How Russians Fly Private Jets to Avoid Travel Sanctions

Russians Try to Avoid Travel Sanctions

Private jet flights are booming in Russia to avoid travel sanctions. Those with high economic power – and good taste – already know the advantages and facilities this nature of flying offers. Now more than ever, with international sanctions limiting commercial flights, flying by private jet presents alternatives to avoid travel sanctions.

We’ll share a little further information on how Russian citizens are flying private to maintain commercial and personal relationships ongoing with the rest of the world. Come along as we let you know which destinations are best for Russian citizens across sanctions.

Time For Take-off

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions When You're a Russian Citizen

For months now, sanctions in several countries have been limiting flights by Russian companies to some parts of the world. In some cases, not only airlines are being barred, but also aircraft owned by Russian citizens. But that does not indicate that flights from the region are totally exhausted. On the contrary, demand is growing for flights to places where flight sanctions do not apply. In terms of convenience, there is certainly exploding demand for flights on private jets.

Companies that lease private jets have reported receiving up to 5,000 requests a day. That average used to sit at a maximum of 50 daily requests only a few months ago. And with the closure of European airlines in the region, meeting such high demand has not been easy. People who have never flown on a private flight before now look to arrive in countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. These are, unsurprisingly, on the top of the list of places Russians fly to avoid travel sanctions.

Companies are relocating to these places, chartering private jets to transfer all their employees. This is the case of multinational companies like Goldman Sachs and even Google, which have moved their bases of operation from Moscow to Dubai. We have some suggestions if you are also planning a trip outside Russia. 

I’m a Russian Citizen: Where Should I Go?

The current sanctions affect most of Europe, Canada and the United States. The Russian elite is well acquainted with such places, which used to be destinations for trips and holidays. Prominent businessmen also constantly visited such locations for meetings and to close deals outside Russian lands. Now comes the time to look for new connections with countries that maintain open relations with Russia and its descendants.

We have assembled a list of the best places to fly without worrying about international sanctions. Whether for business or pleasure, to bridge to other countries or to stay for a while, surely one of these places will meet your demands. All of them can be served by private flights that guarantee a high standard of service, flexibility and cost-effective solutions.

Dubai: A Place to Invest and Live

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Dubai

Dubai is becoming a second home for Russians who intend to continue working and living away from their homeland. The largest city in the Persian Gulf is the top destination for celebrities, businessmen and VIPs. Figures show that flights by private jets from Russia to the United Arab Emirates have increased by 500% in recent months.

Dubai is a modern and wealthy nation, capable of taking the place of countries such as France, Italy and England. These were already highly sought after as destinations for sightseeing and business by Russian citizens. Dubai’s chain of resorts is at the highest standard of luxury, and thanks to its high-paced business environment, it allows new financial alliances to be established.

The Arab nation is open to long-lasting business deals and is a perfect host for those wishing to avoid travel sanctions. Real estate agents report 100% increases in property purchases in the region by Russian citizens and their relatives. Notorious figures such as billionaire Roman Abramovich, the former owner of the football team Chelsea, have already settled in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. In case you are unfamiliar, this is the artificial archipelago off the coast of Dubai, with luxury residences, resorts and restaurants most of the world can only dream of.

Without facing similar restrictions, flights from Russia to Dubai are still full, with tickets sold out for long periods and at impressive rates. To secure a seat, the best way is to charter a private jet flight, ensuring you arrive in this paradise quickly and comfortably, with no unnecessary stopovers.

Turkey: Historically Friendly

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Turkey

Turkey remained a good partner for Russians, even in difficult times. The nation, which was already a constant destination for the Russian community, is now experiencing a surge of visitors and immigrants. Turkey is one of the few countries that does not require visas for Russian travellers.

There are also large economic interests on both sides. Russians are considered great customers by the Turkish population, who welcome them with open arms. In return, Russians have invested heavily in the region. They have acquired more than 5,000 properties between the months of February and June alone.

Many are looking for a great manoeuvre to avoid sanctions, and other places: those who invest more than $400,000 in Turkey are eligible to receive Turkish citizenship in return. These golden visa programs are not unheard of and are a quid pro quo at the highest level. The issuance of a Turkish passport and a pathway to facilitate transactions around the world becomes, therefore, quite appealing.

For those seeking luxury, exclusivity and comfort, regions such as Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris are the most sought-after – as is Istanbul. These cities already feel the presence of powerful Russians, who fill the local marina with their majestic yachts, such as Romea, Alexander Nesis’ $110 million yacht.

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for Russians seeking to avoid travel sanctions, especially those who opt to fly on private jets.

