Private Jet for Golf – Best Golfing Destinations

Private Jet for Golf – Best Golfing Destinations
Play a Round Undisturbed After Chartering a Private Jet for Golf

Chartering a private jet for golf shouldn’t come as a surprise. Apart from all the famous golf players that own a private jet, it’s common for companies such as ours to ensure customers can access the best courses all year round.

Several considerations matter when picking the best golf destinations in the world. Weather conditions during a particular season tend to be the main concern. Course-specifics and logistics come as a close second, while travel arrangements follow very closely.

We’re experts in the latter, meaning our extended private jet charter network can accommodate requests on short notice with utmost flexibility. Perfect for a quick golfing break anywhere in the world, we are thrilled to take you to the best golfing destinations over the next few lines.

It’s time to fasten your seatbelt and rest assured your golf gear is securely placed in the hold. Discover our suggestions for this year’s best golf destinations. But first, let’s take a quick look at the main golf tournaments in 2023 and what’s left of 2022.

Golf Tournaments 2022/2023

Looking for majors schedules? Where should you stand to watch golf’s greatest names in the remainder of 2022 and the year ahead of 2023? We break it down to you to help you pick your next private jet destination. There is plenty of excitement and action only a flight away. Pick your favourite from any of the following golf tournaments in 2023, or make the most of what’s left of 2022.

Golf TournamentLocationDates
WGC-HSBC ChampionsShangai, China27-30 October 2022
Bermuda ChampionshipPort Royal, Bermuda27-30 October 2022
Women’s Asia-Pacific ChampionshipPattaya, Thailand03-06 November 2022
World Wide Technology ChampionshipMayakoba, Mexico03-06 November 2022
Hero World ChallengeAlbany, Bahamas01-04 December 2022
Sony OpenWaialae, Hawaii12-15 January 2023
MastersAugusta, Georgia, USA06-09 April 2023
PGA ChampionshipRochester, New York, USA18-21 May 2023
U.S. OpenLos Angeles, USA15-18 June 2023
The OpenHoylake, England20-23 July
The Solheim CupCasares, Spain18-24 September 2023
The Ryder CupRome, Italy29 September – 01 October 2023

Now that we have some places to go and golf drama to witness let’s get back on track with some of the best golf destinations in the world. Not just for this year or the next, but some that will surely fit your schedule whenever you’re ready.

And because this sport is all about enjoying the outdoors in peace and quiet, let’s start our round with one of Europe’s finest travel destinations: the Algarve.

Algarve, Portugal

Golf in the Algarve, south of Portugal

A mild Autumn and dry Winter mean the Algarve is an inviting golf destination all year-round. There’s much to be excited about in the south of Portugal, and golfing is one of the reasons. Considered one of the World’s Best Travel Destinations, the region offers some of the best golf courses accordingly.

Complemented your experience with its gastronomy, fabulous wine culture, and pristine beaches. English is widely spoken here, making most golfers feel at home. Add the welcoming nature of the locals, and you start running out of reasons to leave. More importantly, there is a laid-back atmosphere surrounding each course and its many award-winning world-class resorts. The Algarve is all about pampering you in every right way.

But let’s stick with golfing for the moment. Over 25 golf courses and clubs are spread across the whole South of Portugal. That means challenges for all levels, new adventures awaiting, and many reasons to keep returning. In the next few lines, we’ll introduce you to some of the most legendary golf courses in the Algarve.

Penina Golf Course

Golf at Penina, Algarve, Portugal

The Penina was the Algarve’s first golf course, built back in 1966. Under the name of legendary Sir Henry Cotton, it was the first 18-hole course in the region. It’s held the Portuguese Open on at least ten occasions.

The Par 73 course is surrounded by water streams, ditches and subtle slopes. Its nature defies even the most experienced golfers. Any hazards will surely be made up by its immeasurable beauty. The Penina Hotel & Golf Resort is also the perfect place to set camp, offering some of the finest hospitality throughout the Algarve.

There’s much to be excited about amongst tournaments and a fabulous Golf Academy. After all, this is a stay at one of Europe’s most relevant golf courses. It’s also the perfect place to travel with family. The resort welcomes children of all ages with numerous activities and surprises.

Quinta do Lago

Golf at Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal

Located in the heart of a natural reserve, the Quinta do Lago Golf Courses are truly a majestic wonder. These are amongst some of the finest golfing experiences worldwide, surrounded by luxury in a quiet atmosphere of contemplation.

Many refer to The North Course as one of the greatest golf courses they’ve ever played. However, setting it apart from the European Tour’s favourite, South Course is hard. If you can’t decide between both either, the Laranjal Course offers a unique event. It’s especially laid down for those that look forward to a challenge.

