Jetiquette – Private Jet Etiquette

Jet Etiquette

Flying on a private jet is the epitome of luxury travel.

While it’s a lot of fun, excitement, and pleasure, there are some basic rules you need to know about private jet etiquette and private flight.

Therefore whether it’s your first time or a hundredth, make sure you that follow these simple tips to have the best experience possible.

The tips here can vary depending on your flight crew, which operator you choose, and your trip details, however, they will hold true 99 percent of the time. Furthermore, you should also ensure that all passengers follow these rules and not only the host. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask or double-check the operators’ private jet etiquette guidelines.

Be on Time

One of the advantages of flying private is the flexibility of time. You can travel when you want and how often you want. However, that doesn’t mean that you can turn up late to your flight. It’s expected that you arrive around 15 minutes before flying so that your documents and luggage can be handled accordingly.

Luckily, if you are running late then it is possible to ring the operator and get them to delay the flight. Depending on the airport your flying from this usually won’t be an issue. However, busy airports have a heavy timetable of take-offs so if you’re late your flight might be delayed by a few hours.

In short, don’t waste the pilots’ and employees’ time as surely you wouldn’t want your time wasted either.

Don’t Forget Your Documents

Even if your flying private you’ll still need your documents. The documents you require will depend on your take-off and destination airports. Your operator will make sure to let you know specifically what you need. However, if you’re unsure, you can always double-check. Unfortunately, if you don’t have all of the required documents you can be refused travel and even lose your deposit.

Watch Your Luggage

Unlike with commercial flights, your luggage will be loaded by the pilot and/or the flight attendants. There won’t be any dedicated personnel doing this. While pilots are trained for this, and they work out regularly, they aren’t fans of lifting 40kg suitcases. Therefore, make sure you pack light or in multiple suitcases. You’re pilot and crew definitely won’t be in the best mood if they have to fly after having to move everything including the kitchen sink. In fact, for this reason, some operators do have a weight restrictions which can be lower than for commercial flights so do check before flying.

Tipping is Appreciated

Despite what many people believe, pilots don’t get paid millions. In fact, usually, a pilot’s pay is relatively average and depending on their employment type they might have hefty yearly training fees to pay. Therefore like many people in the service industry tipping is greatly appreciated. The average 10% stands, however, if you feel they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty then do feel to tip more. Of course, it’s not mandatory and completely up to the consideration of the booker.

Dress Accordingly

Unless you own your private yet, it’s important that you follow a simple dress etiquette. The level of this ranges from operator to operator and you’ll be informed before your flight. It might be just that you dress sensibly, while some require you to wear a full suit. The latter is less common but it does occur.

Respect is Paramount

Like with any service or equipment that you may use through your life, private jet etiquette requires that you respect the crew and the equipment. This comes down to three distinct sections.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Partying

Everyone wants you to have a good time while flying private. However, the drugs, sex, and rock and roll attitude displayed in movies are extremely overexaggerated. No-one will mind if you become a bit drunk or do an impromptu karaoke session. However, drugs and sex and strictly forbidden on private jet charters. Worst case scenario you could be sued for sexual harassment. If you own your aircraft then it’s a whole different scenario.


Unlike with commercial flight, with private jet flight, there are no predetermined. seating locations. It’s customary, to allow the lead passenger or host to chose their seat first. From then it’s their close relatives or significant. After that, it’s a free for all.

Respect the Equipment

You wouldn’t want anyone defacing or causing damage to your car or house. The same goes for private jet charter services. They want you to have a good time and enjoy your flight, but they don’t want to see any damage to their property. Therefore, whether it’s your first time or a hundredth, respect the equipment. Causing damage to a private jet could be extremely costly and not something that most people would want to pay for.

Parking and Ramp Access

Most private air charter services allow for ramp access. This means that you or your chauffeur can drive up to the plane as you can board directly. However, don’t assume that this is always the case. Driving up to an airplane randomly can get you in a lot of legal trouble and even police storming your vehicle. It might be an obvious jet etiquette rule, but trust us it has happened.


Here are some commonly asked questions that come up when flying on private jets and the etiquette you should follow.

Can you bring anything on a private jet?

Unlike with commercial aircraft, there are very few restrictions. As long as it’s reasonable the operator shouldn’t have a problem with accommodating your needs. Whether it’s 100 kilos of gold, a Picasso, or an antique machine gun, it doesn’t matter, just let them know.

Do you get searched on a private jet?

No. Your paperwork will be checked but there won’t be any TSA, body scans, or X-Rays. These things are intended for public flights where there is a risk of wanting to cause harm to others. On private jets you may only cause harm to yourself.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about private jet etiquette. Keep those in mind and your pilot and crew will take care of you and make sure you have an unforgettable flight whether for business or pleasure.

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