Flying to Horse Races on a Private Jet

Flying to Horse Races on a Private Jet

Horse races are a noble and refined sport. Not surprisingly, the sport is one of the oldest practised by man, adopted by kings and their courts. The activity continues with full force today, and in this article, you will learn a little more about these races.

Most importantly, we’ll let you know which are the most exclusive horse races in the world and how to attend them. Perhaps you’ll discover a new taste for this particular art alongside its rich heritage. And who knows: you might be tempted to take part in horse racing sometime soon.

Join us over the coming lines while we discover the best horse races in the world. Simultaneously, we’ll let you know why you should consider chartering a private jet, adding to your premium experience.

Wings and Horseshoes

Horse racing has always been very popular among members of royalty and their socialite guests. But now more than ever, people are flying to places all over the world to attend events. From America to Oceania, from Europe to the Arab Emirates, there is a growing interest in watching these magnificent races.

We’ll start with the United States of America and a very famous event. Our adventure will take us around the world in search for the venues and celebrities connected to this fun, profitable and highly competitive area.

The Kentucky Derby, The Run for the Roses

Horse Races at the Kentucky Derby in the United States of America

The Kentucky Derby horse race is the most famous and important competition in the United States – and possibly the world. It has been held almost every first Saturday of May in Louisville since 1875. Many Americans know it as “The Greatest Two-Minute Sporting Event,” as this is how long the average race takes.

The event is massive: There are more than 150,000 live viewers each year. And its greatness is also present in other figures. There are millions and millions of dollars in prizes and bets. In 2022, almost $180 million was wagered, increasing the previous year’s figure by 17 per cent. In terms of awards, the circuit paid out $3 million, with the first-place winner receiving $1.86 million. The jockey receives 10% of the prize, $180,000.

The Kentucky Derby is also notable for the high-profile crowd it attracts. Celebrities, musicians, athletes, people in business, and other personalities also enjoy these four-legged machines. Celebrities such as quarterback Tom Brady, singer Joey Fantone, and Olympic ski medallist Bode Miller are frequent attendees. There is so much glamour surrounding the event’s stars that there is even an unofficial competition among them:

Who wears the most beautiful hat?

Our suggestion is to travel to Kentucky with the added exclusivity and luxury of a chartered jet. That way, you can contemplate one of the greatest horse racing events in the world on your own terms. Surely, it makes it easier to move this suggestion further on your “to-do” list.

Dubai World Cup, The Arabic Breed

Dubai is already on the list of the world’s most luxurious places to visit aboard a private jet. This is one of the most sought-after destinations for VIP clients seeking a unique experience. The Dubai World Cup never fails to leave a lasting impression.

It is a relatively new event, with its debut in 1996. Even though it started building its tradition relatively late, the event mirrors the refined taste that has developed in the region. Not surprisingly, the Dubai World Cup prize money ranks among the largest of all horse racing. In 2022 the event achieved a prize of $12 million, with $7.2 million going straight to the winner. Country Grammer and his jockey Frankie Dettori were victorious, ahead of the ten horses that competed in the race with a time of 2:04.97.

Besides the particular adrenaline, these races offer their audience – and competitors – it is common for the night to end with top musical performances. Among these famous singers are Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Sia. We believe it is a great way to close the evening with a golden key!

Opting to fly to horse races by private jet allows you to attend one of the biggest events on the planet. Fly straight to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. A comfortable and easy travel option will certainly result in an unforgettable time at the races.

Royal Ascot, For Kings and Queens

Horse Races by Private Jet Include a Visit to England and Royal Ascot

This is the destination for those who seek much more than a horse racing experience. Royal Ascot is a gala, exquisite, fashionable event long associated with British Royalty. Not surprisingly, the race track in Berkshire is right next to Windsor Castle and belonged to the Royal Family. The event is so exclusive that it comes with its own dress code. Magazine covers worldwide get filled the following day with the unique fashion choices of Royals and celebrities.

