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Vaccine Holiday – Flying Privately to Safety

The concept may seem right out of a science-fiction script. In a year where adaptation was vital, the search for innovative solutions brought new notions. Please welcome the opportunity to fly privately on a vaccine holiday.

With nations worldwide and economies overrun by an invisible enemy, science provided an incredible achievement through a solution that is now amongst us.

Today, there’s no better excuse to get on board and benefit from the best of two worlds. An exclusive flight with paramount safety, heading to a lovely destination to get your vaccine.

The stress amid a pandemic

It’s been nearly two years since the pandemic hit the world, unwarned. Since then, the overall situation has been nothing short of traumatic. Many have suffered from mental and physical health issues, rising unemployment, and an even worse economic situation than before. As a result, we’re now more delayed than ever, attending to other urgent global issues.

Many have been hopeful for a solution since the start of the pandemic. The best scientists, virologists, and many more professionals have come together to create not one but several effective vaccines. Since then, through trials and a year of hard work, we now benefit from the result of science and investment. As a result, there is a global feeling that everyday life is only around the corner.


The truth about your vaccine holiday

Reality eventually hits. With a population of over 7.67 billion, when would the majority of people obtain a vaccine? At which scale would production be enough to ensure timely vaccination for everyone?

At the moment, there’s only a handful of countries developing successful vaccines. For such reason, it’s only expectable these are first in line.

With several restrictions like priority vaccination on Covid to front line workers such as medical staff and police officers, many other rules derive according to geographic location.

Stages of vaccination widely come down from the eldest to the young. As a result, most people realize this is still a rather long and painful process.

The thoughtful solution

After successfully vaccinating 76% of UAE’s elderly residents and patients with chronic diseases, the vaccination program started inviting citizens above 14 years of age.

To boost the economy and ensure tourism gets back on track, countries like Dubai have come up with intelligent solutions. Why not offer vaccination services to tourists?

Here enters The Maldives, Thailand, and Israel. Some of which top tourist hubs globally have similar solutions in what is yet a restricted list.

The perfect complement

Suppose you are in a country where you cannot take a vaccine because of the constraints posed by the local government. It’s now possible to book a private plane for a Covid vaccine – simple and easy!

We have all faced scenarios where travelling resulted in people testing positive for the virus. In similar situations, flying in full commercial flights – even if in business class – posed some degree of risk.

Hence, for those that can, why not go for a Covid-19 vaccine, flying on a charter plane and avoid the vast majority of risks altogether?

A holiday to remember

After being in a traumatic situation for two years, you are allowed to take a well-deserved break. Hence, enjoy the additional benefits that such tourist destinations have to offer.

For instance, by booking a vaccine holiday in Dubai, it’s easy to quickly go out and about to see for yourself what one of the most beautiful countries – the UAE – has to offer.

Don’t feel like taking on the dry heat? There are more options other than Dubai. Travel to the ocean land of the Maldives and enjoy paradisiacal beaches and idyllic rest by crystal clear waters. In the same list, as we mentioned before, Thailand and Israel will welcome you to far more than the opportunity to get a vaccine.

Whatever your choice, a few of these countries on the list already show signs of regular everyday life. That is if any other excuse should be necessary to make up your mind.

Vaccination in paradise?

These tourist spots and all other beautiful locations they have to offer are providing paying visitors with the armour to protect themselves from the ongoing pandemic. Tourist services, along with other developments in their packages, are now offering these appealing vaccination services.

All the hassle-free arrangements will be in place to take visitors to a safe vaccination centre and administer the vaccine(s) whilst ensuring no issues arise. You can’t say you had a holiday much like this one before, we’ll assume.

Book a private flight and depart with the utmost safety to anticipate immunization. In a matter of hours and after a few simple steps, visitors have gained an edge in embracing their old lives back.

The best option: book a private charter jet!

Most might be wondering how booking a private charter jet can be a better option in such a crisis.

Countries like Dubai offer special quarantine programs to vaccinate visitors. This includes taking a fun trip around the country.

To brief our readers on it, booking a private jet comes with its perks. Think of paramount safety without the need to share a crowded cabin with strangers.

A vaccine holiday in Dubai, in turn, lowers the chance of getting in contact with people and prevents the spread of Covid-19. It also paves the way for efficient and secure time to get vaccinated and stay in private quarantine where you can get total assistance and support.

It’s also worth considering that once in the country, wouldn’t it be a great chance to surf the sands of Dubai and take a round trip around the country to witness its heritage and culture?

