Best Private Jet Magazines

Private Jet Magazines

Whether you’re a private jet owner or just a fan of private jets, it’s great to keep in the loop.

Unfortunately, most pieces of content online are regurgitated and boring.

With this in mind, we’ve selected the top 5 private jet magazines that will keep you up to date and entertained. Of course, these all have a website and a newsletter so you can remain entertained even if you’re on the go.

Jetset Magazine

Jetset Magazine

Jetset Magazine is the prominent lifestyle magazine for luxury travelers. Unlike many of its competitors, it has plenty of exclusives and though-provoking articles. Alongside this, they also have a TV show for easier consumption.

Alongside classic articles, they also have up to date news, life experience tips, and much more. Jetset Magazine is a must for all those that live and breathe luxury.

Business Jet Traveler

Business Jet Traveller

Business Jet Traveler releases a physical magazine once every quarter and keeps their website regularly updated. Their business aviation content is entertaining, factual, interesting to read, and packed with visuals.

Understandably, their core content revolves around private jets, aircraft, and their operation. If you own or looking to own a private jet, then this is a perfect magazine for you. Additionally, they have content about people and lifestyle too, just in case you get bored of ogling at beautiful planes and destinations.

Elite Traveler

elite traveler

As the name suggests Elite Traveler is all about traveling the globe in luxury and style. They have great articles on food, travel, and everything else that’s luxury. From superyachts to superjets it’s all included and if you’re looking for some elite travel inspiration then you’ll find plenty here.

On the whole, a fantastic magazine, with a beautiful design and great content.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

As the name suggests LLM isn’t dedicated to private jets exclusively but instead a luxury lifestyle as a whole. They have a whole variety of content to entertain anyone with a certain degree of wealth. They cover everything from destinations, watch investment tips, foods, and fashion to even the most expensive honey in the world.

Overall it’s an extremely well put together magazine and should keep you informed and entertained for a good proportion of time.

Soar Magazine


Soar brands itself as the premier private jet magazine. Being run by Jetlinx, a premium US aviation company, this is a pretty valid statement. While it’s definitely an entertaining read, it’s more of an in-flight magazine rather than something that you would read for entertainment purposes.

Unfortunately, it’s also primarily a print magazine. Though it’s accessible online it’s not exactly user-friendly or easy to read. Despite these factors, it’s still a great magazine and packed full of interesting articles for any private jet traveler.


What are the best aviation magazines?

If you’re looking for more general aviation magazines we’d recommend looking at: Flying, Air & Space, and Plane & Pilot.

What are the best luxury magazines?

If you’re looking for more general luxury magazines we’d recommend looking at: Robb Report, Buro, and How to Spend It.


There you have it, the top private jet magazines. If you think there’s a magazine or two missing from this list then contact us to let us know.

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