Chartering a Private Yacht: Sail the World in Style

Chartering a Private Yacht

We are always keen on luxurious experiences, and chartering a private yacht is top of the pile for many looking to add fun, comfort and exclusivity to their holidays. There is plenty of open water to get lost out there, and we’ll set sail on some of the most exclusive experiences available.

From crossing the world’s oceans to having a fabulous meal and a few drinks without ever leaving the dock, we’ll let you know where, when and how to enjoy this adventure.

First, we’ll start with a few pieces of advice to ensure you charter a yacht that meets your needs. There are alternatives for all tastes and budgets, so step onboard while we take you through the following lines.

How to pick a yacht or sailboat

Chartering a Private Yacht Offers Unique Views Such as This Sunset From the Dock
Dock at Sunset | Credit to Tony Cordaro

You’ll know private jets aren’t all alike if you read our words frequently. The same can be said about ships, as they can be precise according to sailing needs. It’s no wonder we mentioned yachts that don’t even leave the dock or those who challenge the open waters.

  1. Pick the right yacht for your needs. You should consider the budget and the number of people you’ll sail with. Naturally, these two are directly related, and the total cost will depend on the location you set off from.
  2. Where to, skipper? When opting for a reputable yacht charter company, you’ll also get experienced skippers. Their advice is pure gold, particularly regarding the best spots and everyone’s safety. Consider the location, time of the year and overall conditions. The rest you can leave to the crew.
  3. Hire an experienced crew. We already mentioned this, but it only adds to the extreme importance of being in capable hands. A captain who knows the waters you’re in, a chef, and someone to look after your needs is always a good idea.
  4. What are your plans? You may want to go for a dip or even deep diving. The best yachts are nothing short of floating Palaces. Expect comfortable amenities, technology and plenty of room to relax.
  5. Pack accordingly. What should you take onboard your sailing adventure, you ask? Usually, something comfortable and light, depending on the time of the year. We suggest a change of clothes and warm layers if you plan to stay after the sun sets. Swimwear is always a good idea.
  6. Safety above all. Picking a quality yacht charter company is essential to ensure a safe adventure in the open water, but remember you also have some responsibilities. Follow safety protocols, and don’t ignore anyone’s advice. Knowing where all emergency equipment is located is essential, just in case.

Chartering a private yacht isn’t a difficult challenge. We suggest opting for companies with excellent safety records and not cutting corners when considering more extreme options. Sailing is exciting but can also be challenging and risky when you don’t know what you’re doing.

As we mentioned, there are soft experiences that are suitable for the whole family and where risk is minimized. If all else fails, it’s a beautiful sight to admire these floating wonders from marinas worldwide.

Sailing destinations you won’t want to miss

You’re halfway there and can already feel the salty breeze on your face. There’s only one little thing to consider: where should you start? There’s a whole world to sail and endless possibilities. We’ll share some of our favourites based on experienced skipper’s suggestions.

If this is your first time sailing the seas, we suggest you opt for the Summer season and whenever conditions are smoother. Enduring a week or more in bouncy waters is far from the joyful experience you’re anticipating.

Sailing the Mediterranian

Portofino Marina
Portofino | Credit to Domenico Farone

You haven’t been part of Club Med until you’ve sailed its waters. When we think of the Med, there’s Monte Carlo, Nice, the Amalfi Coast in Italy or the Greek Islands. But that’s nowhere near all the opportunities that await.

We can’t help to think of Majorca and Menorca, Ibiza, Sardinia or Sicily. Don’t forget the Eastern Mediterranean, with destinations such as Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia, Venice, or the irresistible Kotor, in Montenegro. Each allows chartering a private yacht easily across dozens of reputable operators with experience in these waters.

There are many reasons to consider the Mediterranean as your first adventure. Firstly, it often offers a milder experience, translating into a more comfortable and positive outcome. Naturally, it depends on the weather and the crew’s priceless advice. What we do know is you can drop anchor at Santorini for sunset, take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Sicily, or stop in Venice for sightseeing and an unforgettable pasta dish.

Head to Greece, and you will find over 6,000 islands, of which 227 are inhabited. Go further to Cyprus, or head to Malta to discover the many wonders and rich history of the Mediterranean bay.

The Caribbean is calling out to you

Sailing in the Bahamas, Caribbean
Sailing in the Bahamas | Credit to SMFS1947

We think of the Caribbean, and it’s impossible not to smile. Kind-hearted people, hot weather, crystal clear waters and golden sands. Refreshing sweet drinks, the best tropical fruits you’ll ever have and a pace of life that invites you to relax or fall asleep while trying.

We can’t get enough of the Caribbean, and as many of our private jet customers know, there is something out there for everyone. Consider a trip to the Bahamas or St. Lucia and Antigua. The British Virgin Islands is also an Archipelago you won’t want to miss out on. Visiting them and not chartering a private yacht is missing out on the fabulous Caribbean lifestyle experience – so consider the option if you can.

Stop by the Netherlands’ Antilles and discover the fabulous islands of Aruba, St. Marteen, and Bonaire, or drop by Curaçao for a spin in any of its casinos. These waters are irresistible for snorkelling, and a good skipper will find that private bay where nature and you can be as one.

Chartering a private yacht and challenging the Atlantic

Pico Island from Faial Island, Azores, Credit to Marco Rola
Pico Island from Faial Island, Azores | Credit to Marco Rola

Those searching for a more adventurous experience can always count on the Atlantic to deliver. We won’t suggest you cross it just yet – but if you feel confident and in the right hands, by all means, do – and instead will suggest a few stops you can’t miss right here, in the Atlantic Ocean.

