Most Innovative Luggage When Flying a Private Jet

Most Innovative Luggage When Flying a Private Jet

There has never been a better time to renew your luggage set than right now. Those who travel frequently know how vital the right kit is. The best choices save time and ensure each trip is as smooth as possible.

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We bring you a few of our best suggestions to make the most of your next flight. These include timeless designer luggage pieces but also the most advanced technological enhancements on carryalls. Ideal for your next private jet appointment, each is guaranteed to make a few heads turn. There is, after all, more to luggage than most may care to admit.

Since innovative luggage can only take you so far, we also share our most valuable tips on packing your items. After all, the best flights are all about maximising potential and minimising stress. All there’s left to do is sit back and enjoy your exclusive flight while travelling in style.

Porsche Design Roadster Hardcase 4W Business Trolley

We can’t get over how modern and stylish this simple trolley looks. Porsche Design has long defined trends on several items. Their bags and luggage make for a practical and always innovative choice that never goes unnoticed.

The Roadster Hardcase 4W Business Trolley is both timeless and modern. Inspired by the colours of the legendary Porsche 911 – or Taycan, depending on the size of choice – it’s for far more than fans of the legendary manufacturer. It is designed by Studio F and follows the same grounds as the actual cars. A perfect fusion of form, function and design. This time around, with limited speed.

Light-weighted, it comes with delicious Porsche details and silent wheels. It’s the perfect option for those who want an all-rounder. Its TSA lock and USB port will keep your devices going for a little longer. It is an excellent ally as a cabin bag. The best part? It’s built to fit much more than your laptop and business documents.

Away – The Carry-On Aluminium Edition

Aluminium trolleys have already made a mark in the world. As a result, it’s no surprise that Away decided to top their approach and take a step further. This timeless carry-on will be a valuable companion for your private jet flights, durable yet light.

It includes an ejectable USB charger, ideal for boosting your phone and other portable devices wherever you are. It also includes a cable to connect to any wall plug, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard.

The hard shell does much for its solid reputation for those worried about safety, but the dual TSA locks will ensure your valuables are never compromised. It is smooth to use and even comes with an exclusive laundry bag to keep everything in its proper place. Besides, we can’t get over how amazing it looks.

Dior and Rimowa Cabin Suitcase

We can’t say this bag is packed with all sorts of tech to help with your flight. But since we’re after innovative luggage, what it may lack in the tech field, it compensates in style and practicality.

Its dimensions and lightweight are perfect to meet your demands in the cabin – any cabin. The Dior Oblique motif grants it personality and won’t indeed stroll unnoticed. With its aluminium body, this 4-wheel spinner becomes a practical in-and-out accessory that works on your behalf.

If you’re unsure whether to opt for a practical or a stylish piece of innovative luggage, you’ve found it. As it turns out, the Dior and Rimowa Cabin Suitcase deliver on both perfectly.

Our Suggestions on How to Pack for Your Flight

Luggage packed in organized style, with several essentials such as passport, laptop, watch, sunglasses and pieces of clothing.

A few key considerations are due regardless of your choice of luggage and whether you opt for a more classical or high-tech model. The following few tips are designed to ensure your next private jet flight goes smoothly. After all, our primary goal is that you enjoy it with utmost comfort while speeding up the process on your behalf.

Don’t Overpack

A classic mistake many of us tend to commit. When planning for “what if” situations, it usually results in a bulky, heavy piece of luggage. Run your next trip according to history, and discard any items you haven’t used in the previous ten times you went abroad.

Rolling clothes is a proven method that many airline crew members adopt for layovers. A nearly wrinkly-free, space-optimizing approach ensures your essential wardrobe flies along and has room to spare.

Ideally, please make the most out of each compartment, especially when it comes to your gadgets. A wrong division will take that room you so desperately want to make the most of.

Plan Ahead

Perhaps the most underrated ally is a little list to work on days or weeks before flying. Thinking closely about it, you probably carry 9 out of 10 items every single time. It’s time to take advantage of that essential list.

After all, there is so much to consider; so little time and the ability to plan spares you headaches. Most importantly, it relieves you from stress as your departure date approaches.

A few of the essential items to consider include:

  • Personal documentation. Passport, Driving License, any visa you may require on arrival. Don’t forget your boarding pass.
  • Electronics. Laptop, tablet, smartphone. Individual chargers, cabling and power banks. Refer to some of the suggestions regarding luggage with USB-charging capabilities, and it’s one less thing to worry about.
  • Basics, Business & Informal attire. Each scenario should be accounted for. If planned accordingly – and ideally, packed – you’ll have far less to think about.

How Much is Enough Luggage?

Luggage packed in disorganized fashion with several items outside such as camera, passport, wallet and mobile phone.

Again, your travel history plays a significant role in this consideration. If you usually travel heavy and find you’re not using even half of the packed items, it’s time to minimise. Ensure you have spare items for unforeseen situations, but not necessarily for a week of mishaps.

If something goes wrong, the odds are that you can save the day by simply buying the missing item at your closest shop or the airport. If it comes to it, having someone at your destination provide it for you isn’t out of the question.

Hotels, for example, are frequently aware that items such as hygiene kits, travel adapters and many others are often left behind by guests. By tradition, the concierge, the secret keeper of the world’s best hotels and their guests, should be your first point of contact. For lifesavers and essential items, the reception will also be able to help with anything you left behind, from missing hygiene items to charging cables and power adapters.

Some of the most innovative luggage for your next private flight is focused on your gadgets. These help you remain productive or even entertained for more extended periods. Most importantly, they perfectly address one of the most basic needs of travellers: pack personal items adequately.

With extensive levels of security and timeless style, some of the pieces we picked here are mere suggestions for your consideration. We’re confident they’ll be worthy additions for future flights. Naturally, for each customer, different needs apply. Even though we can all benefit from a handy extra charge on our smartphone or tablet during an extended layover, sometimes we can’t resist a good looking piece of luggage.

Contact us today for a free quote. We’ll ensure your choice of luggage is the biggest of your concerns while flying around the world in style.

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