A complete driving range, performance centre and The Paul McGinley Academy make the Quinta do Lago one of Europe’s most complete golf experiences. The surrounding areas are not to be missed either. Here you find sumptuous villas owned by the world’s greatest celebrities and resorts that will cater to all your needs.

Chartering a private jet for golf means you can land at Faro airport and at the golf course in a matter of minutes. If all of these principles resonate with you, contact our team and hire a private jet to and from the Algarve.

Other Golf Courses in the Algarve

Golf Ball by the Pocket

With dozens of golf courses in the Algarve, there’s something for everyone all year-round. The only similarity between them is a compromise with quality and a focus on customer satisfaction. From the famous Pine Cliffs Golf Course to the fascinating Castro Marim Golf Course, there are many reasons why golfers keep returning to the region.

We’ve already mentioned a few in the previous lines. However, we’ll let you discover why the Algarve has so much to offer from so many angles. Here, we can find some of the finest golf experiences anywhere. All masterfully crafted by the hand of some of the sport’s greatest.


Hiring a Private Jet for Golf Includes Destinations Such as Scotland

Our private jet for golf article will invite you to consider extremes. From the dry and warm nature of the South of Portugal to the Highlands, chasing the best golf destinations in the world. Subjective as the topic may be, we rely on our customers’ opinions and endless hours of conversations regarding this particular topic.

Scotland is the home of golf since it is originally from its Eastern coast. The modern game of golf was invented in the 15th Century, while the 18-hole round was born in the Old Course at St. Andrews in 1764. Since then, much has changed, but the atmosphere remains the same.

Our choice is a hard one. Scotland has over 587 golf courses, which may pose a challenge when chartering a private jet for golf. However, a few of these resonate with the world’s finest, and we’ll focus on them in search of the best golf experience overall.

St. Andrews Old Course

Private Jet for Golf in St. Andrews, Scotland

Also known as the home of golf, St. Andrews Old Course is a dream come true, and not only for golf fans. Established circa 1400, it has to be seen to be believed. Its endless soft green slopes and water hazards sit side-by-side with St. Andrew’s Bay.

A scenario of unique beauty, mesmerizing architecture and unbelievable tradition. It’s easy to become lost for words, which means the best course of action is to pick from any of its 8 golf courses. Playing here is an event in its own right, with much golf etiquette to be observed and rightfully so.

After all, St. Andrews is no ordinary golf course but rather a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience – which you may feel very tempted to repeat in the future.

Trump Turnberry

Trump Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland

The legendary Ailsa golf course in Trump Turnberry, Scotland, is one of the sports’ most scenic locations worldwide. Truly dreamlike and filled with historical relevance, it is by many considered one of the top 10 World’s Greatest Golf Courses.

The Par 71 course sits by the seaside, with its iconic lighthouse in the background. In 2014, Donald Trump purchased the hotel and golf course for $60 million, the reason for such a homonymous relationship. With a war memorial in the vicinities and the charms of the Scottish coast, there are far too many reasons to travel to Turnberry soon.


Aerial View of Dubai

We did mention our article on chartering a private jet for golf would take you to unique locations worldwide. Reminding you that weather does play an important part in the practice of golf, you may find it curious that Dubai made our list.

Following the very same lines that made it a top travel destination worldwide, expect to find luxury and refined experiences all down the line.

Dubai Creek Golf Club

Playing Golf in Dubai

The Dubai Creek Golf Club lives up even the most demanding expectations. Its Championship Course, Par 71, is a modern and breathtaking adventure by the seaside. It all comes alive under the bright light that blesses the UAE, with its metropolis landscape complementing this unique scenario.

Several all-year-round tournaments and the excellent competencies of the Peter Cowen Academy invite you to discover why Dubai is making a strong case as one of the best golf destinations in the world.

Emirates Golf Club

When it opened in 1988, the Emirates Golf Club was the Middle East’s first all-grass championship golf course. In the meantime, it’s hosted the European Tour, Omega Dubai Desert Classics and the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters.

Its strong pedigree reflects the masterfully crafted 36 holes along two of the finest golf courses in the region. Here, you can also enjoy a night round when temperatures are more appealing. A great example is its Moonlight Classic tournaments across three evenings.

Majilis and Faldo courses are ranked amongst the best golf destinations in the world, making the joys of those after a fun break amongst the high-paced Dubai business demand.

Argentina, the South American Golf Paradise

San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina

Perhaps you’re yet to visit Argentina, and even a more remote thought to consider taking your golf gear along for the ride. One of the beautiful things about chartering a private jet for golf is discovering a renewed approach to the beautiful game.

