificates for international travel only. We could see them in action as early as April, according to the Japanese government.

~0.2% received at least one dose
Total population: ~127 million

The United Kingdom

At present, anyone receiving a dose of vaccine in the UK will receive a ‘vaccination card’, but its purpose is only to remind patients that they require two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, so it features a date and batch number of the first and the later second vaccination for the user’s own information only.

In terms of an actual vaccine passport, the UK government is still reviewing the potential benefits for international travel. The COVID vaccine Deployment head, Nadhim Zahawi stated that “If other countries will require a vaccine certificate then I think it’s right that we facilitate it”.Domestic use is currently not planned.

~35.5% received at least one dose, ~2.3% received two doses
Total population: ~67 million

The United States

The US is also currently ‘assessing the feasibility’ of vaccine passports. However, since December of 2020, passengers en-route to certain destinations have been using the CommonPass system to show their COVID-19 test results to airport officials. Groups like United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have conducted trials with the system showing promising results. The vaccine passports are not mandatory yet, many carriers offering Covid-19 tests at the airports instead.

~21% received at least one dose, ~11% received two doses
Total population: ~331 million

The European Union

While the EU is not considered a sovereign Member State and is thus incapable of assuming G7 presidency, it is a ‘non-enumerated’ member of the organization and takes part in all of its discussions.

The 27 member states have agreed on the issue of the so-called ‘Digital Green Pass’. In order to prevent discrimination, the digital document would also include recent Covid-19 test results. The European Commission is currently in the process of drafting legislation for this purpose. While the general consensus between the members is that such a vaccine passport is needed, there are still disagreements on whether vaccination should be a prerequisite to traveling.

~8.3% received at least one dose, ~3.7% received two doses
Total population: ~520 million including EEA member states

Worldwide, besides the CommonPass digital vaccine passport platform, IATA is currently working on the IATA Travel Pass app as a ‘standardized solution to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding passenger travel requirements’.

Will vaccine passports include information regarding both vaccination and test results?

This varies from country to country. Generally, information regarding vaccination status is mandatory, while test results are not the main concerns.

Are vaccine passports ethical?

This is the number one dividing topic in regards to vaccine passports. The main fear is that unvaccinated individuals may be discriminated against and/or be refused access to facilities in some countries. A solution to this concern is still unclear.

Are vaccine passports needed?

This question concerns many scientists around the world. This is because the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines against several virus variants circulating in different countries is still not sufficiently documented and studied. Additionally, many countries still present a slow vaccine roll-out, so vaccine passports may prove to be a divisive factor between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Will there be a unified vaccine passport system?

The IATA Travel Pass system has seen more and more airlines signing up for its use. These include, but are not limited to, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and All Nippon Airways (ANA). The EU is planning on having such a system applied to the 27 nations bloc, but it is still unclear how it will synergize with other such vaccine passport systems.

Does China use digital vaccine passports?

Yes, they are dubbed ‘international travel health certificates’, which are essentially QR codes that when scanned lead to the user’s vaccine and Covid-19 test history. This system, however, has been developed without input from any international organization and does not have the power to permit international travel.


The topic of vaccine passports is still very much debated. Many questions remain unanswered and additional studies and reviews need to be made. It will be worth keeping an eye out on how things evolve from here on.

Most Expensive Private Jets

Most Expensive Private Jets

Air travel has changed significantly since planes were first invented.

Private jets are not only a method of getting their owners from A to B but an extension of their personalities. The most expensive private jets are designed and created with love, care, and the utmost attention to detail.

Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive private jets in the world, and what makes them so special.

Interestingly this list is created using publically available data, it is imaginable that there are more extravagant and expensive planes that their owners wish to keep private.

In short here are the most expensive planes in the world:

  1. Air Force One – $660 million
  2. Airbus A380 – $600 million
  3. Airbus A340-300 – $500 million
  4. Boeing 747-8 VIP – $367 million
  5. Airbus ACJ350 Custom – $366 million
  6. Boeing 787-8 BBJ – $324.6 million
  7. Boeing 747-430 – $220 million
  8. Boeing 767-33A/ER – $170 million
  9. Gulfstream III – $125 million
  10. Airbus ACJ319NEO – $101.5 million
  11. Boeing 757 – $100 million

Keep on reading to find out what makes these planes so expensive and exclusive.

