Top Myths When Flying Private Jets

Myths of Flying Private Jets - Exclusive Looking Private Jet in Black

Travelling by private jet is a luxury often surrounded by misconceptions and myths. These persist due to the exclusive nature of its clients and a belief that such services remain inaccessible to most.

Truth be told, only a tiny percentage of the population has entered this world. Those who have, are forever changed in the way they perceive travel.

A few more myths regarding private aviation remain, and today is our turn to leave no stone unturned. We’ll learn how they came to be and why they are far from the truth all too often.

Many companies already charter similar services without anywhere close to exorbitant prices. More than catering for the rich and famous, many jets are now used for other means. Business trips, private entities and groups of friends levelling up to attend an event are all part of this new era.

Discover whether any of these myths are part of your idea of private aviation as we bring you the most common misconceptions when flying private jets.

#1. Only millionaires can enjoy private flying

Myths of Flying Private Jets - Millionaire in Blue Suit by a Window

Not really. We agree that chartering a private jet is far from a service to cater on a tight budget. It’s also not particularly aimed at the masses. But fortunately, the truth is that you don’t have to be a millionaire if you wish to treat yourself or your loved ones to something unique.

Nowadays, companies like ours offer a wide range of private jet services at very affordable prices. And these come far cheaper than you can probably imagine. If you divide the total charter fee by a party, or should the aircraft operate at near-maximum capacity, then we’re entering bargain territory.

If you plan to take it to the next level and buy yourself a private plane, figures become remarkably higher. Here, it would be best to consider not only the hefty price tag of purchasing the jet. Add maintenance fees, fuel, licenses, and highly qualified staff and the list keeps growing

. Not so much in the field of myths, but of distinct perspectives.

It’s therefore not a surprise that most of the world’s elite keep enjoying their travel by private jet. For convenience, the majority prefers to charter the service. You can also experience a luxurious flight at a realistic and achievable cost. And definitely for far less than you might imagine.

#2. Private jets are not as safe as commercial flights

Myths of Flying Private Jets - Commercial Aircraft Ready to Land

The private sector is a much lesser-known market than the commercial one. After all, it caters to a niche rather than millions of customers. However, misconceptions about safety shouldn’t be entertained. A wrong assumption is that private jets are not as safe as commercial airliners.

Consider that strict regulations apply to all aviation segments, with both private and commercial at the top.

As a result, safety is the number one priority for anyone operating in a truly global market and across multiple destinations. Private jets are subject to policies and regulations where aircraft and crew submit to rigorous safety checks. All aircraft models used are certified and governed by strict industry safety standards and specialised patterns.

Flying on a private jet is often the safer option. The reason being most aircraft are far more recent and face very frequent maintenance. Most importantly, operators commit to safety and security protocols that often go beyond the standard screening applied to commercial flights.

#3. Booking a private flight is extremely difficult

Myths of Flying Private Jets - Woman has a Headache in Front of Laptop Computer Trying to Book a Flight

It may seem like a complicated task for those who have never chartered a private jet. Still, nowadays, the process is straightforward, and we would go as far as claiming it’s even more intuitive than buying a commercial ticket.

Companies that operate in this field are readily available, with a dedicated team to handle all aspects of your reservation. There is no such thing as queuing up for hours or listening to an entire soundtrack on the phone.

Aside from the flight, private jet charter services ensure you get the exact aircraft that meets your needs. These go over details such as a car and private driver picking you up at your destination, or hotel staff waiting on your arrival.

In far more ways than most imagine, it’s just like having your private assistant taking care of all necessary arrangements. All there’s left to do is leave you to enjoy the experience. More interestingly, you always get personalised treatment. The best private jet charter companies treat you with the utmost attention you deserve.

#4. Private planes are more affected by bad weather

Any aviation segment is subject to changing weather conditions on any given day. In many cases where bad weather makes it impossible for commercial aircraft to operate, a jet may still be able to proceed as planned.

