Golfers With Private Jets

Golfers With Private Jets

Golf is considered one of the most luxurious sports on the planet and it’s not surprising.

Unlike many other sports, Golf is a game of focus, commitment, humility, and skill. Due to the strict rules and regulations, there’s no antics or tomfoolery just plain old skill and passion. While many do not appreciate the toned-down and simple approach of golf, there are plenty that revel in it. In fact, top golfers can earn more than most NFL, NBA, and football stars.

This means that these top golfers have some fantastic private jets to fly around in when they aren’t sinking birdies and eagles – pun intended. They use these not only to fly around for tournaments such as the PGA tour, but also holidays and general travel.

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So without further ado, let’s have a look at the top golfers with private jets.

1. Tiger Woods

Gulfstream G550 – $53 million

Tiger Woods Gulfstream G550

If someone mentions Golf, you immediately think of Tiger Woods. Whether it’s due to the frivolous lifestyle or great golfing career (82 PGA Wins and 15 Majors), we’ve all heard of him.

Tiger owns the most expensive private jet out of all the golfers on this list. His $53 million Gulfstream 550 is definitely something to admire. It allows him to fly up to 19 passengers up to nearly 8000 miles away. With an approximate net worth of around 1 billion dollars, I think we can all agree that he deserves to own such a beautiful jet.

2. Phil Mickelson

Gulfstream V – $40 million

Phil Mickelson Gulfstream V

Alongside Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson has helped shaped this era of golf. Since they are tied so closely together, it’s no surprise that they even have the same type of jet.

Though Phil Mickelson’s jet isn’t as great, with a range of 7500 miles and the ability to carry 18 passengers it’s still a fantastic private jet. In-fact Gulfstream jets seem to be a fan favorite of golfers.

3. Ernie Els

Gulfstream IV – $40 million

Ernie Els Gulfstream IV

As mentioned Gulfstreams are golf players favorites. Ernie Els backs this up with his Gulfstream IV. Despite it not being as good as a Gulfstream V, the IV is still a fantastic all-round jet and any golfer would be lucky to fly around in it.

4. Jack Nicklaus

Gulfstream III $37 million

Jack Nicklaus Gulfstream III

Jack Nicklaus, “The Golden Bear”, is another golfer that loves Gulfstreams and he’s mentioned many times that his Gulfstream III has been his favorite private jet of all time. Not only has he owned everything from Lears, Cessnas, Sabreliners, JetStars, and plenty of Gulfstreams, he’s also learned to fly these planes, and even helicopters.

5. Rory McIlroy

Bombardier Challenger 605 – $30 million

Rory McIlroy Bombardier Challenger 605

In the absence of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy has risen to fame as one of the top names to watch in golf. Of course, with his rise to fame comes his rise in wealth. Like any pro athlete he’s decided to shell out on a private jet to be able to get around faster and in style. His Bombardier Challenger 605 set him back a cool $30 million. However, he’s now able to take flight and go tour to tour with ease and luxury.

6. Sergio Garcia

Hawker 4000 – $23 million

Sergio Garcia Hawker 400

Golf is often limited to UK and USA players so it’s nice to see other nationalities being prominent in the game. Spain’s Sergio Garcia is a truly inspiring player and while his performance isn’t as impressive as some of the other players on this list, it’s nothing to be stifled at. Though his decisions in golf have been impressive, his private jet choice is somewhat questionable. While the Hawker 4000 is a great plane, it’s short production cycle shows just how unpopular and irregular it is.

7. Arnold Palmer

Citation X – $23 million

Arnold Palmer Citation X

If you’re talking golf, the name Arnold Palmer has definitely come up. Depending on which generation you grew up in, you might know him as the original pro golfer. Though there were others before him, and others after, he’s the one that really made the sport stand out. He’s owned multiple private jets, and he’s previously said his Citation X was his favorite.

8. Payne Stewart

Learjet 35 – $5 million

Payne Stewart Learjet 35

It’s somewhat sad to include Payne Stewart on this list. Unfortunately, this is because he crashed in his Learjet 35 in 1999. Two pilots and four passengers, including Stewart, boarded the Learjet 35 with an intended flight path from Orlando to Dallas. Things went very wrong, however, as the cabin lost pressure and everyone onboard suffered from oxygen deprivation. The plane veered far off course, crashing in South Dakota.

9. Greg Norman

Lockheed JetStar – $3 million

Greg Norman Lockheed JetStar

Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman is a high profile golfer and an avid private jet enthusiast. He’s owned a whopping 7 jets including, a Gulfstream V and a G550. We told you that Gulfstreams were popular amongst golfers. His first jet was the Lockheed JetStar which is interestingly enough one of the first private jets to be produced too.


Here are some interesting facts and figures about private jets and golf

Which Athletes Own Private Jets?

There are hundreds of athletes that own private jets. From race car drivers to NFL, and NBA champions, and even cyclists. Name a popular sport and chances are at least 1 contestant owns a private jet.

How many pro golfers have private jets?

Approximately 20 pro golfers have private jets depending on the factors you take into your calculation. Additionally over 35 PGA Tour Ambassadors support and use NetJets for their private flying needs.

Does Tiger Woods Own a Private Jet?

Yes, as we mention in this article he owns a Gulfstream G550.

Does Phil Mickelson fly his own jet?

Yes, Phi Mickelson has a private jet license and flies his private jet himself. Of course, when flying, he does have a co-pilot for safety measures.

Does Rory McIlroy own a jet?

Yes, as we mention in this article he owns a Bombardier Challenger 605.


There you have at, all of famous golfers with private jets. If you like any of these private jets and would like to get a taste of them then get in touch and will arrange a private jet golfing getaway for you and your friends.

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