Luxury Driving Experiences

Luxury Driving Experiences | Credit to Lubo Minar

All work and no fun are hardly the way to experience life, and our recommendations on luxury driving experiences invite you to challenge that principle. This article is dedicated to all our car enthusiasts out there looking to cool off and enjoy pure adrenaline-packed fun. Whether on the sidelines or behind the wheel, any of the following driving experiences have the potential to wake up your inner child.

Over the course of this article, we’ll fly you across the world to experience some of the most hardcore, high-octane driving experiences. Some of these are very exclusive, while others may appeal to the majority. There are fast cars, classics and some unique adventures ahead.

Whichever experience fits your dream ride, our private jet charter service can get you there and back safely and conveniently.

Formula 1 Experiences

Luxury Driving Experiences Include Trying a Formula One Car
Formula 1 Car | Credit to Marc Cleen

If you already own a fast car or even an exclusive supercar, nothing comes close to the insane experience of driving a Formula 1. Driving a 650-horsepower machine is an exclusive experience for the few offered by companies like LRS Formula. Here, you can enter a programme of lessons that culminates in you taking the wheel of an authentic Formula 1 at 200km/h. If you want to feel the thrill of riding in one of the fastest cars in the world, it is possible to buy passenger packages. So even if you don’t consider yourself a masterful, you can still embark on an electrifying experience.

LRS Formula offers three car models:

  • Williams FW33. A model used by the Williams Formula 1 team in the year 2011, with Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado behind the wheel.
  • Benetton B198. This car was used in the 1998 campaign and was driven by Giancarlo Fisichella and Alexander Wurz.
  • Prost V8. The V8 version of the model used by the team in 2001 had a series of legendary drivers, such as Jean Alesi and Luciano Burti.

These services are available at the following tracks:

  • Circuit Paul-Ricard, France
  • Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, Spain
  • Magny Cours GP Circuit, France
  • Algarve Circuit Portimao, Portugal
  • Dijon Prenois Circuit, France
  • Chateau Gaillard Circuit, France
  • Bresse Circuit Frontenaud, France

Don’t miss the opportunity to be in the shoes of drivers like Fernando Alonso and Louis Hamilton. Any dinner party will take an unexpected turn when you come up and say: “That one time I drove a Formula 1 car.”

Rally Driving Experiences

Rally Driving in the Snow With a Mitsubishi Lancer Rally Car
Rally Driving Experiences | Credit to Ferhat Denitz Fors

For some, speed on asphalt tracks is not enough. The appeal of the rough elements translated in a wild environment is one of the ultimate challenges on four wheels.

Running a Rally is much more than an off-road trip. You face difficult terrain and a horizon formed by gravel, dirt, and even ice. Drivers have to react quickly and know how to navigate to avoid obstacles, which makes this experience one of the most challenging and daring for speed lovers.

There are Rally Schools in various parts of the world. We choose one that can provide an excellent adventure and a great travel destination.

One of the best destinations to venture into Rally classes takes you to Finland. The Finnish people are considered naturally adept on rough tracks; after all, much of their terrain is unpaved, allowing drivers to develop a natural ability to overcome obstacles.

If you like the idea of visiting a country north of the Arctic Circle, facing sub-zero temperatures and taking Rally lessons from a world champion in the category, Kuusano is your destination. Take classes with Juha Kankkunenm and his team in Rally, Rally Cross and Track driver formats.

Juha is nothing short of a legend himself, with 23 international Rally wins and four times world champion in the category. Visit Juha Kankkunen’s rally driving experiences to learn more details and prepare your trip for an accelerated Rally experience in the icy lands of Finland.

Classic car rental

Classic Porsches Make For Perfect Luxury Driving Experiences
Classic Cars | Credit to Valdemaras Januška

Do you like speed on four wheels, but are you also a great classic enthusiast? Then now is the time to travel back in time and rent a machine from the golden era.

Imagine having a series of vintage cars at your disposal to spend the weekend and drive around like a real vintage film gala. If the idea sounds interesting, we suggest visiting the French Riviera. Not only is it a tourist paradise, but it is also one of the best places in the world for classic car enthusiasts.

