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A Jet Sharing flight, is a private jet where you only pay for a seat and share full private jet charter price between other passengers. Paying for a seat saves up to 90% of a full private jet charter price, without compromising quality.

Why You Fly Jet Sharing?

Private aviation services can be provided in a variety of formats. Along with the most expensive option – renting an entire business jet – other schemes allow you to get to your destination with maximum comfort, but at the same time reduce your costs. One of them is Jet Sharing flights from Dubai and selected cities in the world.

In this case, the passenger rents the plane, choosing the date, time, and direction of departure at his discretion, but some of the seats are given to the sale of the airline – the aircraft owner. Accordingly, the client can reimburse part of his costs if the seats onboard are purchased by other passengers.

In doing so, he retains control over how many seats can be sold, as well as the date and time of the flight. Departure will take place in any case – regardless of the fullness of the board.

  • Major savings – you pay for a seat* only
  • Aircraft – a wide range of private aircraft are available as Private Jet Sharing
  • Up-to-date information – current Jet Sharing seats are published and regularly updated on our website
  • The specialists – our Private Jet Sharing specialists can inform you as soon as a chosen route appears on our database
  • Per Friendly – your pet can travel with you in the aircraft cabin**

* – Subject to availability of the aircraft and 80% of seats must be booked.
** – Subject to management approval. Your pet must have all necessary travel documents

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