Royal Ascot is one of the world’s most traditional horse racing tracks, dating back to 1711. The British people greatly appreciate this unique event and consider it the most important in England. This fabulous horse race portrays such cultural importance that it is occasionally seen in several movies. Particularly in the James Bond saga.

Over the event’s five days, 16 group races are held, culminating in the Ascot Gold Cup. The event hosts not only flat races but also jump races. The prize money is constantly rising, reaching a total of $15.6 million in 2022. Throughout the history of racing on its tracks, many legends have emerged. Such is the case with Frankie Dettori, the most famous competition winner. With over 50 wins on his resume, he became an icon to the public, drawing loud applause from the stands with his trademark move, a flying dismount.

Prix de I’Arc de Triomphe, The Golden Race of Europe

As one of Europe’s most important horse racing events, “The Arc” is a competition held on the first Saturday in October at Longchamp Racecourse in Paris. Its prestige results from the elite participation of the horses. Teams present only the most acclaimed thoroughbreds aged three years and older.

The prize pool is over $5.5 million. Last tournament’s winner – The Alpinist, ridden by jockey Luke Morris – received $2,5 million in prize money. Second place went to the Flemish horse Vadeni and his jockey Christophe Soumillon, who collected $1 million.

This is another glamorous event, naturally attended by a high-profile crowd. It is a horse race surrounded by music, drinks, fashion, and gambling. Because of the great importance of the event, bets are placed worldwide, with various experts making predictions and keeping an eye on the backstage.

Even here, you can hire a private jet to Paris and enjoy the best Europe offers. There is far more in the City of Light than horse racing, reason enough to succumb to the charm and beauty found only in France’s most romantic city.

Breeders Cup World Championship

Horse Races at Breeders Cup in the United States of America

This two-day horse race is held in different regions of the United States and is on the list of Grade 1 races on the planet. It features a race marked by its left-handed course and dirt track.

Although its location varies yearly, the event organisers seem to have particular preferences, repeating the race in some regions. Santa Anita is the biggest host of this horse race, already a ten-time venue. It is also already set to host the 2023 event, leaving it even further ahead among locations to host the championship.

Churchill Downs comes in second place, having been the city to host the Breeders Cup nine times. Belmont Park comes further behind, hosting the event on four occasions.

We can say that the Breeders Cup is of high importance in the world horse racing scene. The championship is televised to more than 150 countries and is visited by more than 85,000 spectators. Total stakes for this one in 2022? A staggering $190 million. These race prizes are particularly significant: $31 million in total, $6 million just for the Breeders Classic and $4 million for the Breeders Cup Turf.

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Horse Race in Australia

Australia also takes on the great tradition of horse racing, derived from British heritage. The first Melbourne Cup took place in 1861, and since then, the event has been consolidated as the most significant in the country. The track is 3.200 meters long (2 miles) in turf style, with the races taking place in November, usually on the first Tuesday of the month.

In fact, we witness that horse racing is rather a passion in Australia. These events take place practically every day throughout the year. The Melbourne Cup is part of the Spring Race Carnival, a series of championships from October to November, fitting in between the football and cricket seasons. The race is so notorious that it is known as “the race that stops the nation”. It is also worth noticing that horse race day is a public holiday in Melbourne and parts of Victoria.

The current race prizes are $8,000,000. The last winner was the horse Gold Trip, who surprised more than 70,000 spectators with his victory. Historically the French-bred horse has not had much prominence, especially in French territory. But the Australian Bloodstock group must have seen the hidden potential, buying the animal for $2.3 million and later winning the championship. The prize for him and his team was $4.4 million, with jockey Mark Zahra receiving just over $200,000.

The Everest Horse Race

Still speaking of Australia, we must mention a prize phenomenon called The Everest. This is yet a race with little tradition since its inauguration was only in 2017. We find it worthy of our mention since its prize pool surpasses other significant events in the country – and abroad.

