What You Need to Know About Using a Private Jet for Golf

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Not only does using a private jet for golf effortlessly convey success, but it can also provide protective health benefits and save an individual’s most valuable asset — time.

Elite sportspeople have been drawn to aviation since people took to the air at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, now air travel is available universally, mainstream flying has lost most of its glamor. Few people see taking off onboard a commercial flight as a status symbol, and even worse, it’s an inconvenience. Flying privately can make a busy athlete feel much calmer, better prepared, and less jet-lagged. 

Read on to discover how flying on a private jet to golf tournaments can benefit a golfer’s overall wellbeing and raise their game.

Using a Private Jet For Golf: Status and Wellness 

All professional athletes share two inherent traits: physical excellence and a burning drive to reach the next level. No matter what they’re doing, they want to be the best. To be the best, they need to be in peak physical condition — one doesn’t exist without the other. Business aviation promotes wellness because it saves people’s precious time.

Pro golfers fly more than 15 million miles in total and spend an average of 105 hours traveling by plane each year. You can’t avoid this: jet-setting is part of the lifestyle of a professional athlete. What they can prevent, however, is the two or three wasted hours every time they fly. Flying just once a week is equivalent to 104 to 156 hours per year of organizing flights, getting transported to and from airports, and waiting around in lounges. They all seem like small tasks, but the time adds up

Any sportsperson knows how much they can achieve in 156 hours, and private aviation lets them reclaim that time. Being well-rested and clear-headed are two things money can’t buy. 

Additionally, with sponsors, agents, and journalists vying for their time: status markers are about much more than an athlete’s ego. Out on the golf course, they’re on a stage. Even when they step off, they visit to elaborate restaurants, exclusive events, and other places with lucrative opportunities for networking. Tangible status symbols position individuals at the pinnacle of their specialty and help them to attract likeminded people.   

Commercial Flying and Health

Flying commercially on a frequent basis can be damaging to health. Navigating busy airports and commercial flights is stressful, and the constant disruptions in modern airports can make the experience even more challenging. Plus, when it comes to being on a plane full of strangers, the risks are endless. From screaming children to seat-kicking, there are so many variables beyond a person’s control that can make flying commercially unpleasant.  

A significant amount of time can be saved when a golfer utilizes their own private charter for tournaments, and they have the privacy to make use of the time in the air. Whether it’s spent meditating, training, or reading, private flyers can pursue activities that boost their wellbeing and increase their chances of winning.

Which Golfers Use Private Jet Charters?

Business flying was made for a profession like golfing, where the players use air travel frequently. The following superstars of the past and present are well-known for having a personal favorite private jet. 

Arnold Palmer

As famous for his charm as he was for an unstoppable swing, Arnold Palmer was a renowned business aviation enthusiast. The first out of ten private jets Palmer invested in was a 1961 Aero Commander 500. Among the other aircraft he owned in his lifetime were a Lear 24 and several Cessna Citation X. He got his first Citation X in 1976 and didn’t look back, purchasing seven over the years. Palmer won 62 PGA Tour titles between 1955 and 1973, placing him as fifth on the Tour’s all-time victory list.  

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia has won 35 international tournaments throughout his impressive career as Spain’s most famous golfer. Still incredibly young for such a record, Garcia prefers the business jet as his chosen means of traveling to and from golf tournaments. Like many golfers, he’s had ups and downs in his career — but he seems to have come out on top. He’s earned nearly $30 million since starting his career in 1999 and flies in a Hawker 4000.  

Charl Schwartzel

South African golf champion, Charl Schwartzel, is world-famous for winning the Masters in 2011. At just 36, this dedicated sportsman is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million. Not only is he the proud owner of a Bell 206 Jet Ranger, but he knows how to fly one as well.  These two-bladed choppers cost around $1 million and reach a maximum speed of 144 mph.  

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is thought to have been one of the most prolific private fliers in the history of the sport. He shared a pilot with his friend and fellow flight enthusiast, John Denver, and he’s famous for his love of Gulfstream jets. His current model is a $37 million Gulfstream III, which is also favored by Tyler Perry and John Travolta. Jack Nicklaus has a highly decorated career, with three individual World Cups, six stints on the winning U.S. World Cup team, three British Open titles, four U.S. Open titles, five PGA Championships, and six Masters tournaments.    

Jordan Spieth

In 2017, three-time major champion Jordan Spieth was only the second man under the age of 24 to win three legs of the big golfing grand slam titles. Still nowhere near 30 years old, he’s been traveling to and from tournaments in his own private jet throughout his career.   

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, along with Sam Snead, shares the record for the most victories on the men’s U.S. Golf Tour. At 82 major wins, his name is synonymous with winning and luxury. As another fan of Gulfstream private jets, his travel preferences are well-documented. His Gulfstream G550 can hold 16 people, and it’s the longest-range business jet on the market.

Take a lesson from the most successful names in golf and look deeper into the benefits of flying on a private jet to golf tournaments. You can improve your health, avoid stress, and reclaim hundreds of hours of your time each year.

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