Wine Tours by Private Jet

Wine Tours by Private Jet
Wine Tours by Private Jet

Wine tours by private jet are increasing in popularity. After all, you can benefit from an exclusive service allowing you and your family to enjoy all the luxury and comfort you deserve.

Without a doubt, the best way to taste the finest wines directly from their producers is through a trip to where the magic happens. Our experts have prepared a charter with the most exciting destinations to visit with privacy and exclusivity. Take your seat, fill a glass, enjoy the exquisite tastes, aromas and join us for this flight!

Wine and Tourism

Wine Tours Allow You to Savor Some of the World's Best Wines

The increased demand for wine tourism has caused wine areas of outstanding excellence to transform over the past two decades. The opening of hotels and tours guided by sommeliers has become one of the great attractions of wine country, appealing to even the most demanding palates.

Even in rural areas, it is possible to find all the infrastructure to take part in tours with utmost privacy and quality. As a plus, you may also benefit from the experience of nearby 5-star hotels that already recognize the tremendous touristic power of wine.

On such excursions, it is possible to taste various types of grapes and wines and participate in harvests. Not least, you get to learn about the manufacturing process and the characteristics that make up the flavour of this liquid, which is the most appreciated drink in the world.

You cannot miss some of the following locations, particularly if you are a wine lover. Whether on vacation or sightseeing, we list the best sites to take a wine tour by private jet without forgetting the potential for new business.


Portugal's Porto is One of the Most Recognizable Wine Brands in the World

Did you know that Portugal is the largest wine consumer in the world? Not surprisingly, the country has several regions where wine tourism is possible. The most famous is the Douro Valley, where wine production dates back more than 2,000 years. This is where the famous Port wine is made, accompanied by some of the greatest wine-making houses in the world.

The beautiful region offers several 5-star hotels, rural tourism and even wine estates where you can enjoy the best of two worlds. These adorn the winding river that gives the area its name, Douro. Besides the fantastic cuisine, the north of Portugal offers some of the best experiences tailored for wine lovers, in and outdoors.

It is possible to take guided tours to farms, taste wine directly from the producers, or even enjoy a hotel’s wine library. It’s not by accident that Forbes claims Portugal’s Douro Valley should be your next wine trip. We can’t help but agree!

By chartering a private jet, you may also get to know the wine routes near the capital, Lisbon. From here, discover the Setubal peninsula and the inland Alentejo, one of Portugal’s largest wine producers. The contrasts couldn’t be more obvious in the landscape and the wine’s body.

The country offers many historical landmarks dating back to the Roman Empire, which blend into the splendid landscape of perfect vineyards that cover the horizon. A paradise for wine lovers, indeed.


Spain has stood out from north to south for its continuous red and white wine production growth. Tempranillo grape is a peculiarity of the country and can be found in famous wineries such as those in the Rioja region.

There are many distinct flavours to discover in the country. Like Portugal, Spain also has vineyards that go back over 1,000 years. The complexity of wine manufacturing here reflects generations of knowledge and history, all condensed in a sip.

We invite you to imagine an afternoon visiting a region of exuberant nature, with green fields extending to snow-white mountains. All while savouring the region’s grapes straight from the vines. If it seems too good to be true, you are in for a treat.

At night it is possible to try the delights of Spanish cuisine, such as Paella, which goes very well with white and light wines. We would claim that this is a perfect place to take a wine tour by private jet. For accommodation, the Terra Dominicata hotel offers an exclusive wine service surrounded by idyllic wine country.


Italy is a country of many colours, art and culture. Its gastronomy is appreciated worldwide and is undoubtedly one of the best places to take a luxury tour. Italy also leads the ranks for wine lovers with some of the finest products available. Its wines are consistently awarded among the best wines on the planet, and for a good reason.

We suggest hopping straight into the wine route in Sicily. This charming island, located in the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Italy, has dozens of wine roads Here, you can learn about the production of its best wines, such as Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, and Etna Rosso. The region has many traditional festivals celebrating the drink, such as Sicily en Primeur and Calice di Stelle.