Private flights are not always subject to the same restrictions as commercial airlines, especially since they offer superior flexibility. That may include climbing to an altitude that prevents or minimises turbulence, to the added value of flying to smaller airports. In addition, it is possible to get more detailed information from the pilots and attempt to avoid complicated weather conditions. We’d recognize that’s something borderline impossible on a commercial flight.

Though private jets are not immune to bad weather – such a statement would include it in the section of myths – it won’t necessarily mean your chartered flight will be delayed or cancelled.

#5. Private jets offer limited destinations

Myths of Flying Private Jets - Exotic Destinations Include Male in the Maldives

Fewer myths are further from the truth when it comes to the reality of flying a private jet.

If any, these offer a much more comprehensive range of destinations than commercial airlines as there are many more airports and airfields where they can operate. We can think of ski destinations or islands in the Pacific, to start with.

Not only can they fly into any standard airport, but they can also access FBOs – fixed base operators – offering further reach to the world out there whilst maintaining utmost convenience.

If you’re travelling to a remote location, a private jet becomes the far better option, getting you even closer to your destination than a commercial airline.

#6. You still face heavy security scrutiny when flying private

One of the most significant advantages of flying on a private jet is avoiding the hassle of long security queues. This includes the always appealing process of removing shoes, removing liquids from hand luggage, and several other requirements.

With most departures when chartering a private jet, the only concern is usually to arrive before your scheduled boarding time.

You still get screened through security but in a far more personal and less time-consuming manner. The best part is that you no longer have to face long waiting times and annoying queues. Again, it helps when private flight passengers fly using FBOs-specific jet terminals. Most have a dedicated entrance, so you won’t have to get lost in the airport terminal at all. You’ll find yourself dropped at the door by your driver and met by someone at the entrance. All it takes is showing your passport or ID, with the whole process taking you only a few precious minutes.

#7. Private jets fly slower than commercial

There is a perception that travelling on private jets will be much slower than flying on a commercial airliner. Nothing could be further from the truth in our list of private jet myths.

Consider the last time you took a commercial flight and consider how long it took from stepping in the terminal until you got off on the other end. The process involved in preparing a private flight is much more straightforward than a commercial flight and considers your time.

In addition to the ease of reservation, many private flights can usually be in the air within three hours of booking.

As we mentioned in the previous point, with dedicated boarding terminals and no long security queues, boarding becomes faster. The result is a much shorter journey in comparison.

In addition, some private flights also allow you to access locations that commercial airlines do not, landing closer to your destination, resulting in a much quicker journey from door to door.

#8. You can carry anything you want on a private jet

Myths of Flying Private Jets - Luggage Open With a Few Pieces of Clothing, Shoes, and a Passport

Not quite so. There are specific rules regarding what you’re allowed on board an aircraft. As a result, weapons, explosives, or illegal items are unacceptable.

There are particular laws ruling the transportation of sidearms in a few European countries and across the world. However, the general rule is to comply with all applicable legislation for both departures and arrivals.

Many people confuse the customer-focused service and easy boarding process with a lenient view of the private jet experience. Not only aren’t passengers allowed to carry anything they fancy onboard, but it’s always best practice to contact the jet operator beforehand instead of making such assumptions.

You’ve likely heard a few of the previous myths out there. Often surrounded by promises that such events did indeed occur, there are lines where you won’t meet a compromise. The aircraft and passengers’ safety is a priority for those operating to major destinations worldwide.

The same applies to tight security procedures around passengers, crew, and any onboard items.

Once you fly privately for the first time, you can’t help to be pleased with the incredible convenience, comfort, and even impressive affordability offered. We can certainly agree it’s not the ideal means of transportation for the masses, but flying in style and luxury is much closer to reach than many consider.

Contact us today for a free quote, and learn why flying on a private jet is no longer exclusive to millionaires and celebrities.

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