1. Air Force One – $660million

Air Force One

It’s no surprise that one of the most well-known planes on the planet is also the most expensive. The Air Force One is a highly customized Boeing 747-200B.

It comes fully equipped with a medical quarter (with an operating room), a conference room, two kitchens, and multiple sleeping quarters. This is all spread out over 3 decks and 4000 square feet. Donald Trump has also issued a redesign in 2019 including in color scheme and interior design.

Furthermore, Air Force One is both physically and electronically hardened. On top of this, it can be refueled mid-air and is always followed by two fighter jets. While it’s the most expensive aircraft it’s also the most exclusive and money alone won’t get you a visitation on this plane!

2. Airbus A380 $600million

The most expensive private jet ever made was a modified Airbus A380 for Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal al-Saud. Though the exact price is unknown, it’s estimated to have cost around $5-600million. Interestingly enough, he sold it before even taking deliver to an unnamed billionaire.

So what makes this airbus so expensive? A concert hall with multiple pianos, everything is brimming with gold, a boardroom, a Turkish bath. If that wasn’t enough the prince can park his Rolls Royce in luxury and features a prayer room where the mats automatically rotate to face Mecca.

3. Airbus A340-300 350-$500 million

Airbus A340-300

The third most luxurious private jet belongs to no other than Russias richest man Alisher Usmanov. Though originally he paid $238 million for the plane, he spared no expense in making it his own. Unfortunately, the details of the plane are kept highly secret but alongside what must be a lavish interior there’s reportedly a nightclub too!

4. Boeing 747-8 VIP $367 million

The Boeing 747-8 VIP is aptly nicknamed the Dreamliner. The model in question has nearly 5000 square feet of usable space. For this private owner, they have equipped it with a stateroom, dining room, lounges, and even an office zone.

Despite its price tag, this Boeing jet is very minimalistic in design and its master bedroom puts many five star hotels to shame.

5. Airbus ACJ350 $326 million

The Airbus ACJ350 costs from $326 million USD just for an aircraft. The custom interior designed by Lufthansa Technik is extra and may hit up to $500 million USD additional. This aircraft feels like a second home in the skies whereas travelers can enjoy spa on-board, private offices, full size bedrooms, children play rooms.

The front of the cabin is devoted to family space, with a VIP bath and bedroom, plus a lounge area and office. In the midsection, a guest lounge provides relaxation and comfort. A formal dining area seats eight, and a full galley supports a range of luxury meals. Four private guest rooms share two baths.

6. Boeing 787-8 BBJ $324.6 million

The Boing 787-8 retailers for approximately $225 million. However, after spending an additional $100 million it, China’s HNA Group’s private jet has been aptly named the Boeing BBJ – Boeing Business Jet. The plane comfortably seats 40 people over 2400 square feet. As expected there are multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and even heated marble flooring.

7. Boeing 747-430 – $220 million

Boeing 747-430

The Sultan of Brunei is well known for having a collection of expensive things. Therefore, having a private jet with a $220 million price tag isn’t something of a surprise. Like with many other planes on this list, the plane itself costs a mere $100 million, and then the Sultan spent around the same amount in customizing it.

As you’d expect, inside it’s brimming with gold, fine woods, and the comfiest leather seats you can find. When even the toilet handle is made of gold it’s not hard to spend so much on customizing your plane. That’s what we call a royal flush.

8. Boeing 767-33A/ER – $170 million

Abramovich Private Jet

This Boeing aircraft belongs to no other than Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. The aircraft is equipped with a missile warning system and radar technology – because what private jet doesn’t need that. Inside it’s filled with leather, fine woods, and gilded outlines.

Interestingly there’s no huge entertainment system or over the top eccentricities. Instead the aircraft can fly a huge number of friends and family in absolute comfort and even the dining area has seats for 30 people. Dinner in the air anyone?

