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The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Rolls Royce's The Spirit of Ecstasy Symbol

Best Luxury Cars in the World in 2022

A taste in cars may always remain subjective. However, luxury is undebatable when present. We step outside our private jet flight and hop on some of the most exciting and best luxury cars in the world.

We gather the consensus on what some of our customers love to drive – or be driven around. In the end, your personal list would probably differ considerably from our pick.

There is something in for everyone, from fast supercars to luxury SUVs. We even included some unique marvels made of dreams and carbon fibre.

Fasten your seatbelt, and let’s go for a drive. This is our pick with the top 10 best luxury cars in the world in 2022.

#1 Rolls Royce Phantom – A Palace on Wheels

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Rolls Royce Phantom II

We’ll admit the majestic Rolls may not be everyone’s cup of tea regarding its design. Conservative, yet unique, impressive in size, yet almost unnoticeable if you blink twice.

It’s the definition and culmination of a British dream. Simultaneously, it provides a strong statement regarding the country and culture that keeps reinventing one of the best luxury cars in the world.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Series II is the car for those with everything but that one last measure of perfection.

It is, by all means, an impressively large vehicle. Measuring 5834mm (229.7 inches) in length and 2427kg (5360.6 lbs.) in weight, it’s anything but discreet. These, however, are far from being the only numbers to leave you wondering.

If you’re wondering how much the Rolls Royce Phantom costs, prices start at $460,000. Pick a few optional and you may drive off after paying $650,000 and beyond. Its performance is equally stellar, especially considering its dimensions and weight. A 6.75-litre V12 engine that outputs 563 horsepower.

Much can be said about its exclusive interior, especially the night sky roof. It is a beautifully crafted interior second to none, ornamented with luxurious details throughout its cabin.

Rolls Royce automobiles aren’t simply ordered or bought. They are, instead, commissioned works of art and sculpted to meet the individual standards of each owner.

#2 Mercedes EQS 53 – The Pinnacle of EV

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Mercedes EQS

EVs are far from consensual, and many may debate whether mentioning one right after the V12 heart of the Rolls Royce Phantom Series II may be playing with petrol heads’ hearts.

Place the electric motion aside for a moment, and the Mercedes EQS is an admirable luxury sedan. Not only has Mercedes made a true statement by providing a unique approach to design – again, not consensual – but it made it so in a truly luxurious fashion.

Its hyperscreen would turn heads if it weren’t so immersive, covering the whole dashboard area. A product born out of science fiction and technological leaps, it’s the heart and soul of this automobile. Control its many features, access any and every piece of information you require – it’s all here.

Add the resulting knowledge of decades in building excellence in automotive making, and you don’t get a car. You get an experience that fuses past and future on four wheels.

The Mercedes EQS performance delivers everything EVs do. Outstanding acceleration, going from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, and an electronically maximum speed of 155 mph. The 107.8 kWh provides between 340 miles and 350 miles, depending on the model variation and external conditions.

But how much does the Mercedes EQS cost? At $122,000, we can’t ask for a sweeter deal considering all you’re getting.

#3 Bentley Flying Spur – British Pedigree

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Bentley Flying Spur

Placing two UK-made cars amongst the top 3 may seem biased. However, do consider that these centenary automobile makers have created masterpieces throughout decades of history.

While many other brands go for scandalous and loud, British luxury car makers go for pedigree and a statement based on legacy.

The Bentley Flying Spur isn’t a revolution when considering the famous Bentley Continental GT. Instead, it adds a pinch of usability and creates room for a smaller four-door limousine.

Its twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 – W configuration instead of V – isn’t your only choice. There is a “smaller”, lighter V8 and a hybrid V6 in the cards.

Prices start at $208,000 and lift off to $309,000. We can undoubtedly say it sits in a league of its own as far as luxury limousines go.

#4 Bugatti La Voiture Noire – A Unique Price Tag

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Bugatti La Voiture Noire

“The Black Car”. We’d love to leave this sentence stand in the air as it is, but there’s too much to say about Bugatti when we mention the best luxury cars in the world.

Exclusive, unmissable, perhaps sometimes absurd. The Bugatti is all these things but never dull or vulgar. Any of its models makes a strong statement for a luxury category of their own.

It is not only the most expensive Bugatti ever createdwhich is saying a lot. At $19,000,000, it is the most expensive car ever made, anywhere.

The “La Voiture Noire” was inspired by the 1930 Type 57 model, a piece of automotive art. It’s powered by an 8.0-litre quadruple turbo-charged W16 that boosts 1,500 hp. This four-wheeled catapult propels its owners from 0-60mph in 3 seconds.

Bugatti has been gaining broader visibility in recent years. Either by introducing ground-breaking four-wheeled rockets such as the Cheyron or Veyron, the current models that include this beautiful “black car”, or the unmissable Bugatti Centodieci.

Bugattis are some of the best luxury cars in the world not only for their performance but also for their limited-number nature.

