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The Most Expensive Watches in the World

The most expensive watches in the world are far more than devices for measuring time: they are true works of art. Such items are some of the most desired objects among millionaires: celebrities, athletes, members of royalty, and heads of state. There is hardly anyone on Earth that doesn’t have a soft spot for a unique timepiece. But what are […]

The Best Polo Tournaments in the World

Polo tournaments offer the perfect setting to enjoy one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sports activities, frequently a synonym of royalty and remaining elite. In this modern age, it stands as a unique statement of luxury that portrays a unique lifestyle and history. Whether or not you’re acquainted with the rules of the sport, we’ll let it completely […]

Flying to Horse Races on a Private Jet

Horse races are a noble and refined sport. Not surprisingly, the sport is one of the oldest practised by man, adopted by kings and their courts. The activity continues with full force today, and in this article, you will learn a little more about these races. Most importantly, we’ll let you know which are the most exclusive horse races in […]

Luxury Driving Experiences

All work and no fun are hardly the way to experience life, and our recommendations on luxury driving experiences invite you to challenge that principle. This article is dedicated to all our car enthusiasts out there looking to cool off and enjoy pure adrenaline-packed fun. Whether on the sidelines or behind the wheel, any of the following driving experiences have […]

Cristiano Ronaldo Private Jet Sold

It took nearly six months for Cristiano Ronaldo to sell one of his private jets. The football superstar and father of five decided the time was up, and for a good reason. The Gulfstream G-200 was no longer enough for the family’s needs, and we’re looking forward to learning if any replacement is in the cards. Until a few years […]

Chartering a Private Yacht: Sail the World in Style

We are always keen on luxurious experiences, and chartering a private yacht is top of the pile for many looking to add fun, comfort and exclusivity to their holidays. There is plenty of open water to get lost out there, and we’ll set sail on some of the most exclusive experiences available. From crossing the world’s oceans to having a […]

Flying a Private Jet to Auction Houses

Today’s topic covers what flying a private jet to auction houses worldwide is like. Unsurprisingly, many of our customers have a particular taste for the best things in life. With art being perhaps the ultimate frontier of exclusivity, we decided to invite you to some of the finest auction experiences. Over the following few lines, you’ll be able to get […]

1000 Miglia: A Guide to Italy’s Best Car Race

The 1000 Miglia is the ultimate challenge for car enthusiasts who share a love for vintage and classic models. It is considered, and for a good reason, as Italy’s best vintage car race. The annual event brings together some of the most beautiful and rare vehicles from all over the world while offering the unique opportunity to enjoy them all […]

Private Jet Statistics – Private Aviation Market Grows

Private jet statistics paint a clear picture of growth and, therefore, increasing business potential. Never before has the world seen so many opt to fly by private jet. The main reasons include the rapid rise of wealth in some regions of the globe, the broad market offer or a refinement of the overall public. As a result, private jet companies […]

How Russians Fly Private Jets to Avoid Travel Sanctions

Private jet flights are booming in Russia to avoid travel sanctions. Those with high economic power – and good taste – already know the advantages and facilities this nature of flying offers. Now more than ever, with international sanctions limiting commercial flights, flying by private jet presents alternatives to avoid travel sanctions. We’ll share a little further information on how […]

Top 10 Winter Destinations

Our top 10 winter destinations are not only for enthusiasts of cold weather. Ironically, there is something heartwarming about a trip to countries where the winter season is one of the major tourist attractions. Playing in the snow, adventures in ice sports, discovering the cuisine of these regions or relaxing in heated baths amidst the freezing winds become irresistible here. […]

Tennis Championships by Private Jet

Attending tennis championships by private jet is likely to be on your bucket list. This is one of the most popular sports in the world, only second to football. Estimates point to an average of 1 billion spectators worldwide following the major tournaments and stars. However, no immersive television experience can deliver the thrill of watching the greatest tennis players […]

Private Jet for Golf – Best Golfing Destinations

Chartering a private jet for golf shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apart from all the famous golf players that own a private jet, it’s common for companies such as ours to ensure customers can access the best courses all year round. Several considerations matter when picking the best golf destinations in the world. Weather conditions during a particular season tend […]

Top 5 Private Jet Snow Destinations

Our top 5 private jet snow destinations arrive just in time this year to tempt our adventure seekers. There’s much more to white slopes and fast drops on our list. With our suggestions of luxurious and exclusive services, you’ll have a lovely time even in sub-zero temperatures. We take you out to some of the finest snow destination hotels, local […]