9. Gulfstream III – $125 million

A typical Gulfstream III would set you back in the region of $75 million, which would make it too cheap for this list. However, like any person with the means, media mogul Tyler Perry invested a whopping $50 million to make his jet really stand out.

As expected, theirs a huge cinema room, a dining area, a lounge, a VIP bedroom, and a bathroom. And just to really make it pop, he’s filled it with some expensive antique objects and paintings for good measure. This Gulfstream III might not be the biggest but it sure is classy.

10. Airbus ACJ319NEO – $101.5 million

Airbus ACJ319NEO

The Airbus ACJ319NEO costs $101.5 million without any customization. Not much else is known about this aircraft but it can fly from LA to Geneva on a single tank of gas.

11. Boeing 757 – $100 million

It’s no surprise that Trump’s 757 has made it onto this list. Though the current US president currently uses the Air Force One, his family can often be seen jetting around in their 757. Thanks to its two Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines it can travel at over 500 miles per hour for nearly 16 hours.

Like many planes on this list, it has private bedrooms, a cinema room, and of course a dining room. While it’s not much compared to the Air Force One, you definitely wouldn’t complain if you got to fly on it.

Further Jets

In short, those are the most expensive planes that money could buy you. If that’s not enough and you’re looking for something cheaper, then here are some alternative options:

  • Gulfstream G700 – $75 million
  • Bombardier Global 7000 – $73 million
  • Gulfstream G650ER $71.5 million
  • Bombardier Global 8000 – $66 million
  • Embraer Linage 1000e – $53 million
  • Bombardier Global Express $47.7 million
  • Gulfstream G500 – $44 million
  • Gulfstream IV – $38 million
  • Embraer Praetor 600 – $20 million

What’s the most expensive airplane?

The most expensive plane in the world is the B-2 Spirit. Depending on who you ask, it costs between $700 million and $2 billion. Of course, you’ll never be able to buy but they are a beautiful plane to behold.


These luxurious private jets are absolutely beautiful and we’d love to have the opportunity to fly on any one of them. Unfortunately, for most of us, that’s going to be impossible. However, we can help you charter a plane in a similar class, and you’ll definitely fly in style.

Let us know in the comments what’s the most exciting plane you’ve flown on.

Pets on Private Jets

Flying with Pets on Private Jets

We all love our pets. Approximately 70% of the population has a pet and almost 30% of the population owns at least one dog.

If you have a pet you probably also hate leaving them behind. While some people put their pets into daycare when they go on holiday, a lot of people choose to travel with theirs.

Unfortunately while driving with your car or going by boat can be easy, flying with your pet isn’t as straightforward.

In this guide, we’ll cover all the important aspects that you’ll need to be aware of if you’d like to fly with your dog or pet.

Initially, we’ll cover Private Jet travel, since this is our business, however, we’ve also got plenty of information for commercial airline travel with pets too.

Private Jet Travel With Your Pets

Traveling with pets on private jets still has a lot of the same limitations that commercial airlines have. Limitations which we cover below.

However, on private jets, you’re allowed to take any kind of pet you’d like. With commercial airlines, this is limited mainly to dogs and in some cases cats. Where it becomes difficult is that not all operators allow pets on board. Operators and their pet policy can be broken down into three simple groups;

  • No Pets Allowed
  • Allowed
  • Allowed with a surcharge.

The latter is the most common one and the cost for this can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. While some limit their policy to dogs and cats most realize that a reptile, parrot, or gerbil will most likely cause fewer issues. Therefore they don’t mind if you bring your pet along as long as they are kept securely and you pay a cleaning surcharge. In fact, there have been extreme cases of pet ponies, and even emus on private jets.

If you’re looking to travel with your pet, then contact us and we’ll create a flight tailored to you.

Is Flying With Your Pet Risky?

As with all travel options, flying with your pet is risky. Air travel is especially dangerous for animals with “flat faces” such as pugs and Persian cats. The reason being is that at altitude the air is thinner and this can lead to breathing problems. This is less of an issue if they are traveling in the cabin compartment but can be a huge issue if they are in the luggage hold.