#5 Ferrari Portofino – What Freedom Feels Like

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Ferrari Portofino

Convertibles are scandalous statements. Such cars say that their owners care very little about practicality or convenience. But the Portofino does all these things and in style.

Even better, it does so in a category filled with grown-up toys in their own right, and as far as the best luxury cars go, “il Cavallino Rampante” – the prancing horse – is a head-turner at any point of the globe.

The exclusive nature of this vehicle sits well with its competitors. Prices start at $226,000, and even though this isn’t a middle-engine supercar, it is definitely what many of us would consider a dream convertible.

Take the lively and “modest” 3.9-litre V8 outputting 611 hp for a spin near the coast, and you’ll feel the parallel romance of the 80s convertible Ferrari Testarossa. With its top speed of 320 km/h, there is much F1-imported technology in this new-generation California T. In our opinion, there is nothing like taking all these inviting ingredients for a spin.

#6 Mercedes-Maybach S-series – Mighty Luxury

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Mercedes-Maybach Interior
Mercedes-Maybach S-Klasse; Exterieur: designo rubelitrot/kalaharigold; Interieur: Leder Nappa macchiatobeige/bronzebraun pearl; Zierteile: designo Holz Walnuss braun offenporig aluminium lines // Mercedes-Maybach S-Class; exterior: designo rubelit red/kalahari gold; interior: Leather Nappa macchiato beige / bronze brown pearl; trim parts: designo brown open-pore walnut wood with aluminium lines

The Mercedes-Maybach S-series is one of those cars that you never mind stepping into. Looking at the design, it seems to appeal to Rolls Royce owners more than to Mercedes.

Its presence is astonishing and a statement of luxury, as you’d expect. Few brands can pull off so many things in one creation, and as we’ve mentioned, Mercedes is one of them.

Starting at $192,000, it’s all uphill from that point and designed to meet your unique requirements. Nothing is left to chance with this model, from the bulletproof Pullman Guard version to the V12 S650 – priced above $250,000.

The cabin uses and abuses premium leather, with some of the most comfortable seats ever built. It’s made for long trips and minimal hassle, and the rear seats are where the focus is.

The Mercedes Maybach costs $185,950 at its entry-level model, and you can easily double that figure through its endless options. After all, it’s still a Mercedes, even if a very exclusive variant.

With several support modes for your legs and feet and rear seats that recline beyond 40º, this car allows you to travel in style and rest along the ride.

#7 Rolls Royce Cullinan – The Ultimate Luxury SUV

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV

You could almost guess we were coming to it. There is no denial that SUVs have become a thing in recent years, and even the most traditional luxury brands resisted the hype for as long as they could.

While some may debate whether the SUV is only a passing trend, the $300,000 price tag on the Rolls Royce Cullinan may be worth all the extra room and comfort for the ride.

Many of our private jet customers have already converted to these luxury SUVs and benefit from the all-rounder vehicles they’re designed to be.

The design of the Cullinan doesn’t drive too far off the Phantom, and the interior has plenty of metal, leather and carbon fibre to remind its proud owners that a RR isn’t just any random car.

The “night sky” feature is back, an ever-distinctive signature by Rolls Royce that you don’t want to dismiss. Unique, enchanting and exclusive to your taste, there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else.

If numbers are what you’re after, the 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 hosts 600hp and 900Nm, going from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

As quiet as incredibly large, it redefines the principles of how Rolls Royce vehicles are always notorious.

#8 BMW Series 7 – Baviera’s Finest

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - BMW Series 7

BMW is a brand we often associate with sports cars for those that enjoy a thrill. Still, the wide range of vehicles the Baviera-based produces includes some sweet high-end luxury cars.

The Series 7 is the direct competitor of the Mercedes S-class. It delivers on many of the same arguments for those after the best luxury car on the market. All with one extra point: a BMW is rarely ever boring.

There are several choices before you. Diesel, hybrid or full-electric powertrains cater for everyone’s taste and specific requirements.

The BMW series 7 costs $87,000 at entry-level with the 740i, which quickly doubles if you’re after a fully-equipped M760i.

Engine-wise, there’s much to be excited about. The 745e has a turbocharged 3.0-litre thermal engine complemented by an electric one, boosting 335 horsepower. On the other end of the sheet, the M760i has a twin-turbo V12 with 600 horsepower.

Inside the cabin, the BMW series 7 shows why it’s one of the best luxury cars in the world by anyone’s standards. Even though we’re a few miles off the Rolls Royce or Bugatti, it’s undeniable that a quality interior is one of BMW’s trademarks.

Modern, packed with LED details, and as digital as every 2022 car plans to be. The BMW series 7 must be seen to be believed or enjoyed – after all, it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Everything happens in the rear seats. Comfort is undoubtedly the primary concern, with doors that close automatically or open themselves at the press of a button. Read door panels have touchscreens that control all aspects of the rear cabin.

If you’re in for entertainment, BMW brings its genius to this model. An optional theatre screen may arrive with the 2023 model. Expect all the connectivity and high-definition tech you can dream of.