Sicilian Wine Country Produces Some of the Finest Italian Wines

Boarding a private jet and you’ll soon be up into northern Italy. Here lies Tuscany, a perfect region for a Tailored Wine Tasting Tour. It is possible to taste Super-Tuscan Wine by taking an exclusive tour through the Tuscany countryside.

This particular wine comes from a unique selection of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is produced in small quantities. Tasting it by candlelight, next to ancient buildings with medieval architecture, is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


France is a must-stop for those seeking the highest standard in wine tourism. Its wine tradition is millenary. Vineyard tours allow you to meet families who have been making wine for generations. There are even festivals to celebrate the grape harvest.

In Vignes Vins Randos, you find numerous exclusive wine tasting tours. Here you can visit producers and discover the magic behind the process, from planting to bottling. It is worth mentioning the stunning surrounding region, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One suggestion for unique moments is a visit to the Provence region, where you can stay at the luxurious Coquillade Resort & Spa, voted the best hotel in France in 2022. It offers an unforgettable experience, where you’re also invited to participate in tasting workshops and visit more than 36 hectares of wineries in Luberon.


Chile is One of South America's Top Wine Producers

We left for South America to arrive in Chile. This country is full of remarkable characteristics, with the very peculiar territory that allows it to have frozen mountains, deserts and forests, and of course, one of the best wines in the world. All these contrasts in a single nation.

The excellence of Chilean wines has been increasing in recent years, followed by VIP guests looking for personalized experiences. Locations such as Casablanca, Santa Cruz and Colchagua provide first-class services that guarantee visitors the high quality of European standards.

The great variety of wines produced in Chilean territory is also worth mentioning. Its different climatic points allow the cultivation of various types of grapes, providing a wide range of options for producers. And, of course, for you too!

We invite you to start the day tasting Cabernet Sauvignon or Carmenere in the south of Chile. From here, you may complete your wine tour by taking a private jet to the north of the country, where a special dinner flavoured with wines from Sauvignon Blanc or Syrah grapes turns into the perfect end-of-day experience.

California, United States of America

We go all the way up through the American Continent until we reach the United States. Specifically, California, which has a vast wine market with over 3,000 wineries. The Golden State should definitely be on your route to travel in a private jet and take an on-site wine tour.

We suggest a visit to Sonoma and Napa. Besides the incredible views, some routes can be taken with a private guide who is also a sommelier. The guarantee reflects the best tastings and pairings with cheeses and other local products.

Another region that has been excelling in the quality of wines produced in California is the Paso Robles region. Its small, family-owned wineries are rapidly evolving in quality and technique, drawing the attention of the international wine community. The place even has a network specialized in tourism, such as the vineyard resort Allegretto, with its own vintage.

South Africa

When we think of tourism in Africa, safari rides and walking among lions and giraffes come to mind. But the continent as a whole is becoming more and more awake to its tourism capacity, investing in creating a structure that pleases the most refined tastes. That is the case in South Africa.

South Africa already has a specialized network of 5-star hotels and services and qualified professionals to guide you to the best vineyards in the region. It even has one of the world’s most notable wine routes, called Route 62.

Highlights include Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek, where you can take small group tours to sample these local delicacies and get to know the Pinotage grape, which is the trademark of South African wines.

Secret Wine Countries to Discover

You may not know it, but countries such as China, Argentina, Greece, and Brazil are also taking off on wine tourism.


Many people have no idea, but China also produces wine. And we are talking about good quality wine!

The tradition of wine production was imported by the Chinese in ancient times and fused with their culture. Attuned to the growing international market, the production has become more and more refined, approaching the quality of traditional premium wines, such as those produced in Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

Production areas such as Jade Valley Winery and Chateau Junding already offer luxurious experiences that surprise their visitors. With an exclusive jet for your use, it will still be possible to visit other famous places in China, such as the Great Walls and the Terracotta Warriors.

How about experiencing Chinese cuisine while enjoying VIP service just 90 minutes from the capital? We are talking about the Hollick Hotel Wen’na, an accommodation specially calibrated for wine lovers in an association between the Hilton hotel line and the Hollick winery. Twenty hectares of Shiraz vineyards produce a full-bodied red wine with a deep colour. To learn more about it, nothing like taking a break and see how far along Chinese wine has come.