Here, it amounts to no less than $15 million, the highest figure paid worldwide at turf championships. The event takes place at Sydney’s Royal Randwick in October, with a unique format: 12 slots are open for teams to formulate their entries by negotiating directly with horse owners, trainers, and jockeys. This opportunity comes at a steep cost: $600,000 for an entry ticket. Prize percentages are then freely negotiated, making this horse race an excellent business opportunity.

After mentioning just these two major races in Australia, it seems obvious how widespread the sport is. That is why horse race lovers are increasingly flying to Sydney to catch a glimpse of its strong tradition. It is also worth remembering that the country has unparalleled beauty, culture, and abundant wildlife. Across the whole board, it is worth visiting for those thinking about chartering a private jet!

Race Horse Auctions

Heading to Keeneland in the United States of America is your best bet if you’re after racehorse auctions. The whole surrounding area is dedicated to breeding some of the fastest, most exclusive gallopers in the world.

Pre-pandemic witnessed a whopping $360 million in sales on 2,855 of these horses. Aim towards the month of September, and you’ll be able to attend an event unlike any other. This is big business, and the more than $600 million/year in transactions proves it.

Naturally, you can also enjoy horse racing at its best in Keeneland. There are several events throughout the year pleasing both horse race fans and those after grand investments.

An Equestrian Trip

Now that you know which are the top race tracks worldwide, it’s time to reserve a space in your calendar and attend a few. Our suggestion is to charter a private jet to watch the world’s fastest horse races at major events in Europe, America, or anywhere else on the globe.

Regardless of the event, you wish to attend, our team can offer a cost-effective travel solution that is flexible and luxurious. Contact us today for your free quote and book some time off on the next horse race calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the following section you will find common questions from our customers regarding horse races. If the answer you’re after is not here, feel free to contact us regarding a particular event you’d like to attend. We invite you to visit us frequently as we keep covering some of the most exciting events and venues, perfect for those who wish to fly on a private jet around the world.

What is the biggest horse racing event in the world?

The Kentucky Derby is considered the biggest horse racing event in the globe. Although it is not the one with the largest prize pool, it is hugely popular. It attracts millions to watch the race in person and via live broadcast. There are also millions of bets taking place all over the planet, risking a guess on the winning names.

Which horse is the greatest race winner of all time?

Many experts agree that the most fantastic racing horse of all time was Man o’ War, an American Thoroughbred. His notorious career includes winning 20 out of 21 contested races. His legacy is so great that he is listed in the National Museum of Race and Hall of Fame. As a result, his statue can be found in the Kentucky Horse Park. He also became a constant figure in books from the 1940s and 1950s and appeared in the 1925 film Kentucky Pride, directed by John Ford.

What are Thoroughbreds?

They are a horse breed used for horse racing and other equestrian sports, such as polo, show jumping and combined training. It can be said that the characteristic of thoroughbreds is to be “hot-blooded” since their genetics allow them to be faster, more agile, and for their stamina. They are considered as the Rolls Royce of racing horses.

What are the three most expensive horses in history?

The racehorse Fushaichi Pegasus, an American Thoroughbred owned by Fusao Sekiguchi, was sold for the exorbitant sum of $70 million. In the second place, we have Shareef Dancer, a descendant of another champion horse, the Northern Dancer, which was sold for $40 million. Third on the podium is Annihilator, who promised much but brought little in the way of results. He was sold for $19 million, being able to win only $3,000 in prizes.

Are horse races only for the rich?

No. It is true that many events are extravagant, attended by big celebrities with high purchasing power and social status, and are even common for members of royalty. But this is a very tasteful sport that attracts all social classes; after all, the passion for these beautiful creatures of speed and power is for everyone.

What is the best way to visit an event?

There are many ways to get to significant horse racing events, but none compares to the convenience of chartering a private jet. With fast and safe travel to anywhere on the planet, flying on private jets guarantees a level of exclusivity only VIP clients can obtain. You can avoid queues and inconvenience while landing at the best airports to get to the races faster.

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