Companies that provide luxury classic car rentals have a range of retro cars to suit all tastes and for all occasions, be it convertible, sport, off-road, you name it. Here are some examples of the vehicles available for hire:

  • AC Cobra. Fantastic classic British sport produced in the 1960s by AC Cars.
  • Ford Mustang. The most rock’n’roll of all cars! The beloved American car in its convertible version.
  • Ferrari 308 GTS. A famous car that marked an entire generation in the Magnum series, P.I. Perfect for a luxury driving experience with your other half.
  • MG “TD” Roaster. A proper vintage racer, this is the car to feel in another era. Its small rear seats allow you to bring the kids along, ensuring an old-school family outing.

We bet you can even hear the vibrating sound of the carburettor already. Plan your next trip to France aboard a private jet and guarantee the best classic car experiences with you at the wheel.

Supercar driving experience

Lamborghini at Sunset
Lamborghini | Credit to Felipe Simo

When technology embraces the idea of speed, we end up calling that unique blend of supercars!

Today’s modern machines may be equipped with gadgets that would otherwise be seen only in racing cars. But for the majority of the public, this matters very little. After all, what good is having a super fast car to drive through the hustle and bustle of the city? That’s where the experience of driving supercars on race tracks comes in on our luxury driving experiences.

You can make the most of these machines in Las Vegas with exotic car rentals. Drive a Lamborghini or an Audi R8 on a racetrack made exclusively for this type of car, with all the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the finest driving experience in the world.

Speaking of infrastructure, it’s important to mention the high level of safety offered by this company. Its tracks meet the high standards set by Formula 1, with broad runoff areas and special barriers called TecPro. These allow for great impact damping, thus ensuring greater safety for drivers.

The race track is in a prime position, just 15 minutes from Las Vegas Boulevard. It is 1.3 miles long and allows speeds of up to 140 mph (225 km/h). It also features an exclusive, state-of-the-art, in-ground LED lighting system.

Visit Las Vegas by private jet and discover that excitement also happens away from the big casinos. As you probably already know, it can also happen at high speed with the help of supercars.

Off-road driving adventures

Luxury Driving Experiences Off Road Driving
Off Road Racing | Credit to Pedro Henrique Santos

We invite you to an adventure of dirt, mud and glamorous landscapes. Our destination is Scotland, a place called Loch Lomond. It is there that we found the perfect terrain for an off-road driving adventure in a 4×4.

The landscape is breathtaking, with challenging trails embedded in green hills, full of ups and downs. In this wild environment, only a powerful Land Rover 4×4 will be able to triumph over mother nature.

The tours are guided by a team of experienced local explorers dressed in their traditional kilts; this is Scotland, after all! As well as enjoying the best off-road experience, plenty of local activities can be enjoyed along the way, such as a building challenge and archery.

Our second stop for a fantastic off-road experience is up high – way up high!

We are talking about a visit to the huge mountain ranges in Whistler, Canada. Take a tour in a unique setting, with exuberant wildlife and the pure air of the alps. Whistler’s trails reach 6000 ft. in altitude. It’s heart-stopping! Only the most powerful 4×4 machines are available to reach these remote places.

The famous Hummers are at the visitors’ disposal. Literally, war cars evolved from the Humvee, used by military personnel all over the world. If a large group accompanies you, perhaps the best car for you is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, equipped with 4×4 traction and adapted to face all kinds of terrains.

Racing Simulation Experiences

One method of experimenting with new forms of adventure is through virtual simulation. This method has seen huge growth worldwide, with major companies investing in high technology to meet this demand. But if you wonder why a virtual experience exists when there are so many available.

  1. For the whole family. The simulation driving experience is for all members of the family. If your enthusiasm for cars has infected your relative, we are sure they will love a visit to the simulator. Kids love it!
  2. A down to earth experience. Although speed is addictive, many prefer not to take risks. A racing simulation is an excellent option for these people, who can feel the sensation of a race in a comfortable and less intimidating way.
  3. Unavailability. Virtual simulations are doing wonders for people who have some form of disability. Only with these technological devices can they experience adventures that would otherwise be impossible, such as driving turbocharged cars on race tracks.

Here is a tip to experience everything that simulations offer: a trip to Australia to get to know their various racing simulators. Their simulators feature Formula 1 racing, full-motion machines, and virtual reality. There are plenty of options for all styles of cars.

Classic Car Tour

Classic Alfa Romeo
Classic Alfa Romeo | Credit to Vincent Ghilione

Another option for four-wheel lovers is to take a trip to participate in a classic car tour. A tour consists of driving spectacular pieces of sculpted machinery, passing through the most exciting landscapes, or attending events where classic car owners gather to celebrate and admire these works of art.