Argentina's Wines Have Conquered Our Private Jet Customers Through its Quality

Our friends from South America are already renowned for producing quality wines and great experiences for those who visit the country. Argentina is indeed a country that produces passion. Be it with its music, dance, cuisine, and venues. Everything seems to attract us, and for abundant reasons.

One place that will never leave your heart is Mendoza, as we invite you to discover some of the fantastic sights and experiences that await you. The area is the largest producer of wine in all of Argentina, also being at the top of quality and excellence. Take tours of the Malbec vineyards welcomed by the calmness of the Andes. Be sure to check out the phenomenal Casa de Uco, a 1300-meter-high hotel with breathtaking views. Complement it with the 5-star service of the Cavas Wine Lodge, with its vast wine cellar and 18 rustic-style rooms.


Greece is already one of the most visited countries by tourists in all of Europe. It is world-famous for its culture and privileged location, with its coasts and islands bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. But it is also possible to visit the country to drink like a Greek god, thanks to regions like Attica, Nemea, Ilia and Mantineia.

The exclusive island of Santorini is another fabulous place with excellent grape vintages that are gaining notoriety in the market. Its producers bet not only on Retsina, the most famous type of wine in Greece but also on new options such as Xinomavro and Moschofilero.

And since we are talking about Santorini, nothing like taking a peek at the famous OMMA hotel, which is a reference in the whole region. The Vassaltis Vineyards brand, which despite being young, has already guaranteed its renown with a charming and welcoming environment.


Our last stop is Brazil. This giant country can also offer great destinations for your wine tour by private jet. We will fly to Serra Gaucha and visit the wine route at Vale dos Vinhedos. The route has more than 20 wineries, including award-winning names such as Vinícola Calza and Casa Fantin, producing sparkling wines that will redefine your preconceptions.

Gramado is the region’s postcard city and southern Brazil’s most significant tourist centre. It is undoubtedly the ideal place to stroll after a morning tasting regional wines. The location is well known for its festivals throughout the year. The Saint Andrews Hotel, a real castle, calls our attention. This hotel is part of the Relais & Châteaux seal and is the only mountain hotel in Brazil.

Chartering a private jet for wine tours

Now that you’ve been tempted by some of the world’s best regions for a wine tour aboard a private jet, you can contact us to schedule this unique experience. We certainly enjoyed travelling worldwide while discovering new locations and revisiting some unforgettable experiences.

Even though many of the wines mentioned here are abundantly available, there’s nothing like tasting them at their origin. That’s the invitation we extend to you, all year-round.

Wine Tours by Private Jet Worldwide Are Only a Call Away

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question? Perhaps this section can help you find the information you need regarding wine tours by private jet. If not, we remind you that our team is available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Why take a wine tour by private jet?

We defend the case that travelling by private jet is the best way to visit wineries worldwide. You benefit from flexible schedules and totally personalized service. On the plus side, superior comfort and a specialized team looking after every detail make it an unforgettable experience.

Do I need a passport to fly in private jets?

There is no difference between private and commercial flights on this particular point. Even when flying on a private jet, you must have your passport and present it to the immigration service.

Are private jet flights safe?

Yes. When hiring the right service and crew, you won’t have to worry about security. Top companies have a very high standard of qualification and training. Each aircraft is certified and under constant maintenance to ensure flawless flights.

What is the passenger capacity of private jets?

Most private jets carry 6 to 8 passengers, with some models reaching up to 14 seats. For specific needs where you wish to travel with a larger party, larger jets can be chartered to ensure you arrive at your destination in great style.

Can I take my pets on a private flight to wine country?

Of course! Your pet will be welcome at most of our wine country getaways. However, keep your destination in mind. Different countries have their own laws about transporting animals. Always check with the destination country’s authorities about the pet transport regulations, or ask us.

Can I have a wine tasting on the plane itself?

Yes. Private flights also offer personalized services to be enjoyed along the trip. Every plane is equipped with a kitchen and a catering team service. All you need to do is contact the contracted company and request the type of meal you want on board, with a nice wine to go along with it.

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