Overall, seat quality now rubs shoulders with the Mercedes S-class, which is saying a lot. There isn’t a dull moment inside this car, as there isn’t when it’s off where it belongs: out on the open road.

#9 LEXUS LS Hybrid – The Samurai

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Lexus LS 500h

The Lexus brand may not be everyone’s point of reference in most of Europe. However, it does make a strong case in markets such as the US, China, Japan, or even Taiwan. There are far too many reasons to include the Lexus LS in our best luxury cars list, and we start with the brand’s meaning: Lexus means Luxury.

Toyota is still the largest car manufacturer in the world. Its reputation for highly reliable and affordable vehicles provides strong selling points. But one thing that Toyotas can’t claim for themselves is luxury.

Where there is a problem, there is a Japanese solution. Here enters the creation of Lexus, born in 1989. After Toyota’s CEO Eiji Toyoda issued a challenge to create the world’s best car in 1983, Lexus entered a pathway to global success.

The Lexus LS costs $113,000 if you opt for the LS500 model, which delivers more than enough arguments to compete with the BMW Series 7 or the Mercedes S-class.

This is the perfect option for those after one of the best luxury cars in the world, without necessarily going down the German-built options. The Lexus design differentiates itself by more modern, slick lines.

Performance is also a reason to smile, as the legendary Lexus hybrid train powers the LS 500 from 0-60 mph in only 4.6 seconds. With 416 horsepower, the smooth twin-turbo V6 provides one of the smoothest rides in its class.

#10 Land Rover Range Rover SV – Offroad Luxury

The Best Luxury Cars in the World - Land Rover Range Rover SV

Supporters of the Royal Family will undoubtedly agree that the Range Rover earned its place on our best luxury cars on the world list. If it’s good enough for Her Royal Majesty, The Queen, it will prove suitable for our most distinguished private jet customers.

Behold the Range Rover SV and its several arguments to feature in our best cars in the world list. But how much does the Range Rover SV cost? It’s certainly a competitor in its own right with other luxury vehicles, starting at $100,800, and you’ve guessed it – you can easily double that figure with all the luxury options added.

It’s also a brand-new model for the Spring of 2022, which means you’re unlikely to cross paths with too many of these all of a sudden.

Go for the top model, and you’re looking at the P530 engine—a 4.4-litre V8 with 523 horsepower. In terms of performance, we rest our case.

Its interior is as jaw-dropping as a Mercedes S-class or any other luxury car on this list. A wooden console is one of the many noble materials that provide the Range Rover SV with a distinctive pedigree. Add one of the most sophisticated and comfortable infotainment systems available in a car, and you’ll soon be eager to go on a long-distance trip.

Two independent screens for the passengers sitting at the rear, connected via Android Auto and Apple CarPlaye, are already standard. All the Range Rover SV options are yours to personalise with an extra hint of luxury.

The Best Luxury Cars in the World for Our Customers

We realise our list is as subjective as a taste in expensive wines, gourmet food, or paradise destinations. However, there is something for everyone here that will spark the heart of the adventurous, the family trip, and the adrenaline-seeker.

Always in great comfort and surrounded by the art and genius of some of the world’s most talented car manufacturers. With so many of these, including handmade materials, owners of any of these beautiful machines can see them as much more than an object.

We do hope you enjoyed our quick drive around and remind you that luxury doesn’t need to end once you’re parked. Instead, it may be the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Contact us today for your free private jet flight quote, and the least you can expect is an experience and comfort, much like some of these road legends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which luxury car is best?

We have a soft spot for any of the models listed here. From the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, to the incredible Mercedes EQS. Each of the cars on our best luxury cars list excels in particular markets. Ask the owner of any of these if they believe their cars are the best and the world, and most likely, the answer will be affirmative.

Do luxury cars hold their value?

The rule is that any car will depreciate from the moment you buy it, with some losing up to 40% after only one year. Lexus tends to hold their value for the longest, followed by Porsche and Mercedes. Should you opt for an exclusive and limited-edition vehicle, its value may rise in a few years, but it’s always a gamble.

Which luxury car is cheapest to maintain?

Again, the award goes to Lexus. With legendary reliability, there isn’t much that tends to go wrong with any of its models. If you dislike the idea of a car that consumes many resources, EVs such as the Tesla Model S or Model X are incredibly cheap to run, even if this level of luxury doesn’t quite reach the standards of most cars mentioned on our list.

What is the most reliable luxury car in the market?

The Lexus LS brings along a reputation, and it works hard to maintain and improve on it. When taking on the mission to make the best luxury cars in the world, Lexus thought about making them reliable and never leaving anyone owning a Lexus stranded on the side of the road over a petty failure. Those principles seem to be only improving with time.

How exclusive can some luxury cars be?

Very. Factory optional are only the beginning when you’re after exclusivity, and the overall price tag can be multiplied tenfold. Especially if you’re after an exclusive license plate, adding rare materials or even requesting particular design changes to your car. Just as with imagination, deep pockets can get you anything you dream of.

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