Best Airports in the World

What are the best airports in the world? When planning a trip, our focus is mainly on the destination, the travel itinerary and the airline to use. However, our journey begins at the airport. Flying from the best airports in the world adds an extra level of convenience in terms of efficiency and architectural beauty. More than just entry and […]

Wine Tours by Private Jet

Wine tours by private jet are increasing in popularity. After all, you can benefit from an exclusive service allowing you and your family to enjoy all the luxury and comfort you deserve. Without a doubt, the best way to taste the finest wines directly from their producers is through a trip to where the magic happens. Our experts have prepared […]

European Museums Without Travelling

Travelling the world offers an unmatched sense of freedom, adventure and cultural enrichment. Few things are better than visiting historical monuments, cultural centres or outstanding European museums. However, we don’t always find the availability to get to set foot in every location we dream of. Fortunately, the internet has changed how we can discover the world. It now allows virtual […]

Super Bowl Private Jet Flights

We are all for breaking travel limitations worldwide, and a private jet flight to the Super Bowl is no exception. This year, we’re inviting you to consider travelling in our particular style to one of the most exciting sports events in the world. Over the following lines, we’ll dive into this event further and take you through the essentials. It’s […]

Myths And Facts About Cryptocurrency Payments In Private Jet Flight Booking

Over 80% of young millionaires keep at least part of their savings in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Younger generations are quickly adopting digital currencies for their daily transactions.  Data from ECOMMPAY says that 20% of private jet users prefer — if given the opportunity — to charter a jet with Bitcoins, Ethereum, or Tether. Crypto has many advantages over traditional currencies […]

What Is A Charter Flight And Why Do Many Prefer To Fly Private?

Private flying has always been about luxury, privacy, and comfort. Whether you fly for business or pleasure, you’ll enjoy a prestigious experience worth every dime when chartering flights. According to International Airport Review, 2021 was a record year in private aviation. Airlines operated 3.3 million charter flights worldwide — 7% more than in 2019. If you are wondering what is […]

Private Jet Flight for a Special Occasion

Chartering a private jet for a special occasion is easy, fun, and cost-effective. It provides you with the means to create long-lasting memories and leave your mark on the calendar in style. Hop on board and let us take you across the world with our suggestions for your next special occasion.

The Most Exotic Places to Visit on a Private Jet

Care to discover the most exotic places to visit on a private jet? Here you can visit a Mayan city in the jungle, beaches that seem out of a dream and mysteries that withstand time. Join us in finding the ultimate exotic locations worldwide.

The Best Theme Parties for Children

We invite you to take your next private jet flight towards some of the best theme parties for children. Theme parks worldwide make it for the perfect mix of ingredients to have a memorable time. Discover our pick of the very best on the next few lines.

Top 10 Exclusive Hotels in the World

A dream holiday must include a dream stay. Discover our list of the top 10 exclusive hotels in the world.

16 Luxurious Private Jet Interiors That Will Leave You in Awe

Global luxury travel is anticipated to amass $1369 Billion in the 2021–2028 timeframe, according to the data from ResearchDive. This projected trend is felt in the growing demands given to aircraft interior designers. “In recent years, we have noticed an increase in requests for interior design in aircraft of a larger scale, especially for luxury charter and business jet companies […]

Top 10 Best Benefits of Flying Private

Our article today brings you the top 10 best benefits of flying private. With an increasingly expanding market, private aircraft’s advantages are becoming more evident. Although many may feel that chartering private aircraft is a luxury beyond what they can afford, the perks outweigh the cost. Aside from brilliant time management and the ability to set your schedule, there are […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Welcome to our article covering the most dangerous airports in the world. We start by reminding you that Aviation remains as one of the safest forms of transportation worldwide. However, some airports offer distinct features that challenge even the best pilots, whether on a commercial flight or flying a private jet. Several factors can make an airport truly dangerous. These […]

Flying on a Private Jet to Burning Man

Today we bring you all you need to know about how to charter a private jet to Burning Man and enjoy a luxury week getaway at this famous, unique festival.  You will be able to learn more about Burning Man as we share our tips on where to sleep, what to bring, essentials and further details before you head off. […]

Top 15 Best Private Jets In The World To Fly In Style

The private aviation business continues to soar as the first half of 2022 set a new record for private jet demand. According to WingX, there were 2.7 million business jet flights for the first half of this year. Private jets and turboprops flew 22% more sectors compared to the same time period of 2021.  As the price of private flights […]