Kazakhstan: Friendly Shores to Russian Citizens

How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Kazakhstan

Of the many countries that made up the Soviet Union and are now known as “The Stans”, Kazakhstan seems to have the closest relationship with the Muscovians. Much of their cultures are shared, including language. Being a visa-free place for Russians and also far from international sanctions, the demand for Russian residency has tripled since the beginning of the year.

Dozens of multinational companies have already transferred their Russian headquarters to Kazakhstan, which has plenty of space: its enormous territory has only 19 million inhabitants. As a legal solution to avoid travel sanctions, Kazakhstan may benefit from an unfortunate global scenario.

Many do not know, but Kazakhstan is emerging economically, and its metropolises prove this idea in their structure. Almaty and the capital Astana are full of good hotels and restaurants, with a lively and bustling nightlife. And it seems that the migration of Russians with high economic potential, looking not only for luxury and comfort but also as an opportunity to invest their money and do business, will make the country develop even more.

Other destinations

Cyprus and Its Majestic Beaches

There are also some other destinations perfect to avoid travel sanctions. These are less well known but also provide many advantages for those seeking to leave Russia in search of countries friendly to their conditions. This is the case with Cyprus.

Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean with an outstanding climate. It is already said to be a good holiday destination for Russians escaping the cold weather in their home country and looking to relax on beautiful beaches. Cyprus is very open to foreigners, with a rather easy-process immigration system. To top it off, the population already has a long-standing economic relationship with the Russian community, which continues to be welcome in the region.

Middle East

Israel Coastline

Another nation that welcomes Russians in Israel, especially those who are Jewish or can prove to be of Jewish descendency. Israel is known to treat the descendants of its people very well. Not less importantly, it is a vibrant, modern and economically stable country, opening the possibility for fabulous business connections. It is estimated that more than 600 thousand Russians can apply for Aliyah and get Israeli citizenship by the “law of return”. As a result, they may also gain the ability to avoid travel sanctions from other countries.


How to Avoid Travel Sanctions - Travel to Serbia

Serbia is in high demand by those who want to get away from their Russian home for a while. Over 100,000 Russians have already arrived, boosting the property sector and heating the economy. Those already settled here have reported a great experience with the Serbian people as if they were old friends. This is another beautiful visa-free country for Russians to avoid travel sanctions. For those keen to enjoy the European style of the Alps, it is possible to find ski resorts to add some adventure to tackle their misfortune.

Central Asia

Travel to Central Asia's Ancient USSR Republics

Together with the already mentioned Kazakhstan, we can find other countries of the so-called “Stan” group, which were once part of the Soviet Union. These include Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Together they already account for the presence of more than 2 million Russians. All these countries guarantee the entry of Russians without the need to issue a visa.

Moreover, just like Kazakhstan, there is still a strong influence derived from Russian culture. Those wishing to avoid travel sanctions will find many cities speaking the Russian dialect and deeply connecting to these roots.

The Best Way to Minimize Sanctions for Travellers

If you intend to leave Russia while legally avoiding worldwide sanctions, we recommend leaving all the work to those who understand the subject. Ideally, consult with immigration services and ensure you always have the latest information at hand.

For all the rest, you can charter a private jet service with our team. Our jets are prepared to meet all your requirements and to take you safely, quickly and comfortably to any place in the world. Contact us now to obtain your free quote and benefit from a hassle-free travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question on how to avoid travel sanctions legally? The following section can help you find most of the information you need. For further information on this topic or any other related to private jet flights, feel free to contact our team.

The most popular nations are Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Kazakhstan. All three allow travel without sanctions and already have a relevant community of Russian visitors.

Do I need a visa to visit the countries mentioned above?

Turkey, The “Stan” Serbia and Israel do not require visas for Russian visitors. Those arriving in Cyprus and Dubai on Russian passports can get a visa as soon as they enter the country.

Is it possible to charter private jets for large groups?

Yes, it is possible. It all depends on the number of passengers and their needs. Private jets also come in a variety of sizes. The smallest can hold a maximum of 6 passengers plus crew. Those considered medium-sized jets can take from 8 to 12 passengers. The largest jets in this category can hold up to 20 passengers and crew.

Is it possible to get permanent housing in these places?

Yes, it is possible. But first, it is important to find out about the conditions of each country, its rules and legislation. Some may require proof of accommodation. Those willing to invest in the place usually get advantages in this aspect.

Is it possible to travel to European Union countries from Russia?

No. Airspace is closed for flights from Russia to EU countries. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach these destinations in alternative ways, travelling to the listed countries and re-routing to other destinations. We suggest seeking advice from local authorities depending on your travel plans to avoid any issues.

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