Flying on a Private Jet During COVID19:


When you think of flying on a private jet, most people often think of glamour, money, prestige, and power.

A few months ago, all that changed with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The glamour and money components still make up most of the people who fly in their own private jets, however more and more business and personal travelers are now booking their flights on private jets.

It is the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought more awareness to the agility and ease of being able to book a last-minute flight that’s operationally impossible for major air carriers. Private jetting has always been efficient and effective, yet most people were unaware of just how useful, safe, and streamlined private jet travel can be. Flying on a private jet is usually under the umbrella of business aviation.

However, more and more new customers and travelers are now aware that the future of flying can be better met by using a private jet.

Read on to learn more about how practicing social distancing in the sky should play into the next airline trip you need to book. The story behind the uptick in travelers who are flying on private jets is a result of staying safe and healthy when you need to fly.

Flying on a Private Jet

Flying on a private jet gives you the experience of having the right stuff. If you’ve always wanted to try flying on a private jet, the time is now for you to try it out. Most people think booking a flight on a private jet is something only millionaires can do. That’s not true in 2020 as most private jet ticket prices are reasonable and about the same cost as a first-class commercial airline ticket.

What’s more is that by using a private jet for your traveling needs, you cut down on TSA lines. You also receive personalized and customized service including but not limited to; 

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Catering options
  • Champagne choices
  • Cold meats and sandwiches
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

When you’re sitting in your private jet seat, sipping on champagne, you’ll wonder what took you so long to make the switch from commercial airline flying. Your experience will include a flight that’s safe, efficient, and gives you amenities you thought didn’t exist anymore.

Private Jet Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught most of us that there’s not much we won’t do to ensure our safety and the safety of those we love. The increased demand in using private jet services by the wealthy and the average business traveler is due to a commitment to practice safe distancing in the sky. Practicing safe distance in the sky is almost impossible to do on commercial jetliners.

Almost all countries now allow their citizens to travel to and from other countries. There are still some border and passenger restrictions, but those are easily determined and followed by private jet services. In fact, when passengers needed to travel to global destinations at short notice, the one type of flight they could make is through private charter jets.

There are dedicated private charter jet services that provide professional and personalized service, so you will have access to the terminal you need to go to so you can get to the country or destination you want.

Travel Restrictions

While traveling private has plenty of advantages, unfortunately, it doesn’t exempt you from rules and regulations. Whether you’re flying within the United States, in Europe, or globally ensure that you pay attention to the rules and regulations.

The most common thing to look out for is quarantine rules. Depending on where and where you’re traveling from you might be required to self-isolate for up to two-weeks. It is possible to get out of these by producing at least two negative coronavirus tests.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to follow all safety protocols when you’re flying private. Luckily, charter providers are putting in extra time and resources into making sure that each plane is fully clean and disinfected before each flight.

Social Distancing is Being Socially Conscious While Flying

The story of how COVID-19 has transformed the flight industry is still ongoing. Tourism, commercial airlines, and private jet services are all redefining their mode of operations to best-fit of wealthy and regular passenger needs. In 2020, by utilizing private aviation, you’re helping to ease commercial airline pressure while providing the travel needs of people who still need to be able to make a living and provide for their families.

The transportation industry is desperate to find a way for travelers to fly safely, help re-start the economy, and become part of the social distancing in the sky solution. That’s why it’s so vital to continue to be socially conscious when you’re flying by continuing to practice social distancing. There may not be a viable way to do that through commercial airlines yet.

Largest Private Jets

If you’re one of the ones, who has never been a fan of tight, enclosed spaces with uncomfortable seats, you’ll be happy to know private jets have come a long way in the past ten or twenty years. You can book a flight on a small, comfortable, and very light jet (VLT) that will get you where you want to go safely and quickly. Many people call these jets the entry-level jets giving you all the comfort your need, the speed you want with a limited amount of passengers.

Many private jet sizes come after the VLT, but the king of size is a private jet that gives you over 1,000 square feet of space in the sky. This is a private jet that costs about $400 million, and if you stripped all the private jet amenities out of the interior would fit 555 passengers. Happily, most travelers want their private jet flying experience to be comfortable, safe, and provide a bit of luxury, but they don’t need that amount of space and cost to get it.

Your Next Flight

When you’re ready to book your next flight, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Jetfinder. Jetfinder will be able to match the location, cost, number of people, and amenities you want by providing a way for you to fly on a private jet. Flying on a private jet is for the wealthy but it’s also for you too so learn to travel the way those with money always have. 

It’s here and now and ready for any traveler who will take the time to learn about how easy it is to book and how safe it is in the air. There’s no better solution when you have to fly to a destination because no commercial airliner can offer ease, comfort, and pricing at the same level.

There’s no more responsibly safe method of traveling in 2020.


So if you’re looking for something safer than commercial flights then look no further. Private jet charters will provide you with the safest way to travel during the pandemic. Whether you’re in need of repatriation flights or just general travel get in touch with us and we’ll help you sort it out.

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