Best Luxury Cars in the World in 2022

A taste in cars may always remain subjective. However, luxury is undebatable when present. We step outside our private jet flight and hop on some of the most exciting and best luxury cars in the world. We gather the consensus on what some of our customers love to drive – or be driven around. In the end, your personal list […]

Travel by Private Jet to World Cup 2022

It’s almost time for the World Cup 2022 to kick off. There is plenty to be excited about, from incredible venues to some of the world’s best footballers’ last chance to carve their name in World Cup history. It may be the last opportunity to see stars like Ronaldo and Messi shine on the World Cup stage for the last […]

Golfers With Private Jets

Golf is considered one of the most luxurious sports on the planet and it’s not surprising. Unlike many other sports, Golf is a game of focus, commitment, humility, and skill. Due to the strict rules and regulations, there’s no antics or tomfoolery just plain old skill and passion. While many do not appreciate the toned-down and simple approach of golf, […]

Most Innovative Luggage When Flying a Private Jet

There has never been a better time to renew your luggage set than right now. Those who travel frequently know how vital the right kit is. The best choices save time and ensure each trip is as smooth as possible. We bring you a few of our best suggestions to make the most of your next flight. These include timeless […]

Top Myths When Flying Private Jets

Travelling by private jet is a luxury often surrounded by misconceptions and myths. These persist due to the exclusive nature of its clients and a belief that such services remain inaccessible to most. Truth be told, only a tiny percentage of the population has entered this world. Those who have, are forever changed in the way they perceive travel. A […]

What to Know Before Flying in a Private Jet

Private jets are increasingly in demand, not only for the luxurious ambience surrounding them but also for the privacy on offer, particularly in these pandemic times. Whether for business or pleasure travel, the use of private flights witnessed massive growth. Not only can passengers avoid all the stresses of queuing at airport terminals and security checkpoints, but they also benefit […]

The Luxurious World of Celebrity Private Jets

Private jets are an increasingly popular form for any celebrity to travel around the world. You can do so on your terms, around your schedule. The option to fly privately gained particular momentum during the pandemic. Perfect for business travel, to depart in an adventure, and attend an event on a different Continent. Simply put, to relax while traveling undisturbed […]

Formula 1 Drivers That Own Private Jets

From the very early days, aviation, and Formula 1 have shared a strong, close relationship. Apart from the countless journeys required across the globe to attend the F1 Championship venues, other appointments require travel.  As a result, enjoying spending time in the air becomes ever more relevant. It’s no wonder several important figures in this sport have shared their passion […]

The Exotic and Luxurious World of the Maldives

The Maldives Islands are a unique and dream destination. The turquoise waters, stunning islands, soft sandy beaches and remote locations. All of these make for the sort of attractions that craft memories set to last a lifetime. Its incredible overwater bungalows and snorkelling adventures are only the beginning. With tropical temperatures and spectacular, perfect sunsets, it seems that heaven does […]

Expo 2020 Dubai: A Private Jet Flight Opportunity

The mega event known as Expo 2020 Dubai will be held from the first day of October 2021 to the 31st of March 2022. It has been postponed, but it will finally take place this year. You can book your tickets at the official website and learn more about how to enjoy a luxurious and safe trip. This event has […]

Top 7 Luxury Shopping Destinations: Timeless Favourites

Few things in life set the mood righter than walking down the avenue in any of the following top 10 luxury shopping destinations. Most of these locations also provide a safe and exciting window into what the so-called normal life is set to be over the coming months. With restrictions to travelling still very much enforced worldwide, the ability to […]

The Euro 2020 a Private Jet Flight Away

Witness the best matches of Euro 2020 only a private jet flight away. Do you wish you were sitting by the pitch on any of the tournament’s greatest moments? The clock is ticking, so it’s best to fasten your seat belt, sit back and relax! Travelling on a private jet ensures a smooth journey and saves you precious time between […]

Best Private Jet Magazines

Whether you’re a private jet owner or just a fan of private jets, it’s great to keep in the loop. Unfortunately, most pieces of content online are regurgitated and boring. With this in mind, we’ve selected the top 5 private jet magazines that will keep you up to date and entertained. Of course, these all have a website and a […]

Vaccine Holiday – Flying Privately to Safety

The concept may seem right out of a science-fiction script. In a year where adaptation was vital, the search for innovative solutions brought new notions. Please welcome the opportunity to fly privately on a vaccine holiday. With nations worldwide and economies overrun by an invisible enemy, science provided an incredible achievement through a solution that is now amongst us. Today, […]

A Day in the Life of a Corporate Jet Cabin Crew

Most women dream of a job as a corporate jet cabin crew, and most men wonder about their daily life. Even though we live in a world of increasing tolerance, acceptance and diversity, most private cabin crew or VIP flight attendants are still positions occupied by women. Whilst commercial airlines have a broader percentage of male cabin crew that has […]

What do Private Jet Pilots Chat About?

