What to Know Before Flying in a Private Jet

What You Must Know Before Flying in a Private Jet - Relax in Style in Dubai's Best VIP Lounges

Private jets are increasingly in demand, not only for the luxurious ambience surrounding them but also for the privacy on offer, particularly in these pandemic times.

Whether for business or pleasure travel, the use of private flights witnessed massive growth. Not only can passengers avoid all the stresses of queuing at airport terminals and security checkpoints, but they also benefit from a wholly exclusive and personalized service.

However, even if you are an experienced traveller who owns a jet, or it’s your first time using this type of service, it is essential to know some rules and procedures you must follow in the private aviation world.

Do I need an ID or Passport?

We can agree that travelling in a private jet is one of the most envied luxuries in the aviation industry. Although it is a more discreet and intimate way to fly, it is not exempt from rules and airport procedures.

Passengers must bring their passports and visas with them to ensure positive identification. Depending on the destination, an Identification Document, Passport, or Visa will always be required.

Each country requires travellers to present a valid ID, as entry may be refused on arrival. Ensuring your documents have enough validity is, therefore, essential.

Do I have to go through security?

Private jet passengers need to go through security just as those that fly commercially. However, unlike commercial flights, specific terminals exist for this segment of aviation, named FBOs. Such terminals allow you to board in a much prompter way without having to remove shoes or separate liquids. In fact, the general rules and restrictions regarding the amount of liquids you can take on board do not often apply to jets.

You are personally escorted through a private terminal, and instead of the standard airport security protocol, passengers are searched on the premises just before boarding the plane. So although you have to go through security, you do so in an exclusive way where customs and immigration processes are quick and secure.

Do bags get checked on a private jet?

Private jet passengers avoid many of the frustrations of commercial flights. As you may already know, this argument remains one of its most significant advantages.

Baggage on private flights is still submitted to regular security checks and x-ray, and may also be subject to random inspections. The same applies to any goods loaded on the aircraft, including the exquisite meals you can enjoy during your flight.

Private flights depart from specific terminals designed to save you time and allow for a smooth boarding experience. Here you find no queues and restrictions on the baggage you can take on board, which will be scanned promptly. 

What to Know Before Flying a Private Jet - All Baggage Gets Screened, Including Handbags and Electronics

The amount of luggage depends only on the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers. Please consult with your jet charter service beforehand to ensure it caters to your specific needs.

The waiting area at FBOs tends to be far more silent and allow a much quicker boarding, as security protocols are far more relaxed. Security procedures take place during this period. At this point, the flight crew or terminal staff are in charge of checking the identity of passengers and screening any baggage or personal items is processed. 

When at the arrival airport, customs inspections also occur for all international flights. Customs staff will meet the flight by inspecting travel documents while retaining the right to check baggage or other cargo for both airline crew and passengers.

What can I pack? 

Commercial aviation safety regulations do not apply to private flights. This means that you can bring almost anything you want onboard a private jet, within reason.

Jets have no strict baggage weight limitation in the same sense as commercial flights do. Therefore, the main constraint will be the size of the aircraft operating the route. Liquids are also exempt from the same restrictions as commercial flights. This means you may bring full-size bottles of anything, from cosmetics to perfumes and alcoholic beverages.

It is possible to bring firearms onboard. However, they must be unloaded beforehand and handed to the flight attendant or boarding agent after authorized. These items are often stored in the hold for the duration of the journey or in a specific secure cabinet in the cabin.

You may also bring your pet to accompany you in the cabin rather than in the hold. You’ll discover many cases where private flights carry pets around without their owners even being present.

However, as with commercial flights, you will need to get all documentation for the animal and up-to-date vaccines. On some international flights, make sure you have all the necessary documentation required by the destination country, as a separate visa may be necessary for your pet.

Can I smoke in a private jet?

What to Know Before Flying Private Jet - Smoking a Cigar

As previously mentioned, the rules for private flights are much lighter than those for commercial flights. Therefore, smoking is generally allowed on board a jet. In the case of a lease, that possibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. This often depends on the owner’s indications and varies from service to service. Each aircraft maintains its operational policies on what it is or is not allowed on board.

Smoking is prohibited by law on all commercial airlines worldwide, with very few exceptions. While it is possible to smoke on private ones, owners who allow passengers to smoke on their private jet must follow the rules and regulations set by the appropriate regulatory agency, including an adequate number of ashtrays and proper signage.

If you wish to enjoy a cigar, pipe or cigarette while in flight, you may do so. As with any particular requests, it’s best to indicate with as much advance as possible.

Do Covid-19 restrictions apply?

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of aviation, both commercial and private. 

And while the private sector has what we may consider a lighter approach to such laws, in this case, requirements such as wearing a mask or submitting a negative test before travelling has become general rules for all aviation.

With the constant variation of the virus in different countries, there are different levels of response to Covid-19 by state and local governments worldwide. Therefore, the restrictions regarding the virus depend on the countries of departure and destination. The crew is tested before any journey and keeps the mask on board as a general rule. As for passengers, it depends on the regulations imposed by the jet owner.

However, it is essential to check the measures requested by the country you travel to (such as PCR tests, vaccines, and quarantines recommended or required). Some rules and regulations may still be in force or change suddenly. Again, your private jet charter service will always be your best point of liaison. 

Can I work remotely?

Another great benefit of flying in a private jet is its utmost privacy. You can have confidential phone conversations or use your laptop without anyone looking. This allows you to remain productive in the air or switch off from work and enjoy the VIP service throughout.

What to Know Before Flying a Private Jet - Businessman in the VIP Lounge Working Before Boarding

Almost every private jet offers a good Wi-Fi connection and/or a satellite flight phone. Therefore, you can bring your laptop, tablet, and phone and do your work in peace and comfort.

Believe it or not, many astonishing deals have been finalized above the clouds and the importance of being available even when on the move cannot be understated.

How about jetiquette?

We have written an entertaining piece regarding the particular atmosphere you can find when flying privately. It covers several simple aspects to ensure you feel at home from the start.

Flying on a private jet is by far one of the most exciting and best ways to pamper yourself or your loved ones. It’s also a fantastic option for those that realize the value of time and flexibility. Although you may have been on board a private flight before, many share the very same concerns. These can be anything, from how to behave during boarding or even what to wear.

Overall, jetiquette is an easy concept to follow, as is the whole experience of flying privately. It’s definitely about feeling at home and enjoying a flight catered to your needs. Private jet operators have the know-how to ensure newcomers and veteran customers are always in the centre of everything they do.

Although the rules on private flights are more relaxed, some laws and procedures remain the same for all aviation. Whether you own or prefer to charter a private jet, you should always check the conditions of that particular aircraft, including the requirements of the country you are travelling to. Chartering services take care of all the hassle for you so that all you need to worry about is showing up and enjoying your flight.

As a result, private jets offer a uniquely luxurious environment where passengers can fly when and where they please. Together with their families, friends, and pets, the ultimate benefits include far more freedom, convenience, and comfort.

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