16 Luxurious Private Jet Interiors That Will Leave You in Awe

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Global luxury travel is anticipated to amass $1369 Billion in the 2021–2028 timeframe, according to the data from ResearchDive. This projected trend is felt in the growing demands given to aircraft interior designers.

“In recent years, we have noticed an increase in requests for interior design in aircraft of a larger scale, especially for luxury charter and business jet companies which want to redefine corporate jet standards”, Yves Pickardt, an aircraft interior designer at PINTO said for Forbes.

That said, private jet interior designers are experimenting more than ever with cutting-edge designs, materials, and furnishings.

We compiled a list of the most luxurious private jet interiors – from small private jets to the most expensive ones.

Here’s a peek at 15 luxurious private jet interiors that will leave you in awe.

Small Private Jet Interior

These light private jets may be small – but they can get you to your local or regional destinations fast and comfortably. 

Here are some of the best small private jet interiors:

1. Cessna Citation M2 Gen2

Cessna Citation M2 Gen2
Photo from mediatxtav.com

A thoughtfully designed aircraft from front to back, the M2 Gen2 brings an enhanced cabin experience.

That includes premium interior styling, ambient accent lighting, re-mastered illuminated cup holders, and additional in-flight accessible storage.

2. Cirrus Vision Jet

Cirrus Vision Jet
Photo from cirrusaircraft.com

Cirrus Vision Jet is considered to be one of the best business jets for its performance but also for its interior. It has the largest cabin in its class with a carbon fiber fuselage that creates spaciousness. 

It has an unexpected head, shoulder, and leg room, and panoramic windows. These features are giving your travel an elegant open feel where you can truly appreciate your time in the sky.

3. Embraer Phenom 100EV

Thoughtfully designed by Embraer and BMW Designworks, its Oval Lite interior offers unprecedented space with a wide head and legroom. With its clean and edgy look, it brings ease and comfort to anyone onboard. 

Customers can select from a variety of cabin finish options available in 11 color palettes, including tiffany, amber, bronzite, crystal, emerald, mystic, pearl, ruby, and sapphire.


Posh Private Jet Interior

Classy and fancy – these posh private jet interiors are set to give you intimate and comfortable travel, with just enough living quarters to sleep, entertain, dine and even conduct business meetings in style.

1. Bombardier Global Express 6500

Bombardier Global Express 6500
Photo Source: businessaircraft.bombardier.com

The interior of the Bombardier Global Express 6500 is the widest in its class, giving passengers a remarkable combination of spacious rooms and sophisticated style. 

Furthermore, the aircraft has a club suite designed to be the ideal place for both business and leisure. Secondly, you can also make great use of a separate crew rest area, a front bathroom, and a full kitchen with top-notch cooking convenience.

2. Embraer Lineage 1000E

Embraer Lineage 1000E
Photo from executive embraer.com

The Embraer Lineage 1000E has about 800 square feet of elegant living space, its wings included.  Jay Beever, VP for Embraer’s Interior Design, and his team offer clients thousands of combinations of the finest leathers, wools, and silks to cover the five interior zones. 

In addition to its elegance, the Embraer Lineage 1000E impresses with its comfort.

The interior includes a VIP bedroom with an en suite bathroom. There are five flexible zones and a cutting-edge sound system available in the cabin.

3. Cessna Citation Longitude

Cessna Citation Longitude
Photo from cessna.txtav.com

Cessna Has a full-service interior design team for this private jet’s one-of-kind look, with Jet Black, Bisque, Sandstone, Glacier, Toffee, and Truffle as color palettes.

The interior is what draws buyers to this type of business jet, therefore the Longitude designers made sure to provide a peaceful and comfortable ride.

Equally important to its look, acoustics engineers also integrated the latest acoustic treatments to eliminate sources of noise to provide a peaceful relaxing cabin experience.

4. Gulfstream 650er

A luxurious retreat above the clouds, the roomy interior combines the highest levels of luxury with cutting-edge design and innovation. 

Gulfstream 650er
Photo from gulfstream.com

Essentially, the designer wanted to present every component of the interior in order to reflect the client’s unique brand and provide the coziness and comfort of a luxury house. 

5. Gulfstream G700

 Gulfstream G700
Photo from gulfstream.com

The G700 offers the roomiest, cutting-edge, and most adaptable cabin in the sector. With elegant designs and adaptable configurations to make up a perfect flight experience.

By imitating the sunlight of your next time zone through the use of real circadian lighting you will be able to avoid jet lag. With the aircraft’s twenty panoramic oval windows it’s certainly dressed to impress.