Therefore, if you own one of these pets it’s best that you leave them at home. However, if that’s not an option, see if you can find an alternative travel method for them.

Additionally, if you’re flying to or from the US, you can use the US Department of Transports Air Travel Consumer Reports to see if your chosen airline operator has reported any incidents (which they are bound to by law).

Where Your Pet Travels

When it comes to traveling with your pets, the most important factor is where your pet travels. For private jet charters, this isn’t a problem, since if the operator allows it, they can fly in the cabin. Unfortunately, for commercial airlines, this is significantly more limited.

Each commercial airline limits where pets can travel on a flight. This varies by company but the general rule is that only service and emotional support animals can be checked, and pets under 10kg can be carried in a carry-on.


Checked travel is the best for your pet in all aspects. Unfortunately, most commercial flight companies strongly restrict checked pets. Not only do they have to meet strict criteria, only one checked pet is allowed per flight. However, if you can manage it, you should use this option. It provides the most comfortable and stress-free travel for your pet.

Carry On

The next best option is to carry your pet in a carry-on. You’re required to put this under the seat in front of you. Understandably, this is limited to small pets and luggage size.

Luggage Compartment

The luggage compartment (cargo hold) is the worst option for your pet, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s the only option. The restrictions on traveling in the luggage compartment are a lot fewer. Additionally, there are strict rules and guidelines the airport has to meet so your pet will be safe and secure. Furthermore, if the temperature is too high or too low on the day of flying, you won’t be permitted to as it would pose a health risk to your pet.

Service Animals and Emotional Support Pets

With commercial flights, a lot of the time the only pets that are allowed to travel are service animals and emotional support pets. This is because most pets are untrained and would therefore cause mayhem in the passenger compartment.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that even emotional supports pets won’t be allowed on board in the united states anymore as many people have been abusing this system. The reason for this is that it’s relatively easy to register a pet as an emotional support animal. On the other hand, getting a service animal is extremely expensive and requires a lot of training.

Pet Flight Restrictions

Whether you’re traveling with commercial airlines or private jets, the normal restrictions are all the same. However, check with your provider before booking as some provide additional checks or paperwork.

  • Vaccinations – Your pet must be up to date on their vaccinations and will need a rabies shot before traveling
  • Breed – Some companies don’t accept brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs of any ‘mix’
  • Age – All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age and in some cases 16.
  • Quarantine – Depending on your host and arrival country, you might require to put your pet into a quarantine

Type of Carrier

Check in advance if the airline requires any special kind of carrier as most airlines require IATA standard hard sided carriers. Additionally ask at the airport what the procedure is when having your pet’s carrier x-rayed, you don’t want them getting an unhealthy dose of rays. However, for most scenarios as long as your pet is well trained and you give them food and entertainment they shouldn’t have any problems on a medium-length journey. However, do make sure to get a kennel that’s large enough for your pet to move around in comfortably.

Variation By Countries

Flying with your pet varies considerably depending on where from and where to you’re flying. While it’s straightforward and simple in the EU and the US, if you’re flying another router then we’d recommend looking into the details.


Flying with your pet is unfortunately a long and complicated process and there isn’t a single straightforward guide that could cover the whole topic. If you’re flying private then it becomes significantly easier but it does come with a cost. In conclusion, make the best decision for you and your pet both financially and emotionally.

Jet Etiquette

Jetiquette – Private Jet Etiquette

Flying on a private jet is the epitome of luxury travel.

While it’s a lot of fun, excitement, and pleasure, there are some basic rules you need to know about private jet etiquette and private flight.

Therefore whether it’s your first time or a hundredth, make sure you that follow these simple tips to have the best experience possible.

The tips here can vary depending on your flight crew, which operator you choose, and your trip details, however, they will hold true 99 percent of the time. Furthermore, you should also ensure that all passengers follow these rules and not only the host. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask or double-check the operators’ private jet etiquette guidelines.

