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Medical Air Ambulance Evacuation

Air Ambulance Evacuation and Medical Air Transport

An air ambulance is the quickest way to transport patients who are too weak and unable to endure regular commercial flights. Air ambulance is the best option for patients who require medical attention on-board by a qualified nurse or doctor.

Medical private jets or helicopters have been specially equipped for a patient that requires extensive or urgent medical assistance during transportation. They offer a full ICU setup (stretchers, bases with power and oxygen, and medical equipment). It is the safest and quickest travel option for patients who are too sick or weak to endure the rigors of commercial flights or from remote locations with no direct flights. Our certified doctors and nurses are available for hire and ready to fly with you.

Heart attacks, strokes, trauma, and pulmonary problems (coronavirus COVID-19 medical evacuation) are all common reasons travelers need emergency medical assistance, as well as cases where low altitude flights are required such as the bends. And because private jets and air ambulances can use many more airports than commercial airlines, and often fly more direct routes, air ambulances can pick up a patient from the closest airport to the treating hospital and land at the closest airport to the receiving hospitals.

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Fast, reliable and confidential emergency and non-emergency medical air transportation

  • COVID-19 medical evacuation: We have solid experience in transporting coronavirus patients, and we work with the best operators and doctors.
  • Traumas, strokes, heart failures etc.: from medevac helicopters and turboprops, to very light jets and long-range heavy jets – equipped with Intensive Care capacity and able to deliver emergency medical services (EMS) while in transit
  • Short notice departure: An air ambulance flight can be arranged within 4* hours notice time
  • 24×7 availability: Give us a call +971 58 511-9237, or +1 855 551-2233, or +7 499 350-0000 and we will arrange an air ambulance flight for you
  • Access to more airports: Direct medical flights to the closest airport
  • Tarmac access: You will be dropped off and picked up at the aircraft steps
  • Global Coverage: We arrange Air Ambulance in Dubai, Moscow, Europe, USA, Canada
Private Jet Ambulance
Private Jet Ambulance

Medical Air Ambulance Jet Equipment

We ensure that the aircraft is manned by highly skilled medical flight crew including a doctor and a nurse (sometimes a third medical professional is also included depending on the medical case and/or the length of the air ambulance journey) for private charter air ambulance. All aircraft we use, utilize state-of-the-art lifter/ loader systems to ensure quick loading and unloading of patients with no manual lifting while providing the highest level of safety possible.

The medical equipment of an air ambulance includes:

  • Stretcher, vacuum mattress, and loading dock
  • Emergency backup for mobile use
  • Bag-valve-mask
  • Emergency and intensive-care respirator
  • Suctioning unit
  • Ampules
  • ICU monitoring system
  • Defibrillator
  • At least 3,000 liters of oxygen
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