Catering on Board a Private Jet

Are you looking forward to enjoying a seamless flight experience? Well, food is no exception, as private jet charters tailcatering on board a private jetor to the tiniest of details. Catering on board a private jet is somewhat complex as chefs have to cater to a wide range of airlines and specific orders worldwide. 

Without surprise, companies responsible for private jet catering prepare and serve meals at a voyaging altitude. However, serving authentic food at approximately 40,000 ft. brings along a multitude of challenges. 

The Science of Dining on Board

Most importantly, passenger taste buds become far less effective due to the low cabin humidity, to which the sense of smell and taste weakens. Nonetheless, if there’s a skilled chef, he/she can cook lip-smacking meals with sea salt, sauces, and rich umami flavours. 

Catering on board a private jet becomes the most crucial part when customers plan to host a business conference or meeting — worried about what to eat onboard?

The world of catering for private jets include endless options. Smoked salmon, grilled chicken or fish, steak, pasta, cold meats, sandwiches, pastries, fruits, and much, much more. 

At your disposal are also dairy-free and gluten-free meals since, in business aviation, food is ordered as per the customer’s heart’s desires. 

Special Requests

The private aviation segment continuously strives to accommodate customers’ demands and exceeds their expectations by delivering only the very best. VIP catering for private jets offers lavish menus for their customers. That’s not to say that straightforward dishes aren’t available as well. Surprising, right? 

At each Fixed Base Operators (FBO), skilled caterers ensure your specific meal’s delivery with incredible time precision. If you make a special request for a particular food option, all efforts will likely be in place to accommodate it. 

Are you planning to organise a special event on a private jet? Just indicate whether you want flowers or a birthday cake since there is little that you can’t find on board to meet your dream flying scenario. Catering on board a private jet knows very little limits.

Catering on Board a Private Jet

Flying a Private Jet Charter for a Special Occasion? 

Is your engagement date or birthday coming soon? Our private jet charter team can tailor your flight experience beautifully, no matter what the occasion is! The team knows it well when it comes to exceeding expectations with an enthralling experience. Expect anything, from decorating the cabin with flowers and festoons to baking cakes and serving champagne. 

VIP catering for private jets also allows creating a custom order. This way, you may avoid reaching your holiday location or business conference on an empty stomach. Order the best – be it hot beef sandwiches or a cup of clam chowder, and it will be delivered right before your eyes. 

What can you Expect for Lunch on board a Private Jet? 

Enjoy some of the most likely to be ordered dishes for lunch. These may be finger sandwiches, salad, pasta, ice cream, vegetables, rice, soft drinks, or any of your top favourite alcoholic beverages. 

You can still order high-end meals in private jet catering or equally request a chicken sandwich along with your preferred beer and ice cream. To cut it short, anything that doesn’t need cooking is readily available. On the other hand, hot food should be precooked first and then served on board. 

Larger private jets are well-equipped with ovens and other facilities to make it easier to serve multiple meal options. 

Catering on Board a Private Jet

What can you Expect for Dinner on board a Private Jet? 

Relish some commonly served dinner dishes. These include chicken, white fish, pasta, salad, vegetables, canapés, choice of desserts, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages of your choice. 

For catering onboard a private jet, chicken and fish are often amongst the preferable options. Speciality drinks are also in order if provided enough notice. On the other hand, desserts and beverages are always available on the private jet as per your desires. 

Try not to overshoot it, and order a meal according to the galley size of your jet. If unsure, the team will always do their best to clarify your options and ensure a fine dining experience regardless.

Is Private Jet Catering Expensive? 

We would have to agree it is. Catering for private jets is relatively expensive, but it’s also the kind of experience you shouldn’t pass on. When/if you sit back and count the total cost, you will have an exact idea. 

Catering costs mainly include preparing food using sterilised and specialised containers. These are then used at 40,000 ft. for heating purposes. It also includes delivery logistics required to bring all ingredients to the airport and then onto the ramp where your private jet awaits. All without ever compromising the temperature and integrity of your meal – and your safety!

Be it a few sandwiches or some fresh fish or chicken, and each meal has its specific instructions to follow. Catering is also expensive because of clients’ customisations, depending on their desires when back from that busy conference or exciting holiday. 

How to Get the Most from Private Jet Catering?

Well, that’s a well-kept secret! You can always meet most of your catering expectations if you opt to book through a private jet charter company. Approach your accounts manager and inquire about any local or exotic cuisines that are available. 

As a plus, you can also call the FBO before you fly out and inquire about the best restaurants at the destination. When you halt at any place for a business meeting, you already know what and where to eat! 

End your holiday ideally by having a sinfully tempting meal at your favourite restaurant before jumping on board and head home. Did you know that your holiday doesn’t have to end right there? You read it right! Just a few phone calls and your charter team will turn your private jet into a dining room. Here, you can derive pleasure in the first-class meal offered and have a gala time with your friends, family, or colleagues.  

Catering on Board a Private Jet

Do Food Options Vary Depending upon the Private Jet you Fly? 

Yes, the food options will vary according to aircraft type, size and route. Size does matter when it comes to flying. Therefore, space is something to consider. A smaller aircraft type means a smaller galley and fewer options to provide hot meals, for instance.

Quality is never sacrificed, no matter what. Smaller private jets usually offer smaller bites. These include cold platters of sushi, sandwiches, snacks, fruits, meat, cheese, and similar options. However, if you are willing to customise your meal and opt for a sizable one, you can order it in advance. The team will deliver to the best of their extent. 

On the other hand, with larger private jets, you can expect both – small and full meals due to the diversity of catering equipment on board. 

In a nutshell, catering on board a private jet offers multiple dining options. In most cases, customers don’t have the time to think about what they want to eat for lunch and dinner. 

For that reason, the charter team will opt for a typical menu with popular items if you make no specific request. Any option, customised or not, will be served right away at your seat without compromising on high-quality standards. 

Enjoy the most alluring and luxurious flight experience with VIP-in-flight catering. There is nothing like indulging in your favourite dishes high and up above the clouds!

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