Billionaire Private Jet Interior

The best private jet interior that money can buy. Whoever said you cannot build mansions in the sky?

These billionaire private jet interiors prove that the possibilities are limitless. When you are a billionaire and you want to travel you can be as luxurious as you want.

The sky’s the limit!

1. Airbus ACJ 220

Interior of Airbus ACJ 220 designed by French graffiti artist Cyril Kongo
Photo from acj.airbus.com

French graffiti artist Cyril Kongo in collaboration with Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) breaks through the conventional corporate business-jet interiors with this playful, colorful, and vibrant cabin for the customization of each client. Kongo integrated his history with the private plane using street art.

Six living areas may be found on board the aircraft, namely the VIP restroom at the entry, the main lounge, the business lounge, the master bedroom, the cinema lounge, and an en suite bathroom.

2. Airbus A320Neo

Airbus A320Neo
The Infinito Cabin (Photo from airbus.com)

Italian sports car maker, Atelier Pagani Automobili,  collaborates with Airbus Corporate Jets and came up with the cabin named “Infinito ” meaning infinity in Italian.

The interior features wood flooring and leather carpets, glass room dividers, metal features as well as mood lighting.

The highlight of the design is the sky ceiling which showcases a live view of the sky above. 

3. Airbus ACJ 350

Airbus ACJ 350
Photo from acj.airbus.com

This luxury business jet has re-defined cabin designs or owners are free to fully customize according to needs. ACJ TwoTwenty Creative Studio designers and cabin engineers have unmatched knowledge and skills from experience. 

They aim to provide peace of mind, carefully looking at every detail to create every passenger a “perfect place in the sky,” where they can instantly feel at home and relaxed.

4. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Photo from boeing.mediaroom.com

LED lighting, sweeping curves, and Boeing’s revolutionary design all contribute to the interior’s outer-space-like ambiance. 

The BBJ 787 has one of the largest cabins in the market, with 2,775 ft2 (257.8 m2). For the best comfort on either short or long journeys, the roomy cabin offers a sizable canvas for a variety of interior design possibilities.

5. Boeing 777X

Boeing 777X
Photo from boeing.com

This particular design showcases the BBJ 777X VIP interior crafted by Jet Aviation Design Studio and envisioned by ACA. Private jets are redefined entirely by the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 777X. 

The newest 777 member’s vast range allows it to travel more than halfway around the globe without refueling.

To match the vast range of this aircraft the interior is complete with luxurious classic elegance in every living quarter.

Which jet has the most expensive private jet interior? 

The most expensive private jets are expensive for a reason. They do not only need to perform well but they must also look the part. Here are the jets that top the list for having the most expensive jet interior.

1. Boeing 747-8

Real estate Tycoon Joseph Lau’s Boeing 747-8 “VIP” model has one of the most expensive private jet interiors. When Lau visits his properties, he can travel in style on the “Dreamliner,” which has an exclusive design and the newest technology.


Vault ceilings, video screens on the walls, and spiral staircases are a few of the features. 214 million dollars have been spent so for the layout of the cabin which is equipped with guest rooms, a bar, a gym, a workroom

2. Boeing 747-430

The Sultan of Brunei’s Boeing 747-430 has the most expensive jet interior. Its VIP interior costs an additional $133 million on top of the private jet price.

The sultan had 100 million USD worth of luxury features installed that include solid gold washbasins. The jet is also adorned with Lalique crystal and other gold interior making it a real palace in the sky.


The Genesis Concept: A Modern Private Jet Interior

The Genesis concept, created by the Argentinian company SkyStyle, is the epitome of the modern private jet interior. This interior for Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft gives the interior of the airplane a futuristic appearance with starry lights and incorporates technology into the plane’s furnishings.

The design includes five passenger compartments, that include a galley, dining area, living room, office, master bedroom, and bathroom.

The Genesis concept, created by the Argentinian company SkyStyle
Photo from skystyle-design.com

The cabin is designed with an elegant golden Arabic theme that will surely catch your eyes. And it’s not all play. The cabin retains its minimalist design and business-oriented style despite its out-of-this-world design. 

Castles In The Sky

Tagged as castles in the sky, these luxurious private jets will take you straight to your destination in comfort and style. 

More to these jets’ stunning visuals are the facilities and features offered. From a fresh air system to the latest entertainment technology, the mission to give passengers the best experience in the sky is made possible.

Stunning private jets are equipped with classic wood and leather design, arrangement of mirrors, or even find gold plated sinks. You can now lavishly enjoy the long travel to your favorite private jet destinations.

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