The itinerary is carefully chosen so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of driving, passing through streets away from the big centres or on dedicated tracks developed for this purpose. In addition, a driving tour usually includes a complete package, with accommodation in luxurious hotels and the best of gastronomy.

You can get to know some of the most fantastic destinations behind the wheel of a timeless classic. Specialized companies serve clients in various parts of Europe, including the UK, France and Belgium.

The self-drive car camping experience

Luxury Driving Experiences in the Great Plains of Africa
The Complete Driving Adventure | Credit to Jonatan Pie

How about this: turn off the lights. Put the phone away and lit a fire. Enjoy the night under the light of the stars, the sounds of nature and pleasant company. Sound quite inviting, doesn’t it?

Camping is a simple experience that can be extremely fun and liberating. It is the sort of trip that is gaining many people’s taste. Lately, it has leveraged the market to adapt to the demands of the upper social class, which has discovered how pleasurable the activity can be.

If you’re after a complete adventure for the records, there are already 5-star tours to camping destinations in several countries with you behind the wheel. But since choosing a single destination is always a daunting task, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do it for you: how about the whole of Africa?

From north to south, the African continent can offer you some of the best driving experiences in the savannah wilderness. All while spending the night in luxurious camps where you will lack for nothing. There is a whole list of fantastic destinations that combine the comforts and security you and your family deserve with the thrill of being embraced by nature.

These destinations include:

  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Malawi

The ultimate driving adventure in Africa

The car chosen for this adventure is the Toyota Land Cruiser 79, which offers power, strength and plenty of space. With it, you can overcome any obstacle and reach your destination without breaking a sweat. And speaking of destinations, the choice of camp is entirely up to you.

If you really want to embrace the unknown, you can spend the night in tents pitched in the vehicle itself, ideally in areas set aside for this purpose. But if you prefer a more relaxed night with some infrastructure, you can opt for a stop at cabins and lodges that suit your taste.

Have you already started planning your next trip to experience unforgettable moments driving to a camp in the heart of Africa? If so, it doesn’t get much more fun than taking the road less travelled and indulging in the adventure of a lifetime.

Fly private for the best driving experiences

Private Jets Are a Great Choice to Reach the Best Luxury Driving Experiences
Private Jet | Gulfstream 700 Flying

With so many options around the globe to choose from, only one way guarantees you the best air travel: chartering a private jet with a pristine service.

Travelling across our network is a hassle-free experience. Unlike some of our adrenaline-fueled suggestions today, it’s all about relaxing in a convenient fashion. No queues and no unnecessary bureaucracy. Contact us for a free private jet charter quote, and you might just be surprised by the cost-efficiency of your next trip.

Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and we’ll ensure to have you by the starting line in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you ready for a unique car experience but still have some questions? The answers below are here to help you decide which luxury driving experiences are perfect for you. Each of these high-end services is designed with the driver – you – at heart, so you’ll have very little to worry about.

Do I need a driving licence to participate in car experiences?

Yes. If your programme includes driving a car on a race track or off-road, you will need to present your licence. Our suggestion? Don’t forget to pack it alongside your racing gear; that way, you won’t have to stand on the sideline as the engines roar away.

Can I bring my family to a luxury driving experience?

Yes. Families are welcome, and some of these experiences are perfect for spending time together. Naturally, not all car experiences are suitable for the whole family. If you are looking for speed and adrenaline, your family will be better positioned in the grandstand, registering the moment and cheering you on.

What happens if I crash or damage a rental car at a luxury driving experience?

Companies offering these sorts of luxury driving experiences or supercar rentals work with specific insurance policies, which are contracted together with the package acquired. You often don’t even need to worry about it as it’s all included. The idea is that you can enjoy the whole experience stress-free.

Should I bring a helmet to a driving experience?

No, you won’t need to bring your helmet. All safety items are provided by these companies, including specific clothing, helmets and other accessories as necessary. You may need to bring some courage to take part in some of these experiences, but not much more.

Which is the fastest car in the world?

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is the fastest “ordinary” car in the world, which was able to hit 304 MPH on the Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany. To get an idea of such a speed, it is superior even to that achieved by Formula 1 cars. Although we did mention that F1 cars are also available to drive in these experiences.

Which are the best luxury car brands for luxury driving experiences?

Depending on what you’re after, exotic cars will hit very high marks in these experiences. Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini are frequent rentals. However, special cars such as rally cars or track experiences deliver distinct driving moments. If you’re passionate about cars and driving, go for more than one experience and discover all the fun that awaits.

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