The Euro 2020 a Private Jet Flight Away

Euro 2020. Crowd cheering on the stadium stands.

Witness the best matches of Euro 2020 only a private jet flight away. Do you wish you were sitting by the pitch on any of the tournament’s greatest moments? The clock is ticking, so it’s best to fasten your seat belt, sit back and relax! Travelling on a private jet ensures a smooth journey and saves you precious time between kick-offs.

It’s possible to wake up in the morning, fly over to a venue, attend the match of your choice and be back home for dinner. All this whilst enjoying utmost flexibility and privacy. 

What can be better than a tailor-made flight? Define your own schedule with throughout and after the flight as well. 

And to ensure the whole itinerary goes as smooth as possible, there are several other VIP services that can easily suit your group and journey. Be it smaller jets or larger capacity cabins.

Euro 2020 Venues & Nearby Airports

Red jet parked at airport. Euro 2020 is only a short flight away.

There is still time to see the best players on the pitch on any of the following venues:

Stadio Olimpico: Roma, Italy

Nearby airport: Rome Ciampino or Fiumicino

Stadio Olimpico

Baku Olympic Stadium: Baku, Azerbeijan

Nearby: Baku Heydar Aliyev Intl Airport

Baku Olympic Stadium

Telia Parken: Copenhagen, Denmark

Nearby airport: Copenhagen Kastrup

Telia Parken Stadium

Saint Petersburg Stadium: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nearby airport: St. Petersburg Pulkovo

Krestovksy Stadium Saint Peterburg

National Arena: Bucharest, Romania

Nearby private jet airport: Henri Coanda (Otopeni)

National Arena Bucharest

Johan Cruijff Arena: Amsterdam,  Netherlands

Nearby airport: Amsterdam Schiphol

Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam

Wembley Stadium: London, UK

Nearby airport: London City, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick

Wembley Stadium, England.


Hampden Park: Glasgow, Scotland

Nearby airport: Glasgow Prestwick

Hamden Park, Scotland

San Mames: Bilbao, Spain

Nearby airport: Bilbao Airport

San Mames Stadium

Puskás Aréna: Budapest, Hungary

Nearby airport: Budapest Franz Liszt 

Puskás Aréna Hungary

Allianz Arena: Munchen, Germany

Nearby airport: Munich Munchen

Allianz Arena Munich

The Advantages of Flying to the Euro 2020 on a Private Jet

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines are likely to face several restrictions and last-minute cancellations. Who likes to struggle with uneasy and overbooked flight schedules? Instead of rushing over, it is better to opt for a comfortable and relaxing trip. Ideally, with the help of a renowned private jet charter service. 

Let’s have a quick look over its advantages:

  • Private jets can be booked at short notice to attend Euro 2020 Venues. This enables you to reach the place much faster if the match is planned on shorter notice. 
  • Travelers can easily stipulate dates as per their convenience. This allows for a short holiday before or after the game with friends and family.
  • You can spontaneously adjust your private jet timings if there is a delay or extra time taken for the match. We don’t want you to miss the penalty shoot-out!
  • Additionally, the luxurious amenities, delicious catering, and increased support of a private jet is the ultimate delicacy to ensure a memorable tournament.

A Private Jet Flight Makes the Euro 2020 Better

Euro 2020 fans cheer for their team victory.

There is still time to consider a private jet charter company such as to organize your flights to and from Euro 2020 venues at a moment’s notice. Short lead times do not create any hindrance for customers either. This unique advantage derives mainly from private jets being ready to fly anywhere and at any time all over the world. 

An international network and excellent contacts at virtually all individual airports help smooth functioning and scheduling of flights. Our team is always ready to advise the passengers around the clock, whenever and wherever needed. To avoid hustle and bustle, the possibility to organize a helicopter charter from the airport to the vicinities of the venue is never out of the question. 

As a consideration, Russian customers have comparatively shown less demand for private jets this year. According to recent numbers, there is a 32% decrease in demand in comparison to the same period before the pandemic. 

Private Jets solve the ongoing issue of limited flights to Europe and other destinations while tackling unexpected cancellations and heavy restrictions faced by traditional airlines. 

As summer approaches, there is a 50% increase in the overall demand for private jets, mostly in Western Europe. “No lines, no hassle” is what private jet companies are known for. This is a concept that lives by for its customers. This is one of the very few services that is bound to recover quickly post the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Football Players Who Own Private Jets

As if our customers need any further advantages, it’s great to reflect that their favorite players also rely on jet services. Especially to get away on holidays after the Euro 2020 is finished – or to sign for that rival club!

A few celebrity football players prefer enjoying their luxurious life by owning fancy cars, expensive jewelry, stylish clothes, and much more. 

A few, however, prefer to travel from one place to another in their own private jets. To name a few, expect to rub shoulders with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paul Pogba, Lewis Hamilton, and many more at your nearest airfield.

We can’t break confidentiality and tell you if any of them has been our customer in the past. Therefore, let’s only say we’re great fans of all these names as well, and know their exquisite taste in flying is similar to all of our other customers.

VIP Passengers Tend to Know Best

Since athletes are not immune to jet lag and other dominant factors, services such as ours exist to allow them to waste as little time and hassle as possible connecting from A to B.

All the teams arrive at Euro 2020 on a private jet flight. Even top clubs opt for these to ensure a comfortable flight experience to retain athlete’s peak performance levels. 

Our team works hard behind the scenes ensuring the best care is in place from the very first step, all the way to the other end.

How Much Does Flying to Euro 2020 on a Private Jet Costs?

Jet leaving condensation tracks in the blue sky. Flying on a private jet is the most convenient way to reach the Euro 2020 venues.

This is a question with many answers. Costs depend on demand and route, aircraft dimension, number of passengers and any special requests.

Hiring a private jet charter is extremely flexible. It can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a one-hour journey in a small propeller, to several thousand euros per hour. Yet, those that opt for these services once realize they are much more competitive than any misconceptions led to believe.

Consider that if you are planning to share your charter service with a larger party, costs get divided amongst the passengers. This option makes your private travel quite affordable.

Shared charters can cut costs to a much smaller percentage, making it a great alternative to business travel on an airline, with added perks. 

Another option is to “Book by the seat” in a smaller private jet. It is almost similar to flying in business class flights, and their cost goes anywhere from a few hundred dollars to only a few thousand for short and medium-haul routes. 

Approximate Prices to fly on a Private Jet to EURO 2020

Private JetFlight RouteApproximate Price
Bombardier Challenger 605Dubai – Londonfrom $48,000* USD
Bombardier Challenger 605Dubai – Saints Peterburgfrom $34,000* USD
Bombardier Challenger 350Moscow – Londonfrom $25,000* USD
Bombardier Challenger 350Moscow – Saints Peterburgfrom $13,000* USD
Falcon 7XNew-York – Londonfrom $58,000* USD
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