Also, countries like Dubai, the Maldives, Thailand, Israel, and a few others offer special travel packages encompassing Covid vaccines.

This means getting a vaccine, stay in a private bubble, and still enjoy a splendid trip around the country. If there was ever a great reason to check out these destinations, look no further.

What are the upsides to a vaccine holiday?

For a fact, there are many ways you can benefit from taking a private plane for a Covid vaccine. Firstly, it is a safer trip away from the general public. Therefore, an effective way to minimize the chances of getting infected on your way.

Secondly, it provides the chance for a private and luxurious trip to the country of choice. Enjoying your time while on a charter plane and its amenities does make it worth your while. Think a favourite meal, a couple of glasses of champagne, followed by the first step to immunization – brilliant.

Thirdly, there’s no need to wait too long to get vaccinated, as everything is in place for you on arrival at your destination. A Covid-19 vaccine as a flying benefit is something almost unheard of and one for the ages. There’s something relaxing about ensuring safer and faster access to this opportunity, keeping passengers free from stress on the so-called ‘vaccine pressure.’

Last but not least, vaccines are just the complementary part. The bigger picture is a fantastic trip that you get to experience in a country you probably have dreamt of for a while. Take a break from the restrictions of 2020 with the peace and joy that your destination of choice has to offer

What are the downsides?

Getting a Covid-19 vaccine after flying abroad comes with a few perks, as mentioned. Therefore, expect to find some downsides along the way.

Those who can benefit from using private planes can be perceived as taking advantage of a scarce resource. Some see it as “queue hopping” under a questionable moral perspective.

It is also natural to feel a little insecure about getting vaccinated abroad. However, considering that some of these have some of the best medical support and assistance in the world, it’s a detail to easily overlook.

If such an idea seems appealing, many others will likely find it too. The availability of such packages is still limited. This means there will be some arrangements before ensuring you can depart on a vaccine holiday.

The silver lining on ta vaccine holiday

Amidst the rush for Covid vaccines in various countries and the delay in reaching all age groups, there’s now true hope and solutions, unlike before.

More importantly, a safe ticket to the vaccine is a valid option over a private bubble. It includes a lovely stay and a fabulous trip to enjoy the destinations truly. It’s also a compelling double offer. It provides a safe journey in a private jet and the vaccine the world needs. Finally, the added benefit of the tranquil holiday postponed for far too long.

If there was ever a great motive to start packing bags and visiting a few of the destinations suggested on this page, this might be a unique opportunity. Regaining control of everyday life is surely amongst the main priorities. Indulging in a private jet flight towards an exciting holiday is the kind of proposal that is simply too good to refuse.

G7 Covid Passports Flags

Vaccine passport talks in G7 countries

Were you planning to renew your passport any time soon? Well, you may now be forced to make additional space in your wallet for a vaccine passport too. COVID has changed many fundamental aspects of our lives and it seems IDs are next.

In the near future, we may be required to possess additional documentation to prove that we do not represent a risk to the country we want to travel to, the so-called vaccine passport. This new term has entered the vocabulary of many politicians in recent times and has even found its way to some of the top airlines in the world.

Just to be clear, a vaccination ‘pass’ or passport is a document proving that you have received a vaccine against COVID-19. It may even include your recent test results, showing that you tested negative for the virus, making it even easier to travel. The details are still unclear, as it is currently being worked on by governments and airline companies alike, but the general consensus is that it will have a digital format.

And that is about all the consensus we can talk about, as we will soon see. Countries have struggled with both the pandemic response and vaccination efforts. This includes the G7 nations. Let’s take a look at how they plan on tackling the new vaccination passport idea.


Canada’s minister of health Patty Hajdu acknowledged the need for the country to be involved with the talks of a vaccine passport, and even prime minister Justin Trudeau confirmed this. However, no specifics have been given by either in terms of what Canada is actually doing or plans to do in this regard.

5.11% has received at least one dose, 1.51% have received two doses
Total population: ~37.6 million (2019)


Transport minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari announced on the 11th of March that Air France passengers will be required to use a smartphone app to prove that they have either received a COVID-19 vaccine or tested negative for the disease. This is part of a 1-month trial for the system and it only applied to passengers traveling to the French Caribbean territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The minister added that the ‘goal is to see if it works well in real-time’ and whether it can ‘ensure against fraud and shorten waiting lines’ or not.  He also mentioned that there are no plans for such a passport to be used in other sectors such as restaurants or the cinema, at least for now.

