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Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Charter


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COVID-19 Coronavirus Travel Restrictions:

Can I avoid quarantine on-arrival if I fly private?

Short answer is no. You will arrive to a separate dedicated terminal mostly used by private jet flights, but all arriving passengers have to follow government rules regardless if you fly economy class or on a private jet.

My medical condition and quarantine cannot stay together. I also have a doctor note.

If your condition is so bad, most likely you will be required to fly on an Air Ambulance flight with a doctor on-board. On your arrival you’ll be assessed by accredited physicians and it is up to them to decide whether you are going home or hospital or into a quarantine hotel.


How much does it cost?

Private Jet charter prices are calculated based on type of a jet selected, flight routing, catering on-board, WiFi usage, smoking, de-icing (if needed) and many other small but important factors. There are no set fixed prices available, please contact us and we will be happy to get the best price for your upcoming trip

How many offers I will get?

We try not to bombard you with hundreds of offers, and usually present only Top 5 Private Jets to your attention

I found cheaper at your competitor

No problem, show us their offers. After verification for existence most likely we’ll be able to present better conditions. We know the market, please do not show fake non-existent prices or aircrafts.

What are the cancellation terms?

  • All cancellations are subject to the cancellation charge equivalent to FIFTY (50%) of the total Charter Price paid by the Charterer if cancelled 11 or more days prior to the departure
  • All cancellations are subject to the cancellation charge equivalent to ONE HUNDRED (100%) of the total Charter Price paid by the Charterer if cancelled 10 or less days prior to the departure
  • Cryptocurrency payments are not refundable under any circumstances


Do I need to contact multiple brokers?

You have the right to contact as many brokers as you wish, but please be advised that this is not mass-market and number of private jets is finite. You will get prices within the same range. Instead of wasting your time on studying multiple offers it would be wiser to concentrate with only one broker and discuss all details.

Why I need brokers if I can contact operators directly?

Sure, you can contact any operator for their prices. However, you will receive retail prices from the operator and only on their aircrafts. Operators do not work as brokers and they will not search for the best deal. Their business is to sell their own aircrafts.

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