Challenger 850 Private Jet Charter

Bombardier Challenger

The Bombardier Challenger 850 is an updated version of the Challenger 800 which was produced from 2006 to 2015. While it’s no longer in product, there are still a large number of them operating due to the efficiency and comfort that they provide.

The Challenger 800 itself was the largest super-midsized executive business jet offered by Bombardier and is based on the CRJ200 regional airliner which can handle 50 passengers at a much lower level of luxury.

Challenger 850 Specifications

Aircraft Type Heavy
Length 87 ft 10 in 26.77 m
Height 20 ft 5 in 6.22 m
Wing Span 69 ft 7 in 21.21 m
Max PAX 16 16
Max Range 2,811 nmi 5,206 km
Max Speed Mach (Vmo) 0.850 Mach (Vmo) 0.850
Cabin Legth 28.60 ft 14.76 m
Cabin Width 7.17 ft 2.49 m
Cabin Height 6.08 ft 1.85 m
Max luggage volume 318 ft³ 9 m³
Hourly Rate from $8,000 USD from 6,900 EUR

Challenger 850 Price

A new Challenger 850 cost around $32million when it was still available, depending on the year, specifications, and requirements. The current used sale price for these aircraft is around $6 million – again depending on a number of factors. The average hourly rental rate of the Challenger 850 is around $8,000 USD or 6,900 EUR per hour.


As with all private jets, the cabin interior design is done in correspondence with the business or person that bought the jet. Unfortunately, unless you wish to spend money on redecorating the cabin, then you will have to choose from existing options as they aren’t in manufacture anymore.

However, even the existing cabin layouts provide a high quality of travel and shouldn’t be frowned upon. Below are two images of what a typical layout is and you can see some interior shots of the cabins you can experience in our charter section below.

Challenger 850 Layout

Main Features

Main features within the cabin are in-flight entertainment, satellite phone, Wi-Fi, DVD/CD Player, Airshow, and depending on the operator pets are also allowed.

Maximum Passengers

The plane can carry up to 16 passengers with 3 crew members with the default interior layout. However, there are some arrangements that allow as little as 13 and some up to 18. For these passengers, there is 5.5m3 of luggage capacity and the maximum allowed landing weight is 21,319 kg.


The Bombardier Challenger 850 has a very classic cockpit to help it travel the globe. There are two pilot seats and one jump seat. Alongside this, there are the classic controls throughout and six tube style displays powered by the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 aviation suite.

Top Speed

This corporate plane has a top speed of Mach 0.850 which is 528mph, 1050km/h. Its typical cruising speed is 816km/h (509 mph), while long-range cruise speed is 787 km/h (489 mph). It achieves these speeds thanks to dual General Electric CF34-3B1 turbofan engines.


The aircraft has a range of 5,206 km, which is 2800 nautical miles. As with all aircraft, this is the optimal range and can reduce significantly depending on flight conditions. Unfortunately, this somewhat limited range doesn’t make it suitable for global and trans-Atlantic flights.

Challenger 850 Range Map



Who owns a Challenger 850?

Jay-Z is one of the most famous people to own an 850. He received it from Beyoncé as a fathers day gift, for which she paid approximately $40 million. The plane is fully lined with leather and the family regular takes holidays and vacations using their luxurious private jet.

What’s the operating cost of a Challenger 850?

The operating cost for a Challenger 850 is anywhere between $3600 and $8000 per hours flown. The more hours that are flown the lower the hourly service expense is. These costs are on average 20% lower than for the average large jet. This amount is calculated from the yearly fixed costs and direct costs. Fixed costs which include Hangar, Crew, Insurance, etc are estimated to be $500,000 per year. Direct operating costs are estimated to be $3000/hour and contains the fuel, crew, engine and maintenance costs.
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