The Best Polo Tournaments in the World

Polo Horse Jumping | Credit to chino Rocha
Polo Match
Polo Match | Credit to Paul Chambers

Polo tournaments offer the perfect setting to enjoy one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sports activities, frequently a synonym of royalty and remaining elite. In this modern age, it stands as a unique statement of luxury that portrays a unique lifestyle and history.

Whether or not you’re acquainted with the rules of the sport, we’ll let it completely to you. Many of those attending do so to enjoy the unique atmosphere and be part of moments with a heritage that goes back to our forefathers’ most influential names.

Today we’ll take you to the finest polo tournaments in the world, share curiosities about the sport and witness some of its greatest moments. If you always wanted to practice a sport worthy of a king, wait no longer: the next lines are all for you.

History of Polo: A Quick Insight

Polo Team Practicing
Polo Team Practicing | Credit to Milan Csizmadia

To find polo’s roots, we’d have to go back 2,500 years. Born in ancient Persia, where we currently identify Iran, it was initially a skill game for cavalry. The “Chaugan” invited the most skilled horseback riders to hit a small ball with a wooden stick.

Eventually, the game made its way to India, where the current name stuck. The British colonial rule ensured that the sport would reach the far side of the world.

Today’s polo derives from the sport played in England in the late 19th century. Ironically, the first polo club in the world was born in Calcutta, India (1833) and only later in England with the Hurlingham Polo Association (1875).

The upper class found it particularly appealing and integrated such events into their social calendar. It wouldn’t take long for it to cross the Atlantic and please the American elite. Nowadays, polo is played in more than 80 countries while retaining its exclusive nature. The Royals still enjoy it, along with celebrities aiming to become part of the elite.

Polo Tournaments: The Argentine Open

Polo Horse by Chino Rocha
Polo Horse | Credit to Chino Rocha

Let us fly you on a private jet to Buenos Aires, Argentina, come November. The country of Tango has far more than Lionel Messi to offer, and Adolfo Cambiaso was an iconic figure in the world of polo.

The first polo match in the country dates back to 1875 and is very much linked to its rich British heritage. Aristocrats living in Buenos Aires got together and created the Federación Argentina de Polo. Over time, more and more nationals integrated into the teams and competed in the sport.

With increased experience and skill, teams were invited to participate in some of Europe’s most reputable events. Argentina’s greatest moment arrived in 1924 when the National Polo Team defeated both the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

In a nation with fabulous dreams of glory through sports, polo gained incredible recognition. The two gold medals (1924 and 1936) prove it, alongside the first World Cup held in Buenos Aires in 1987.

The British Open

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle | Credit to Roman Grac

Head to Windsor in July, and you’ll be able to witness the highlight of the polo season. While at it, we suggest enjoying the fascinating history behind Windsor Castle, where many Royals, including Queen Elizabeth II were laid to rest.

Polo fans also enjoy the Cartier Queen’s Cup held in London. Fly to the British capital in June to soak up some of the glamour and the never-tiring local way of adding flair to the fun. We suggest observing the etiquette and dressing accordingly, as this event attracts some unique personalities. Expect no other than His Majesty, King Charles III.

The US Open

Palm Beach, Florida, offers a great excuse for a private jet flight: the US Open. Organized by the USPA (United States Polo Association), it attracts some of the best polo players in the world.

This polo tournament takes place in April in Wellington, Florida. Head to the Polo Club Palm Beach to witness all the action while enjoying some exciting and luxurious amenities.

If you can find your way, VIP events, fashion shows and charity auctions take place here, resulting in a one-of-a-kind event. With more than a century of history in the making, it’s a place to see and be seen while enjoying some fine polo clashes.

Polo de Paris

We don’t need to give out any excuses to visit Paris. It is among our customer’s favourite destinations – and our own – and a fine polo tournament is only one extra ingredient in an already perfect dish.

The Polo de Paris takes place in Bois de Boulogne, one of the city’s largest public parks and invites some of the best international teams in the world. You’ll find several events surrounding the tournament lasting to the late hours of the evening.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to indulge in fabulous dishes and make acquaintances with those who popularise la joie de vivre. With so many options available for entertainment surrounding the polo tournament, you’ll have no excuses to skip life as a Parisien.

The Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series

Polo Player | Credit to Kyle Martin
Polo Player | Credit to Kyle Martin

You’ve probably noticed we have a soft spot for Dubai. There isn’t any shortage of luxury at this stop, and a fabulous polo tournament shouldn’t surprise you at all.

Every year, the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series includes several tournaments, such as the Gold Cup, the Silver Cup and the Dubai Challenge Cup. Al Habtoor Polo Resort hosts the Gold Cup event and attracts many celebrities anticipating close-called matches.

This event runs from January to April, which offers a great opportunity to visit this hot destination. The Silver Cup takes place in January, while the Gold Cup takes over in February and March. The Dubai Challenge Cup arrives in April and takes advantage of the cooler, or lesser hot, months in Dubai.

Polo Schools: Learn How to Play Polo

Learning How to Play Polo | Credit to Chino Rocha
Learning How to Play Polo | Credit to Chino Rocha

You have a passion for polo and haven’t acted on it? It’s never too late. There are several schools worldwide that offer training in the sport. You’ll often find some of the best polo players in the world offering lessons and allowing you – or your young ones – to develop your passion further.

You’ll find these schools alongside private lessons in some of the world’s main polo hubs. Argentina, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India, Spain and even Dubai are on top of the pile.

We suggest contacting your local polo federation and enquiring about training facilities and class availability. Perhaps you’re closer to enrolling on your first polo match than you can possibly imagine.

Polo Tournaments: Fly to Your Destination in Style

Private Jet | Credit to Niklas Jonasson
Private Jet | Credit to Niklas Jonasson

We’ve made a solid case for why polo is often perceived as the sport of Kings and Queens. Even though we’re well into the XXI Century, the sport is still wrapped in glamour and relevance.

Contact our team today and arrange your private jet flight to the next polo tournament. We can’t promise your favourite team will win, but we can definitely guarantee your arrival won’t fall behind that of the remaining personalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you only just considering attending your first polo tournament? Is there still a stir of doubt in your mind? The following section will help you decide where and when to travel to some of the world’s best polo tournaments.

Which are the best polo tournaments in the world?

The Argentine Open is one of the world’s most reputable polo tournaments, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Consider the Cartier Queen’s Cup in Windsor, England, alongside the US Open Polo Championship in Wellington, Florida. The Dubai Gold Cup Series is also one to watch during the first months of the year.

How much does it cost to attend a polo match?

Tickets for the general public tend to cost anywhere between $20-$50, and VIP packages start at ten times more. As a sport directed at the elite, we can openly say the sky is the limit, with some of the best polo tournaments holding charity events, balls and many exciting perks awaiting.

How can I travel to the best polo matches?

We suggest chartering a private jet to ensure the utmost convenience and a luxurious experience. We frequently charter jets for clients wishing to attend some of the biggest polo events in the world. Our team is only a chat message away.

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