First and foremost, the Azores Archipelago. The island of Faial and its city, Horta, have been historical stops for sailors for centuries. Peter Sports Café is a sailor’s pub in all aspects. Try the “Gin do Mar” – the sea’s gin – and stay overnight. It’s a calm and soothing stop for those facing the hardships of the Atlantic.

Across its bay, the island of Pico and its majestic volcano challenge the beautiful green pastures of Sao Jorge Island. All three islands are close, and you should consider getting to know a bit more about the local culture and gorgeous food. If you’re unsure, the Azores offers six other islands – a total of nine – to discover. Chartering a private yacht is usually relatively easy on the larger islands all year round.

Sail further south, and the Canary Islands will similarly welcome you. It’s hard to pick a favourite, from Tenerife’s dark, rocky shores, to the irresistible beauty of Lanzarote. Seven islands await, so choose wisely.

Enter the heart of Africa, and Cape Verde is a must. The Portuguese-speaking nation has a pace of its own, pristine beaches and plenty of delicacies. Head further southeast and Sao Tome & Principe will welcome you on what is already a sailing adventure for the ages. Coffee cultures are still a thing here, and the traces of old colonial life are still up for discovery.

The ultimate frontier: the South Pacific

Chartering a Luxury Yacht to Sail the South Pacific
Sailing in the Polynesia | Credit to xiSerge

Regarding chartering a private yacht, it’s hard to top an adventure in the South Pacific. It’s a massive area, sometimes so remote you’ll need to plan days of travel before you even make it to port. Still, it’s hard to top this one if you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime.

This is the fabric dreams are made of. Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, Bora Bora, Samoa, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The list is as extensive as your travel dreams. We’re covering thousands of square miles, so our advice is to pick what your heart desire – our private jet charter service can get you to the starting point and pick you up on the other end.

We would definitely recommend a stop in the Philippines and Malaysian Borneo. If you’re after dream beaches, the South Pacific paradises of French Polynesia depict heaven on Earth. For the more adventurous, a short stop is usually more than enough. Unless you’re after an actual timeout from the world, and in such case, a paradise island will be that break you deserve.

Sailing to the far side of the world

Sailing in Antarctica in the Iced-filled Waters
Sailing in Antarctica | Credit to Sarah Nic

As we mentioned, there are far too many options and only so much time. If you’re looking to remap the routes of memorable adventurers, we suggest starting with the Galapagos. It was only in 1835 that Charles Darwin made the Archipelago famous, but it had long been discovered by Fray Tomás de Berlanga in 1535.

Western Australia is also very worthy of a visit when chartering a private yacht. Considering the extreme hardships the British endured to reach port, Kimberley offers a unique perspective of this fabulous nation. If time is not of the essence, why not make it all the way to New Zealand and consider a stop in Tasmania?

Again, we’re talking about thousands of miles between ports and adventures planned for weeks at a time. That shouldn’t stop you from travelling to any of these destinations by private jet and opting for a shorter boat trip that meets your schedule.

Finally, why not consider Antarctica? The ultimate frontier indeed, with nearly 30 yachts challenging one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. The adventure is worth it and will offer a unique perspective of our world – along with many stories to tell.

How much does it cost to charter a luxury yacht?

Chartering a Luxury Yacht Can Cost Up to $1,000,000
Luxury Yacht | Credit to wasi1370

You’ll know by now that the answer to this question varies considerably. A luxury super yacht can cost $100,000 a week and far more, depending on travel and crew specifics. Chartering a private yacht starts at around $10,000. More expensive options include all-inclusive services, including catering, drinks, and fuel. The bigger the size and amenities, the bigger the total you’ll expect.

Speaking of expectations, there are also extras to consider. These include dockage fees, communications, transportation and VAT. Crew gratuities are also frequently paid on the side. As you might expect, it won’t differ much from chartering a private jet. These services are equally flexible and will adapt to your needs within reason.

With Motor Yachts’ weekly rates going for more than one million dollars per week, we’d say you can find enough room to accommodate your needs accordingly.

Flying and sailing with utmost luxury

Private jets and luxury yachts are a match made in heaven for those after the finest experiences in life. Given these services’ high degree of flexibility, you can easily and promptly book the adventure of your dreams.

We suggest contacting our team for your free private jet flight quote today and setting the course towards the airport closest to your port of departure. Let us take care of your travel arrangements, and start dreaming of sailing the seven seas for your next time away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed this article and will soon start researching a fabulous trip across the seas. Naturally, you can count on us to deliver the finest private jet experiences and make the world smaller and more convenient for you. The following section is dedicated to all those questions you always wanted to ask – after reading this piece, that is.

Is it easy to rent a yacht?

Yes. Many celebrities, including football players and singers, find renting a yacht is one of the best ways to enjoy a more private holiday. The added flexibility of docking away from the public eye is hard to resist. With numerous yacht charter companies operating everywhere, we recommend picking from those with the finest safety record.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

Yacht rental prices vary according to the size of the ship, location and amenities. Prices start at $10,000 per week for a luxury yacht and can go as far as $1,000,000. Extras such as fuel, docking fees, gratuities and communications are usually not included in the initial quote.

What are the best sailing destinations in the world?

Popular sailing destinations include the Amalfi coast in Italy and the Greek Islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, Sardinia, Majorca, and the Azores. There are thousands of fabulous options when chartering a private yacht everywhere.

When is yacht season?

Yacht season comprises both Summer and Winter seasons, depending on which hemisphere you are located in. If you’re a new sailor, we suggest opting for the calmest of seasons in the hands of an experienced skipper and crew. Rough waters are often not inviting to those inexperienced.

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