7.2% received at least one dose, 3.3% received two doses
Total population: ~67 million, with overseas territories


German chancellor Angela Marker is in favor of such passports, though only after most of the population has been vaccinated. While the German public is majoritarily in favor of the concept, many believe the country should wait a bit until more people get vaccinated. The passport would allow entry to gyms, theaters, sporting events, and travel, but concerns have been raised on how the situation would evolve for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

~8% received at least one dose
Total population: ~83 million


Can’t wait for your next gondola ride through the Grand Canal of Venice? Well, you are not alone. Many tourists are waiting to get their tickets and have already started making vacation plans. The Italian government has, however, not stated any intent or plans regarding the certificate, but it has been called upon by Italy’s National Federation of Travel and Tourism Industry to step up its vaccination efforts.

~10.3% received at least one dose, ~3.3% received two doses
Total population: ~60 million


The Japanese government acknowledges the need for digital vaccine passports, as the minister in charge of administrative reform, Taro Kono indicated “There is a global effort to systematize vaccination records for international travel”. The health minister, Norihisa Tamura has expressed his concerns, shared by many in the country, that Japan could ‘see a problem with discrimination and prejudice’ against those without the vaccine passport.

Therefore, the aim, for now, is to develop and use such certificates for international travel only. We could see them in action as early as April, according to the Japanese government.

~0.2% received at least one dose
Total population: ~127 million

The United Kingdom

At present, anyone receiving a dose of vaccine in the UK will receive a ‘vaccination card’, but its purpose is only to remind patients that they require two doses of COVID-19 vaccines, so it features a date and batch number of the first and the later second vaccination for the user’s own information only.

In terms of an actual vaccine passport, the UK government is still reviewing the potential benefits for international travel. The COVID vaccine Deployment head, Nadhim Zahawi stated that “If other countries will require a vaccine certificate then I think it’s right that we facilitate it”.Domestic use is currently not planned.

~35.5% received at least one dose, ~2.3% received two doses
Total population: ~67 million

The United States

The US is also currently ‘assessing the feasibility’ of vaccine passports. However, since December of 2020, passengers en-route to certain destinations have been using the CommonPass system to show their COVID-19 test results to airport officials. Groups like United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have conducted trials with the system showing promising results. The vaccine passports are not mandatory yet, many carriers offering Covid-19 tests at the airports instead.

~21% received at least one dose, ~11% received two doses
Total population: ~331 million

The European Union

While the EU is not considered a sovereign Member State and is thus incapable of assuming G7 presidency, it is a ‘non-enumerated’ member of the organization and takes part in all of its discussions.

The 27 member states have agreed on the issue of the so-called ‘Digital Green Pass’. In order to prevent discrimination, the digital document would also include recent Covid-19 test results. The European Commission is currently in the process of drafting legislation for this purpose. While the general consensus between the members is that such a vaccine passport is needed, there are still disagreements on whether vaccination should be a prerequisite to traveling.

~8.3% received at least one dose, ~3.7% received two doses
Total population: ~520 million including EEA member states

Worldwide, besides the CommonPass digital vaccine passport platform, IATA is currently working on the IATA Travel Pass app as a ‘standardized solution to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding passenger travel requirements’.

Will vaccine passports include information regarding both vaccination and test results?

This varies from country to country. Generally, information regarding vaccination status is mandatory, while test results are not the main concerns.

Are vaccine passports ethical?

This is the number one dividing topic in regards to vaccine passports. The main fear is that unvaccinated individuals may be discriminated against and/or be refused access to facilities in some countries. A solution to this concern is still unclear.

Are vaccine passports needed?

This question concerns many scientists around the world. This is because the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines against several virus variants circulating in different countries is still not sufficiently documented and studied. Additionally, many countries still present a slow vaccine roll-out, so vaccine passports may prove to be a divisive factor between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Will there be a unified vaccine passport system?

The IATA Travel Pass system has seen more and more airlines signing up for its use. These include, but are not limited to, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and All Nippon Airways (ANA). The EU is planning on having such a system applied to the 27 nations bloc, but it is still unclear how it will synergize with other such vaccine passport systems.

Does China use digital vaccine passports?

Yes, they are dubbed ‘international travel health certificates’, which are essentially QR codes that when scanned lead to the user’s vaccine and Covid-19 test history. This system, however, has been developed without input from any international organization and does not have the power to permit international travel.


The topic of vaccine passports is still very much debated. Many questions remain unanswered and additional studies and reviews need to be made. It will be worth keeping an eye out on how things evolve from here on.

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