This time around, one that is filled with salero, amongst the irresistible charms of Argentina. There are over 300 golf courses in Argentina, with more than 30 competitions. The numbers alone mean you might find yourself spoiled for choice, and that’s always great news.

Olivos (Blanca & Colorada)

Olivos Golf Course, Argentina

Among the 300 greens, we can only go as far as picking a couple for reference. Due to its domestic and international popularity, the Olivos Golf Course had to be one of them. The 27-hole is not for the faint-hearted. Fast greens will get your ability under check at this course just outside Buenos Aires.

There is much resemblance to the British nature of golfing here in the raw. For those that are all about golf, those are excellent news.

Chapelco Golf Resort

Chapelco Golf Resort, Argentina

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus designed the Chapelco Golf Resort along with his son. The breathtaking surroundings add to the mystique and make this a unique location for golf. The Andes sit in the distance while you aim your next shot, and for all other matters, a world-renowned resort makes for the treats.

Part of several reputable associations and listed as one of the Great Golf Resorts of the World, it sits only 15 km (9 miles) from San Martin de Los Andes. As part of the Patagonia region, there is an abundance of natural life in this part of the world which should not be missed.

South Africa & Morocco

There is so much beauty to discover in South Africa that hiring a private jet is the best way to see it all and still make it on time for golf. Majestic landscapes and unforgettable slices of sand are merely the starting point.

It’s no wonder that Africa casts a spell on its visitors, and once you have the opportunity to discover some of its greens, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back over and over again. We added Morocco to the list, ensuring you can find a great tee on opposite sides of the beautiful Continent. It’s time to discover them.

Durban, South Africa

Golf at Durban Country Club, South Africa

The Durban Country Club is one of South Africa’s golf references. Considered by many the best golf course in the whole of Africa, it’s been ranked in the Top 100 golf courses worldwide for several reasons. It’s no wonder it hosted seventeen South African Opens.

With the Indian Ocean’s dunes on one side and the picturesque, quiet city of Durban on the other, this place, once known as Port Natal, is the largest port in sub-Saharan Africa. Those here for business can take a well-deserved break in the iconic Durban Country Club.

Golf du Palais Royal d’Agadir, Morocco

Golf at Agadir in the Golf du Palais Royal d'Agadir

Agadir is known for its extensive, romantic coastline. Here, all dreams are at reach, from surfing some of the Atlantic’s finest waves to discovering the rich multitudes of Moroccan culture. The Golf du Palais Royal d’Agadir will answer your heart’s desires for everything that is golf-related.

Roughly translated, the name recalls the Agadir Royal Palace’s golf course. It has a fabulous story behind it, but not least important, it’s a venue with unique features. Perfect for those after a private incursion into the green, it’s made of two returning nines, each par 36.

Sitting by the Atlantic, there’s much to consider. The wind is a key factor here, where even the most experienced golf players might see an almost perfect run turn sideways. Definitely, one to consider only a short flight away from most European capitals.

Charter a Private Jet for Golf Today

Easier than you’d expect, less expensive than you imagine and filled with perks beyond comparison. It’s no wonder even pro golfers own private jets. There’s a reason why so many join two passions: fly on a private jet and play golf at unique locations. We just happen to be on the sideline, ensuring it all comes together.

With so many fantastic golf destinations worldwide, our selection falls shy of the dozens of options you can find in each nation. Contact us today for a free quote and embark on a private jet flight to go golfing in these unique locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope you enjoyed our take on some of golf’s finest destinations. Hiring a private jet to get there is only part of the fun and exclusive experience that awaits. While you decide which of these fabulous destinations is best, we invite you to discover some of the most common questions on today’s topic.

What is the best golf destination in the world?

The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland is one of the best golf courses in the world. However, with so many fantastic locations where you can play golf, it’s all a matter of personal preference and opportunity.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet for golf?

A private jet charter for golf is a cost-effective option, appropriate to several customer profiles. The final rate varies according to season, availability, route and any specific services required. Rest assured, our team always offers the most competitive rate of the moment.

Can I transport golf gear in a private jet?

Yes. Our customers fly all around the world with their golf gear hassle-free. While commercial airlines have a history of poor handling, our private jet handling partners look after all your luggage with particular care. That way, you can expect to find your gear immaculate and ready for a round right after you land.

What’s the best golf winter destination?

We have a soft spot for the Algarve as a golf destination, alongside the modern and irresistible Dubai. Even though Dubai remains hot all year round, Winters in South Europe are rather mild and should remain particularly dry.

Can I charter a private jet to attend a golf tournament?

Absolutely. The level of flexibility surrounding our service is ideal for those wanting to attend a golf tournament without wasting time. We can design a schedule around your availability. Ideally, meeting your expectations while ensuring you’re in the front row for that final tackle.

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