You have been a passenger on that flight before. The odds are that the persons’ professional tone of voice in charge of that private jet’s safety is humorous and reassuring. For the vast majority of passengers worldwide, though, a pilot’s life remains a real mystery. What are your private jet pilots laughing about? Fly commercially, and most likely, you won’t […]

10 Of The Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

If you can afford one of the most expensive private jets in the world mentioned in this article – money is not an issue for you. But if you can’t – there is always the option to book a private jet and feel like a billionaire for a day. The most expensive jets are reserved for the richest people in […]

Flying with Pets on Private Jets

We all love our pets. Approximately 70% of the population has a pet and almost 30% of the population owns at least one dog. If you have a pet you probably also hate leaving them behind. While some people put their pets into daycare when they go on holiday, a lot of people choose to travel with theirs. Unfortunately while […]

Jetiquette – Private Jet Etiquette

Flying on a private jet is the epitome of luxury travel. While it’s a lot of fun, excitement, and pleasure, there are some basic rules you need to know about private jet etiquette and private flight. Therefore whether it’s your first time or a hundredth, make sure you that follow these simple tips to have the best experience possible. The […]

Most Luxurious Skiing Resorts Worldwide

Skiing was initially a sport for the aristocracy due to its expensive costs. While it’s now become a lot more accessible, there still remains plenty of places where you need to be a millionaire to be able to stay, eat, and ski. In this list, we’ll examine the best luxury skiing resorts and everything they have to offer. From designer […]

Can Planes Fly in Snow

Many people are worried about flying, and even more worried about flying in the snow. While there are some fantastic winter destinations, “can planes fly in the snow” is a question that often comes up. Though it is true that snow can cause delays and issues, it’s a misconception that they can’t fly in snow. In this article, we’ll look […]

What is Fractional Jet Ownership and How Does it Work

Many people had their first contact with private aviation in the last few years due to the pandemic. Given the benefits of flying with a private jet vs commercial, they are trying to figure out what is the best and the most affordable way to keep using private jets for personal but also for business trips.  When it comes to […]

Popular Private Jet Destinations

With money comes happiness. The jury is still out on how true this statement is. However, with money comes with private jets. And with private jets comes access to some locations that you couldn’t get to with your average airline. In this article, we’ll have a look at the most popular private jet destinations. In fact, some of these places […]

Aviation Charities

Flying private is great, there’s no doubt about that. Charter costs are at an all-time high, and it doesn’t look like the industry is slowing down. This makes many people think that private jets are only for the rich and famous. However, did you know that a whopping 15,000 flights are made yearly for humanitarian reasons? Though no-one would like […]

Airplane Motion Sickness

We all love flying and traveling. Unfortunately, travel can have issues associated with it. The most common issue that people face while flying is plane motion sickness. In this article, we’ll examine what it is, what causes it, and a few simple tips on how you can overcome it, or at least reduce its effects. If motion sickness is an […]

History of the Private Jet

Private Jets are extremely common these days. You can easily charter a private jet in the matter of a few clicks, and thousands of people own one too. Yet, only a few years ago, private jet’s didn’t exist. In fact, commercial flight in itself did not exist. Many people contribute the rise of the private jet to the rise of […]

Flying on a Private Jet During COVID19:

When you think of flying on a private jet, most people often think of glamour, money, prestige, and power. A few months ago, all that changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. The glamour and money components still make up most of the people who fly in their own private jets, however more and more business and personal travelers are now booking […]

Private Jet vs Commercial Airlines

Are you looking to learn more about the pros and cons of booking either a private jet charter or commercial airline seats? If so, then you’ll want to compare both to find a situation that makes the most sense for you. Depending on what you’re looking for, a private jet for business aviation can provide an experience unlike any other. […]

What You Need to Know About Using a Private Jet for Golf

Not only does using a private jet for golf effortlessly convey success, but it can also provide protective health benefits and save an individual’s most valuable asset — time. Elite sportspeople have been drawn to aviation since people took to the air at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, now air travel is available universally, mainstream flying has lost […]

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