Be on Time

One of the advantages of flying private is the flexibility of time. You can travel when you want and how often you want. However, that doesn’t mean that you can turn up late to your flight. It’s expected that you arrive around 15 minutes before flying so that your documents and luggage can be handled accordingly.

Luckily, if you are running late then it is possible to ring the operator and get them to delay the flight. Depending on the airport your flying from this usually won’t be an issue. However, busy airports have a heavy timetable of take-offs so if you’re late your flight might be delayed by a few hours.

In short, don’t waste the pilots’ and employees’ time as surely you wouldn’t want your time wasted either.

Don’t Forget Your Documents

Even if your flying private you’ll still need your documents. The documents you require will depend on your take-off and destination airports. Your operator will make sure to let you know specifically what you need. However, if you’re unsure, you can always double-check. Unfortunately, if you don’t have all of the required documents you can be refused travel and even lose your deposit.

Watch Your Luggage

Unlike with commercial flights, your luggage will be loaded by the pilot and/or the flight attendants. There won’t be any dedicated personnel doing this. While pilots are trained for this, and they work out regularly, they aren’t fans of lifting 40kg suitcases. Therefore, make sure you pack light or in multiple suitcases. You’re pilot and crew definitely won’t be in the best mood if they have to fly after having to move everything including the kitchen sink. In fact, for this reason, some operators do have a weight restrictions which can be lower than for commercial flights so do check before flying.

Tipping is Appreciated

Despite what many people believe, pilots don’t get paid millions. In fact, usually, a pilot’s pay is relatively average and depending on their employment type they might have hefty yearly training fees to pay. Therefore like many people in the service industry tipping is greatly appreciated. The average 10% stands, however, if you feel they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty then do feel to tip more. Of course, it’s not mandatory and completely up to the consideration of the booker.

Dress Accordingly

Unless you own your private yet, it’s important that you follow a simple dress etiquette. The level of this ranges from operator to operator and you’ll be informed before your flight. It might be just that you dress sensibly, while some require you to wear a full suit. The latter is less common but it does occur.

Respect is Paramount

Like with any service or equipment that you may use through your life, private jet etiquette requires that you respect the crew and the equipment. This comes down to three distinct sections.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Partying

Everyone wants you to have a good time while flying private. However, the drugs, sex, and rock and roll attitude displayed in movies are extremely overexaggerated. No-one will mind if you become a bit drunk or do an impromptu karaoke session. However, drugs and sex and strictly forbidden on private jet charters. Worst case scenario you could be sued for sexual harassment. If you own your aircraft then it’s a whole different scenario.


Unlike with commercial flight, with private jet flight, there are no predetermined. seating locations. It’s customary, to allow the lead passenger or host to chose their seat first. From then it’s their close relatives or significant. After that, it’s a free for all.

Respect the Equipment

You wouldn’t want anyone defacing or causing damage to your car or house. The same goes for private jet charter services. They want you to have a good time and enjoy your flight, but they don’t want to see any damage to their property. Therefore, whether it’s your first time or a hundredth, respect the equipment. Causing damage to a private jet could be extremely costly and not something that most people would want to pay for.

Parking and Ramp Access

Most private air charter services allow for ramp access. This means that you or your chauffeur can drive up to the plane as you can board directly. However, don’t assume that this is always the case. Driving up to an airplane randomly can get you in a lot of legal trouble and even police storming your vehicle. It might be an obvious jet etiquette rule, but trust us it has happened.


Here are some commonly asked questions that come up when flying on private jets and the etiquette you should follow.

Can you bring anything on a private jet?

Unlike with commercial aircraft, there are very few restrictions. As long as it’s reasonable the operator shouldn’t have a problem with accommodating your needs. Whether it’s 100 kilos of gold, a Picasso, or an antique machine gun, it doesn’t matter, just let them know.

Do you get searched on a private jet?

No. Your paperwork will be checked but there won’t be any TSA, body scans, or X-Rays. These things are intended for public flights where there is a risk of wanting to cause harm to others. On private jets you may only cause harm to yourself.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about private jet etiquette. Keep those in mind and your pilot and crew will take care of you and make sure you have an unforgettable flight whether for business or pleasure.

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